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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Takeshi Morishima & Katsuhiko Nakajima vs Jun Akiyama & Akitoshi Saito - NOAH 22.04.2012
Only really worth watching for Akiyama and Nakajima being dicks but that makes it worth watching in it's self. Carries on from there great singles match last year where Nakajima really takes it to Akiyama and Akiyama gives him back everything that he throws at him. Akiyama totally destroying Nakajima on the outside after he dick kicks him on the apron was super. Wanted a big Akiyama/Nakajima confrontation at the end but instead you get a plodding Morishima/Saito finish to set up a Saito title match. Yipee.

Go Shiozaki & Tamon Honda vs Kensuke Sasaki & Kento Miyahara - NOAH 29.04.2012
Shiozaki and Miyahara provide the same type of hate that Akiyama and Nakajima did but here you get a better match out of it. Sasaki chops hard and he had an epic chop fest in 2005. Move on. Him and Go opened up just by chopping each other until their chests were really red and then tagged out. Sasaki's been fucking awful this year. Thankfully Miyahara was determined enough to carry this team and Sasaki's barely involved in the match after the pointless chopfest. Miyahara's out to make a name for himself and if that means taking out Shiozaki then so be it. Both men really take it to each other and it's great. Honda's a terrific base in the ring too. Loved him just pinning Miyahara straight after Shiozaki killed him on the outside and setting him up for Go to hit him every chance possible afterwards. Sadly NOAH aren't in the business of doing long FIP segments but Sasaki passes by quickly off the tag and then they get back to Shiozaki/Miyahara for the finish.


Shinjiro Otani & Daichi Hashimoto vs Takeshi Morishima & Katsuhiko Nakajima - NOAH 29.04.2012
Much more of a ZERO-1 match than a NOAH match which equals WIN. This made up for all of the actively bad NOAH matches I watched over the weekend (above two being the only exceptions) that looked potentially good on paper. I don't mean average or underwhelming either. Bad. Thankfully Otani's super duper, Daichi and Nakajima re really good and Morishima doesn't do anything to drag the match down. Otani scurrying for his life when Morishima was setting up to dive on him from the ring was the best thing to happen on a NOAH show since 2009. Nakajima's a great dick again and he and Otani really go at it making for some great moments. Daichi's great too. Sold his fucking ass off in the tag vs Akiyama/Saito and he was great doing it here too. NakaShima (omg greatest team name ever, they need to tag under that name forever) lost two matches in the league and Morishima (yes he's still the GHC champ and Nakajima is still the junior of the pair) took the pin in both matches. Hmm. I NEED Kaz and Nak (holy shit at the team names I'm coming up with) vs Otani/Daichi in ZERO-1 this year. Instant MOTY.

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