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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 25/7/05- Milwaukee; Wisconsin

Opening video hits before the pyro shoots up and we are welcomed to tonight’s show by good ol’ J.R.

Jim Ross: We welcome you ladies and gentleman LIVE to Monday Night Raw!! I’m Jim Ross, joined as ever by Jonathan Coachman an…

'I Walk Alone’

It’s a MONSTROUS pop that greets the music of the World Champion, Batista. The Animal storms out onto the ramp, full of energy, clutching his World title, dressed in a vest top and jeans, a casual look, shades on as the crowd rise to their feet

Jim Ross: And folks get a good look at the returning World Heavyweight Champion, the returning… Batista!!

The Coach: I’m still absolutely outraged at what Batista did last week J.R. He came back completely unannounced, completely outta the blue like that. Eric Bischoff had NO idea Batista was in the arena, he had no plan for this…this animal.

Jim Ross: Well indeed Batista shocked everybody last week when he returned to well, we thought he returned to come to the aid of Shawn Michaels, to get his hands on the man who injured him Kane and I think, I think he came down to get his hands on our General Manager. However that would not be the case as Kane managed to escape, thanks only to that snake that is Eric Bischoff. Shawn Michaels however, well Shawn Michaels was not so lucky.

The Coach: Last week was one of the first times where I actually supported Shawn Michaels. Batista had no right to do that to him, he had no right in attempting to do that to Kane, to do that to Eric Bischoff. Absolutely NO RIGHT!

Jim Ross: Well it would appear as though we’re gonna hear exactly why Batista did what he did last week to the Heartbreak Kid.

Tista has a mic and a wry smile on his face as the fans chant ‘Ba-tista’.

Batista: Three weeks ago I was uh, I was hurtin’, I was hurtin’ real bad. I was beaten, broken, battered all at the hands of one man, all at the hands of Kane. Three weeks ago I was choke slammed, well…I was choke slammed straight to hell off that stage up there.

The Animal points up the ramp as the fans boo.

Batista: I took one heck of a fall and because of that I suffered cracked ribs and was in a whole lotta pain but I just…I just couldn’t sit at home, i could not sit at home for one second longer.

Nice pop as Tista grits his teeth.

Batista: Ever since Eric Bischoff set his sights on me, set his sights on this(holds up the World title), things haven’t gone too well, they haven’t gone to plan for me but that has only made me more angry, oh yeah. That had only made me more angry, made me more determined, made me more fired up to keep a hold of this and to STICK IT to that piece of trash that I have to call my ‘boss’.

Boos for Bischoff as Batista does appear fired up here.

Batista: Which is why I spent one week, just one week sitting at home on my couch watching Raw and although I was in a lot of pain, although I was hurting, what hurt me the most was not my ribs. No, it was having to watch Eric Bischoff ramble on and on and on. It was having to watch Eric Bischoff yet AGAIN trying to screw guys over, to make other guys careers, other guys lives a misery.

Heat for the GM’s actions.

Batista: Shawn Michaels has had to deal with it, Chris Jericho’s had to deal with it, I’ve had to deal with it and he’s not gonna stop until I face a whole lot worse, believe me. Last week, last week was the Big Show’s turn. It was damn near four on one out here. Jindrak, Kane, Michaels, Edge, all four of ‘em involved and Jericho tried, give credit where credit’s due, he tried with all he had to put a stop to it but when there’s four of them and when there’s only one of you, the odds, well they ain’t in your favour.

Tista shakes his head a little here.

Batista: But I was ready, oh yeah, I…was…ready. I knew what Bischoff had up his sleeve, I knew he’d try and pick Big Show off just like Shawn, just like Jericho, just…like…me. I couldn’t let that happen again, no. Which is why I came back last week, which is why I came back a lot earlier than I had expected, than the doctors had expected, than Eric Bischoff himself had expected and trust me, that? That was the most satisfying thing in all of this.

Tista smirks a little now as he paces round the ring.

Batista: When my music hit last week and I came from behind that curtain, walked out onto that stage and looked down to this ring, the look on Eric Bischoff’s face, that was as satisfying as it gets. Seeing the fear inside of him, seeing him scared to death at the thought of me getting my hands on him, that brought me satisfaction but satisfaction? Ha ha. Satisfaction just ain’t enough for me.

Nice pop for that as Tista shrugs his title belt a little.

Batista: The look on Bischoff’s face, yeah it was good, it was great in fact but I…I wanted more, I needed…more. I stormed down that ramp last week with one thing in my mind and that was to absolutely DESTROY everything in my way, INCLUDING Eric Bischoff.

Very sizeable pop there for the champ.

Batista: But that’s not quite the way it went down. Bischoff managed to get away, Kane managed to catch a lucky, very lucky break but I guarantee that he won’t be so lucky come Summerslam. Buuuuuuuut I did, I did get my hands on one person, I did get my hands on somebody after all and this uh, this may surprise some of you, you may not expect me to say this right now but it’s true, last week I did come out here intending to get my hands on this guy. Last week, I got my hands… on Shawn Michaels.

Nice pop for the Heartbreak Kid as Batista smiles slyly nodding his head as a little HBK chant bursts out.

Batista: Now I love and I respect Shawn Michaels just as much as each and every one of you in this arena do. Shawn’s a legend in this business, one of the greatest of all time but ever since Vengeance, ever since this whole thing with Bischoff began, Shawn’s just…Shawn’s just become a different man.

Batista scratches his chin.

Batista: Shawn’s become a shadow of the guy I used to know. Each and every week I’m seeing the Heartbreak Kid come out to this ring, head down, shy away from everybody sittin’ at ringside and I’m seeing him take orders, take instructions from a man who he absolutely, positively HATES.

Tista looks a little angered now as the fans are drawn in by this.

Batista: That’s not the way I thought Shawn would deal with this, that’s not the way anybody thought Shawn would deal with this but the facts are, he has dealt with it this way and what I did last week was the only way I thought I could get through to Shawn Michaels, the only way I could send a message to Shawn Michaels.

Tista pauses before pacing a little.

Batista: So now, here I am, one week on and I’m dyin’ to know, did Shawn Michaels get the message? Did Shawn Michaels realise that I no longer feel sympathy towards him, realise that NOBODY feels sympathy towards him anymore? Did Shawn Michaels realise that he needs to put an end to all of this?

Batista looks around a little bit, scratching the back of his head, still looking angered, a little anxious almost.

Batista: Well I guess now’s the time to find out. So Shawn, I know you’re back there and I know you’re listenin’ to all this so wh…

‘I’m Back’

It’s a look of frustration that etches across the face of the Animal as the music of Eric Bischoff hits and out comes the Raw GM to a chorus of boos.

Eric Bischoff: Dave, Dave, Dave, really good to see ya buddy? How those ribs holdin’ up for ya?

Batista: Cut the crap Eric, we both know I’m not out here to talk to you, I’m out here to talk to S…

Eric Bischoff: Shawn, yeah I get it Dave, really I do. You wanna ‘get to the bottom'of how Shawn Michaels is feeling, of why Shawn’s doing what he’s doing. Well let me tell ya, you don’t need Shawn to tell ya the answers, I’ll tell them for ya. He’s doing what he’s doing because…well, because of ME!!

HUGE heat for Bisch here as Batista runs his hand over his head.

Eric Bischoff: And as for how Shawn is ‘feeling’? Shawn’s feeling really, really good Dave and I mean that. Shawn couldn’t be better, infact he’s sitting right back behind those curtains in my office right about now and he’s dealing with a little bit of paperwork I assigned to him. Let me put it real simply for ya Dave, Shawn’s doin’ his job tonight and he’s doin’ it with a smile on his face, cos if he doesn’t? If he doesn’t I’ll fire his ass, just…like…that.

Bischoff snaps his fingers as the crowd boo the shit out of him.

Eric Bischoff: And I couldn’t..I couldn’t quite help but hear how you uh, how you wanted to get your hands on any and everbody last week Dave, including me. Well it’s real funny you should mention that ha ha.

Bischoff has that grin on his face now.

Batista: What? What is it Eric? You gonna put me in a match tonight? Is that it? You wanna try to ‘take me out’ again? Well I don’t give a damn who I face cos I came here tonight lookin’ to FIGHT!

Batista is full of aggresion now as the crowd rally behind him.

Eric Bischoff: Oh you couldn’t be more wrong!! See I knew that’s exactly what you’d want here tonight Dave, exactly what you want. But it is NOT what I’m gonna give you, oh no.

Bischoff again grins as the fans pur more heat on the GM.

Eric Bischoff: Now you may think that’s just another attempt from me to anger you, to frustrate you, to PISS you off Dave but yet again you couldn’t be any more wrong because y’see it is not my choice you don’t compete here tonight.

Batista rolls his eyes now, perhaps knowing what Bisch has in store.

Eric Bischoff: See I received a call earlier on tonight when I arrived at the arena and it was from a member of our medical team and they informed me of some, of some…unfortunate news Dave. They informed me that you have NOT been cleared to compete and that you are still officially on the injured list.

Batista smashes his fist against the ropes as the fans continue to boo.

Eric Bischoff: Hey don’t blame me Dave, after all I wasn’t the one who took a choke slam off the stage a few weeks back was I?

Bischoff holds his hands out as Batista has seen enough and exit’s the ring heading after Eric Bischoff!!

Jim Ross: Oh here we go!!

Eric Bischoff: HEY!! HEY!! HEY!! You stop RIGHT there!! Boys…boys come on down here!!

Bischoff signals to the back as we see a TON of security emerge from behind the curtain as Batista stops in his tracks and laughs, looking around at the fans who are going crazy here.

Eric Bischoff: Now I had a feelin’ you weren’t gonna take too kindly to that Dave which is why-which is why I ordered a helping hand here tonight. Seeing as you have not been cleared to compete, I don’t…I just don’t see the need for you to be here tonight so uhhhhh gentleman would you please do me, do all these people a favour and escort Mr.Batista out of the building?

Boos are reverberating around the arena all the more now as Batista seems to mouth ‘You gotta be kidding?’

Security begin to head down towards the Animal who then looks around the crowd who are all fully behind the World Champion and BATISTA CHARGES AT THE SECURITY!!

Jim Ross: Batista has had enough!! The World Heavyweight Champion ain’t goin’ away without a fight!!

The Coach: Hey, this ain’t right J.R!! His boss has asked him to do something, he cannot put his hands on security like that!! He’s lucky Eric Bischoff doesn’t suspend his ass right here, right now!!

Batista takes down one, takes down two and a third as the crowd goes absolutely wild!! Eric Bischoff has a worried look across his face as Batista takes it to security here but eventually the numbers game proves too much as the dozens of security gang up and finally get a hold of the Animal to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

The Coach: Well thank god. Thank GOD they got a hold of this…of this freak J.R. Who in the hell does he think he is? Eric Bischoff doing the right thing here tonight.

Batista is now guided up the ramp, kicking out in frustration as we see a look of delight across the face of Eric Bischoff. Tista then locks eyes with the GM as he’s dragged past him.

Eric Bischoff: Dave, see ya in a couple of weeks buddy, until then, take real good care of yourself and really, REALLY good care of that World title cos come Summerslam? Come Summerslam, it’s gonna be Kane’s, it’s gonna be mine and your days around here? Your days on MY show are gonna be OVER WITH!!

Insane levels of heat again for the boss as Batista looks ready to blow a gasket.

Eric Bischoff: Gentleman, get him outtaaaaaa here!!

And with that Batista is dragged to the back and Bischoff looks around at the crowd with a look of glee as his music hits and he then sarcastically applauds out to the crowd.

Jim Ross: How many more times is this gonna happen? How many more times is Eric Bischoff gonna abuse his authority like this? It’s just not right damn it and you can bet your ass that at Summerslam Batista’s gonna make him pay, he’s gonna make Kane pay.

The Coach: Hey don’t jump the gun there J.R. Remember who’s refereeing that one baby, Mr.Shawn Michaels. Batista ain’t makin’ anyone pay cos the Heartbreak Kid’s gonna count his shoulders down and hand that World title to the Big Red Machine, whether he likes it or not!!

We get one more shot of Eric Bischoff who is milking the boos now before FINALLY heading to the back.


We return and immediately go to footage that occurred during the break as we see security escorting the World Champion Batista out of the building. Tista has a stern look on his face, clearly seething at what Raw’s General Manager has done here tonight. As Batista is about to be led out the door the camera changes angle and we see Shawn Michaels appear!! Michaels looks as down as ever, clearly not really wanting to have run into the Animal. Batista gives Michaels a death glare and Michaels simply stares at the ground with Batista then letting out a little laugh and shaking his head in disgust as security continue guiding Batista out the door, the crowd booing what’s gone on thus far tonight.

We then head straight back to ringside where we see Molly Holly already in the ring, stretching and preparing for action

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks and as you can see Molly Holly all ready for action here tonight as sh..


It’s a pretty nice pop that greets the music of the Daredevil Diva, Lita who storms out on stage.

Jim Ross: As she takes on this lady!! Lita made a big return a couple of weeks back, coming out and confronting the Women’s Champion, the sadistic Victoria and well, it hasn’t quite gone down so well with the current title holder.

The Coach: And why should it? Lita’s come back and she’s walkin’ around here as if..as if she owns the place! What the heck is that about J.R? Lita ain’t done a damn thing to get a shot at Victoria and she knows it.

Jim Ross: Well Coach incase ya missed it, that is exactly why Lita requested a match here tonight against any WWE diva to show Victoria just why she deserves her chance at the Women’s Championship.

The Coach: We’ll see how well that turns out cowboy.

Match One: Singles Match
Lita vs. Molly Holly

Molly puts up a good fight in the early going as Lita’s possible ring rust is on display with the Daredevil Diva struggling to keep up with the fast paced offense of Molly.

Molly continues to work away at Lita, whipping her across to the turnbuckle before unloading with a big time clothesline knocking all the wind out of Lita. Molly then continues to punish Lita, kick after kick to the mid section before delivering some venomous forearms to the jaw of Lita who appears taken aback by Molly’s relentless approach here.

Molly then scores the first cover of the match after dropping Lita with a scoop slam, forcing a kick out at two as she pleads with the referee to count faster. Molly’s bickering with the official though backfires as she goes back to try and finish off Lita only to be met with a right hand! Lita catches Molly off guard and now uses it to gain a route back into the match as she takes the fight to Molly with right after right.

Lita then delivers a beautiful snap suplex and scrambles across for the cover, 1..2..shoulder up by Molly much to the disappointment of the fans in the arena as Lita herself looks disappointed.

The former Team Extreme member slowly gets to her feet and dusts herself off before setting up for the Twist of Fate!! Lita positions herself as Molly gets back to her feet, turns around, kick to the mid section, TWIST OF FATE!! NO!! Molly shoves Lita away and into the ropes, ROLL UP!! 1...2...3...NO!! Lita just about gets the shoulder up to a big pop!!

Both divas are quick to their feet as Molly charges back at Lita for a clothesline, Lita ducks it, spins Molly round, TWIST OF FATE!! This time Lita connects!! Cover, 1..2..3..she got it!!

Winner: Lita(5:13)

Jim Ross: Point proven Coach!! A huge win for the Daredevil Diva and a resounding one at that!!

The Coach: I’ll hand it to Lita, that was a heck of a victory but don’t forget that Molly Holly, as good as she is, she ain’t Victoria and it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than this to convince me, to convince Victoria that Lita’s next in line.

Lita poses for the crowd as she smiles, clearly delighted with her work here tonight as it’s job done in her quest to face Victoria for the Women’s Championship.

We then head into a video package...

Narrator: The biggest party of the summer.

The Summerslam logo appears across the screen as the Summerslam theme plays in the background.

Narrator: High pressure, high stakes.

We see a shot of Batista raising the World title high before a shot of a dejected Shawn Michaels.

Narrator: Who can overcome these obstacles?

We see Kurt Angle locking in the Ankle Lock on Randy Orton.

We then see Kane chokeslamming Chris Jericho.

Narrator: Who can stand tall?

We see John Cena FU’ing JBL.

Narrator: Who can rise to the occasion?

We see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas celebrating.

Narrator: Who can handle… the heat?

We see a smirking Christian before an angered Ric Flair.

Batista: At Summerslam.

Flashing shot of the Animal landing a Batistabomb.

Edge: At Summerslam.

A brief shot of Edge delivering a Spear.

Randy Orton: At Summerslam.

The Legend Killer delivering an RKO is shown.


Flair locking in the Figure Four is then shown briefly.

Kurt Angle: At Summerslam.

We then see Angle locking in the Ankle lock, wrenching the hold in.

John Cena: At Summerslam.

It’s Cena’s turn then as we see the WWE champion deliver a thunderous FU.

Christian: The heat…is on.

A shot of a desert like scene is then shown as the Summerslam logo then appears again before…

Narrator: Summerslam: Can you handle the heat?

We then return backstage to join Todd Grisham who is standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, a man who is in a precarious position here this evening, please welcome, Charlie Haas.

Haas appears into shot to a nice pop. The WGTT member looks a little anxious however as he heads into a big match tonight.

Todd Grisham: Charlie last week your partner Shelton Benjamin accepted a challenge on your behalf from Muhammad Hassan which means that tonight you will take on the Intercontinental Champion with Shelton Benjamin’s title opportunity at stake. You win, Shelton gets his shot, you lose and Shelton will not receive another title opportunity. How are you feeling heading into such a high stakes match up?

Haas sighs, taking a moment to think his answer up.

Charlie Haas: You said it yourself Todd, it’s high stakes tonight. There’s a whole lotta pressure on me here tonight and y’know over the last seven days I’ve had a lot of questions thrown my way. Questions like, ‘Charlie, will you give it your all next week?’, ‘Charlie, do you really wanna win next week?’, ‘Charlie you do know the consequences don’t ya?’

Haas scratches his chin a little.

Charlie Haas: My answer to all three of those questions Todd, is hell yeah.

Nice pop there.

Charlie Haas: Of course I’m gonna give it my all, of course I wanna win here tonight. I’m a professional wrestler, this is what I do, this is who I am and if I ain’t givin’ it all I got, if I ain’t headin’ out there to win, then I’m not doin’ my job. As far as the consequences go, yeah I know the consequences all too well. I win, Shelton gets his shot, I lose Shelton’s done.

Haas’ face now turns to a stern look.

Charlie Haas: I may want the Tag Team titles, I may want my partner back but I damn sure ain’t gonna let that happen this way. Not a chance. Shelton’s put a lot of faith in me, he’s put all his trust in me tonight to get him that opportunity that he deserves. And I promise everybody, I’m not gonna let him down out there.

Good pop again for Haas there.

Todd Grisham: Well Charlie one question that you may or may not have been asked this week is, if you win here tonight, you’ll have beaten the Intercontinental Champion on not just one but two occasions, in a lot of people’s eyes that would suggest you deserve a title shot more than your partner does?

Haas looks at Grisham in a curious fashion, a little perplexed here.

Charlie Haas: Uhhhh, I couldn’t possibly erm, I couldn’t possibly com… pffffft, yeah like I said I’m gonna go out there tonight and give it my best Todd, thanks man.

Haas then walks off as Grisham has a confused look now at Haas’ ‘indifferent’ response shall we say?

Back Ringside…


We return back to hear the music of the Platform to Perfection, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth who strut out onto the stage to decent heat considering their short stint thus far on Raw.

Jim Ross: It is indeed a huge night for Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin but it is also a huge night for these two young men. Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth have made a huge splash since arriving here on Monday Night Raw and tonight they get a major opportunity as they take on the Dudley Boyz for the World Tag Team Titles.

The Coach: Huge opportunity, no doubt about it J.R and it’s an opportunity that I have absolutely NO DOUBTS they are gonna take with both hands. Look at these two guys old timer, they are as gifted as ya get and they ain’t losin’ to a couple of has beens, a couple of washed up punks that I have to sit here and call ‘champions’. It’s a damn disgrace and these two young men are gonna put it right tonight, believe me.

Jim Ross: Well the Dudleyz are far from has beens Coach and washed up punks? I ain’t buyin’ it. We’ll see just how washed up our tag team champions are here tonight.

‘Yeah, We’re Comin’ Down’

It’s a nice ovation that greets the champions music as Bubba Ray and D-Von storm out, looking ready and raring for this title defence.

Jim Ross: Bubba Ray and D-Von returned to Monday Night Raw at Backlash, shocking the world and capturing the World Tag Team titles yet again and since then, they’ve had their hands full but they’ve come out on top each and every time. Tonight, these guys wanna make sure is no different.

The Coach: They wanna make sure, yeah of course they do. Trouble is, they can’t do it, they just can’t do it. Doane and Nemeth, too fast, too agile, too darn TALENTED to be defeated here tonight. Mark my words. C’mon cowboy, I ain’t waitin’, get a pen and write ‘em down there. NEW Tag Team Champions tonight.

World Tag Team Titles Match:
The Dudley Boyz© vs. Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth

The opening few minutes begin with Nick Nemeth going toe to toe with Bubba Ray Dudley and the cocky youngster gaining a good foothold in the contest as his speed and athleticism contain Bubba. Nemeth scores an early near fall following a beautiful backbreaker, showing real strength to take the big man down in such fashion before continuing his offense, quickly onto one half of the champs. Nemeth scores with right hand after right hand before stomping a mudhole into Bubba, targeting the ribs of his opponent.

Nemeth runs the ropes and quickly pounces again as he drops a hard hitting elbow to the mid section of Bubba who winces in pain and Nemeth goes for a cover…1...2..kick out by Bubba but the big man holds his ribs in doing so, clearly the Perfectionists plan is working thus far.

Nemeth then begins pandering to the fans who boo the cocky blonde before Nemeth drags Bubba across to his team’s corner and delivers another vicious kick targeting the ribs again before tagging in Ken Doane to the match. Doane enters the match in real style as he hurls himself over the top rope and lands a HUGE leg drop across the mid section of Bubba!! Cover by Doane, 1..2..shoulder up again by one half of the champions much to the crowd’s delight as Doane slams the mat in anger.

Doane is quickly back up and he uses all his might to drag Bubba up to his feet also and it takes some doing. Bubba immediately clutches his ribs and Doane delivers a right hand followed by another taking Bubba aback. We get a glimpse of D-Von on the apron who looks concerned as Doane now kicks Bubba in the gut before delivering an Irish whip. Bubba flies back off the ropes right into a running knee to the mid section!! Rushes into the cover, 1...2..shoulder up again by Bubba as Doane shakes his head disappointedly.

Doane gets to his feet and looks around as the crowd boo the young superstar and this only seems to anger Doane further as he launches a vicious assault on Bubba. Kick after kick to the mid section before some devastating strikes to the ribs as Bubba winces in agony here. Doane then tags Nemeth back into this thing with Nemeth strutting slowly into the ring and pandering to the crowd boo the cockiness of the ‘Perfectionist’ as he slowly toys with Bubba, slapping his head lightly as he laughs at the fallen veteran. We see a shot of D-Von who is raging at the attitude of Nemeth right now.

Bubba is now to his knees as Nemeth continues to play with his opponent before delivering a VICIOUS slap across the face of Bubba!! The fans shit all over Nemeth who then gets in Bubba’s face and yells at him ‘This, this is perfection, that? That is a life of rejection’ as he points at Bubba, looking around the crowd as he taunts the champion. Nemeth then laughs a little more as Doane applauds his partner but BAM!! Bubba comes from nowhere and delivers a huge right hand to Nemeth knocking him back!!

The crowd goes wild as Bubba finds new life and unloads on Nemeth with right after right, Nemeth having nowhere to go now as Bubba whips him across the ropes and Nemeth comes back, BACK BODY DROP!! Bubba connects but he feels the ribs immediately, the effects clear for all to see here as he drops to his knees and his partner holds out an arm, hoping Bubba can crawl across for the tag. Bubba drags himself across, holding an arm out, desperate to make the tag as he’s within arm’s reach now. The crowd is willing Bubba on as Nemeth uses the ropes to bring himself up to his feet slowly, he turns around and sees Bubba almost there and charges, trying to stop Bubba BUT BUBBA MAKES IT!! HERE COMES D-VON!!

D-Von storms in and Nemeth doesn’t want anything to do with him as D-Von unloads with right hand after right hand. Irish whip from D-Von and Nemeth rebounds right into a back elbow! Nemeth is quickly up as D-Von drops him again with a clothesline but Nemeth is persistent and again gets to his feet, D-Von egging him on to do as the champion has real momentum here but Ken Doane appears from nowhere!! Doane tries to take down D-Von but he ducks it, Doane gets caught up in the ropes as D-Von clotheslines him over the top to the outside!! D-Von riles the crowd up and turns around BUT IS CAUGHT WITH A DROPKICK FROM NEMETH!! D-Von goes tumbling out of the ring as Nemeth connects right to the jaw and we head to a break.


We return at around the eight or nine minute mark and we return with Bubba Ray and Ken Doane in their respective corners whilst Nemeth has D-Von in control in the centre of the ring, a sleeper hold applied as J.R and Coach runs us through what went down in the break with the Platform to Perfection establishing control again.

Nemeth yells out, clearly using all his effort as he looks to put D-Von to sleep. The crowd are rallying one half of the tag champs, along with his partner but D-Von appears to be struggling, looking a little groggy as Nemeth yanks away and the referee makes a quick check on D-Von’s condition here but D-Von suddenly shows some movements as he stirs a little bit, looking to get to one knee. Nemeth fights it off but not for long as D-Von nails an elbow to the gut, up to one knee D-Von comes as he nails another elbow, Nemeth’s grip loosening. The fans sense a momentum change here as D-Von nails one final elbow and the hold is broken!!

The crowd jumps for joy as D-Von breaks free and Nemeth is doubled over, he turns around and straightens up, coming face to face with D-Von who is still feeling the effects and Nemeth looks for a right hand but D-Von blocks it, looks for a left hand, D-Von blocks again! D-Von now grabs Nemeth by the back of the neck and delivers a kick to the mid section, Irish whip by the champion, Nemeth comes back and is met with a kick to the mid section again, swinging neck breaker by D-Von!! Nemeth is down as Ken Doane jumps D-Von from behind!! Doane takes D-Von down but here comes Bubba!!

Doane is met with a big right hand from Bubba who starts rolling!! Bubba begins his trademark strut and boxer like position as Doane returns to his feet and he’s met with right and left jabs, sending Doane aback before he spins right back into Bubba who swings, misses! Doane spins Bubba round, kick to the mid section, Irish whip, reversal, Doane’s hung up on the ropes as Bubba charges but Doane connects with a kick to the gut, Doane charges now and Bubba turns him inside out with a huge clothesline!!

Doane is down as D-Von begins to stir along with Nemeth, it’s two on one here and the fans sense what’s coming. BUT WAIT…

We cut to the ramp to see the Entity members Sonjay Dutt and Daivari storming down to the ring! Dutt and Daivari take up opposite sides around the ring as Bubba and D-Von look at one another before hopping out of the ring and heading after the Entity!! The fans are going wild as Bubba takes it to Dutt, D-Von to Daivari and the Entity has no answer to this onslaught!! The referee has no choice but to ring for the bell BUT NO!! The referee spins and he’s met with a LOW BLOW by Nemeth!!

J.R is going ballistic as Nemeth floors the referee and we then see Bubba look to Irish whip Dutt into the ringpost but it’s reversed!! Bubba goes head first into the rinpost as Dutt takes a moment before heading over to help his partner out. D-Von drops Daivari with a huge head butt but he’s caught from behind by Dutt who catches D-Von with a stiff kick to the back of the leg before pouncing like a rabid dog and delivering a stinging assault of the champion.

Dutt then helps his partner up and the two men use their strength to scoop D-Von up and into the ring. The Entity members jump inside the ring also, it’s three on one as Coach proclaims we’re soon to have new champions. The three men stalk their prey before Ken Doane joins the party! It’s four on one and the fans are in outrage at this but BEGIN TO CHEER AS HERE COME THE BASHAMS!!

Danny and Doug Basham charge down the ramp and they fly into the ring!! Danny takes down Dutt, Doug takes down Daivari with big time rights!! The fans are right behind the Bashams as Doane swings at Doug but misses, Doug spins him round and over tosses him over the top rope!! Nemeth runs at Danny but Danny delivers a nasty kick to the gut before a stinging DDT!! The Basham’s then drop to the outside but what for?

The Bashams scoop the referee to his feet and toss him back inside the ring!! D-Von and Nemeth are down but the Bashams scoop Nemeth up once again before pandering to the crowd as the BASHAMS CONNECT WITH THE BALL AND GAG!! (Russian Legsweep/Lariat combo) Nemeth is floored and Danny rolls D-Von onto Nemeth’s fallen body!! The referee is stirring, the count begins!! 1.………2.……….3.…..the Dudleyz retain!!

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz(14:22)

Jim Ross: They got ‘em!! How’s that prediction Coach?! The Dudleyz retain!!

The Coach: How in the hell can you celebrate that J.R?! The Dudleyz got an assist here tonight!! They didn’t win a damn thing!! Who invited the Bashams out here huh? Answer me that one. Doane and Nemeth have been screwed J.R!! Screwed!!

Jim Ross: Well who invited the Entity out here Coach? You were more than happy for those guys to help Doane and Nemeth win the gold. The way I see it, the Bashams simply evened up the numbers game tonight and I’m damn sure glad they did.

The Coach: You would be, stuck in the past J.R. Ya just can’t let the young blood have their moment can ya?

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon.

We get a shot of the Bubba and D-Von embracing in the ring, both men looking beaten and exhausted as they nod their heads as a show of respect to the Bashams who walk back up the ramp to a nice pop.

We then cut away backstage where we see Eric Bischoff in his office and standing beside him is the Heartbreak Kid, Bischoff’s Personal Employee, Shawn Michaels!

Eric Bischoff: Last week you let me down Shawn, there’s no other way of putting it. You let me…down.

Michaels looks away, biting his lip a little, still looking down in the dumps.

Eric Bischoff: I asked you to do me one thing, I asked you to finish Big Show off last week and you couldn’t, you just couldn't do it could you? Yeah Batista showed up, yeah we didn’t expect it but not only did you fail to get the job done on Show but you then went and…(Bischoff sblacks a little) You then went and got your ass handed to you by Batista so I wanna know Shawn, what the hell was that all about huh?

Bischoff crosses his arms as he stares a hole through Michaels.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve not got all night Shawn so you better start talkin’ before I ge…

Shawn Michaels: I’m sorry alright?

Eric Bischoff: No, no, it is not alright Shawn, far from it. Last week you let me down, last week you embarrassed me. I can’t stand for that. So here’s what we’re gon…no, no, let me rephrase that, here’s what you are gonna do about it. Tonight, our main event, Kane one on one with Big Show, I want you to make amends Shawn.

Bischoff lets that little grin out now.

Eric Bischoff: I want you to finish what we started last week and I want you, I want Kane to FINISH Big Show off…for good. You understand?

Michaels nods his head, not looking Bischoff in the eye.

Shawn Michaels: I understand Eric but uh…what about Batista?

Bischoff looks puzzled.

Eric Bischoff: W-w-what do you mean Batista?

Shawn Michaels: I mean, what if Batista shows up again? I know, I know you had security take him away but if you really think that’s gonna stop him from tryin’ to get back in, then you’re even stupider than I thought.

Little pop for Michaels insulting Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: No, no, no, that’s where you’re wrong. See if Batista thinks about tryin’ to get back in this arena then he is even stupider than I thought because I’ve got security right the way around the building and y’know even on the off chance he does get past them, he will not get to me, he will not get to Kane, he will not even get to you because for our main event tonight I’m gonna surround the ring with even more security.

Boos there for Bischoff’s antics.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight there will be no problems, there will be no let downs and there will be no Batista.

Bischoff lets that maniacal grin out once more as Michaels looks on, still lost, almost taken aback he’s still stuck in this situation.

Eric Bischoff: No let downs Shawn. No…let downs. Now I’ve got something I need ya to do for me, so go and find me Edge would ya?

Michaels looks confused as to why the GM wants Edge.

Eric Bischoff: I SAID GO!!

Michaels hangs his head once more before slowly departing as the crowd boo Bischoff’s nonsense approach towards the Heartbreak Kid.

We then cut elsewhere backstage and join Maria for the first time this evening

Maria: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest, he is the Big Show!

Nice pop as Show enters the picture but he’s not looking in the best of moods here.

Maria: Show, last week you faced Mark Jindrak in the main event. You won that match due to disqualification after you were attacked by Kane. Kane, Jindrak, Regal and even Shawn Michaels were all happy to try and hurt you after the match was over with so I gotta ask you Show, how did that feel last week?

Show looks up to the heavens before staring right back at Maria.

Big Show: Maria, you’re lucky you’re not Todd Grisham right now is all I can say. It felt…it felt, let me ask you how you think it’d feel to have four men beat you down like a defenceless dog? How do you think it’d feel to have a monster smash your skull with a steel chair?

Maria: Uhmmm, not-not great?

Big Show: Yeah exactly, not great. Last week was meant to be a turning point for me, a night for retribution, a night for payback on Mark Jindrak. But I didn’t get any of that, yeah I won the match but a little DQ victory doesn’t make up for what he and Regal have put me through these last few months. I’m not satisfied Maria and I won’t be satisfied until I get what I want.

Nice pop for an intense Show.

Big Show: But tonight? Tonight my attention turns elsewhere and it turns to Kane. See, I don’t...I don’t quite get what the deal is with Kane. He’s come back and he’s come back to do Bischoff’s dirty work, that’s not how I know Kane, that’s not how anybody knows Kane. When ya think of him, you think of this…this monster, this Big Red Machine who doesn’t take crap from anybody, who follows his own path but that’s not how it’s goin’ down right now is it?

Show scratches his chin, looking a little perplexed.

Big Show: Kane’s carrying out Bischoff’s orders and for what? So he gets a World title shot, is that it? Kane’s been a World Champion before and I don’t think he needed anybody’s help to do it. Tonight, I’m gonna send a message to him, I’m gonna send a message to Bischoff and I’m gonna send a message to Mark Jindrak. I ain’t playin’ around anymore, the big friendly giant’s days are over with, an angry giant’s about to be unleashed Maria.

Very rousing response for that as Show heads off and we do too.


We return and we immediately go backstage where we see the Platform to Perfection duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth look pissed off as they walk through the halls. Doane tosses some of his wrist tape down to the floor, clearly angered by their defeat earlier as we then see Todd Grisham burst onto the scene from behind them.

Todd Grisham: Ken, Nick, we all witnessed what happened earlier on tonight in your Tag Team title match with the Dudley Boyz. Can we get a quick word on how you’re feeling having suffered your first defeat here in the WWE?

Nick Nemeth: Defeat? You wanna call that a defeat?

Nemeth looks at Doane as if Grisham’s winding them up.

Nick Nemeth: That was FAR from being a defeat. We should be standing before you as the new World Tag Team Champions and we deserve to be standing here as the new champions but we were robbed out there tonight, ain’t no two ways about it.

Ken Doane: Nick’s exactly right. We are the most naturally gifted duo to have ever graced this business, that is a fact. People in the back here know it and people in the back here resent it. They resent that fact and they resent us for it. Bubba Ray, D-Von, they resent us, Danny and Doug Basham resent us and heck, we don’t blame ‘em.

Doane points at he and Nemeth.

Ken Doane: If they looked like us, if they could perform like us, we’d be resentful too, we’d be jealous too but the fact of the matter is, they don’t look like us, they can’t perform like us, they cannot do what we do.

Heat for the arrogant Doane here.

Nick Nemeth: And that’s why what happened out there tonight came about. The Dudleyz knew, they knew they could not beat us, it ain’t hard to believe so wipe that stupid smirk off your face Grisham.

Oooooh Nemeth tells Grisham how it is and the interviewer puts his head down.

Nick Nemeth: They knew they couldn’t beat us so they had to have a helping hand, they had to get the Basham’s on their side, had to get the Basham’s on board. But that’s alright, really, it is because we know that we will get another opportunity at those titles and we know that next time, the Basham’s ain’t gonna be around to help their little buddies out.

Todd Grisham: W-w-why is that?

Ken Doane: Why do you think that is genius? It’s because the next time you see Doug and Danny Basham, they won’t be costing us our match. No, they’ll be face down, beaten, bloodied and battered at the hands of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth.

Nick Nemeth: It ain’t just a name Todd, it’s a fact. We are perfection personified and unfortunately for them, Danny and Doug Basham will soon find out exactly why.

The talented young duo then head off to boos from the crowd as we return back ringisde…

‘Arab America’

We return to the action and the music of the Intercontinental Champion Muhammad Hassan who comes out for his huge match here tonight, accompanied by his Arabian Entity members, The Great Khali, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari who appear a little banged up after their earlier exertions in the Tag title bout.

Jim Ross: Well folks it is a huge night for this man Muhammad Hassan and his Entity. Hassan laid down the challenge last week, Charlie Haas face him and win, then Shelton Benjamin gets one more Intercontinental title opportunity. However, Charlie Haas loses? Shelton Benjamin will NOT receive another Intercontinental title opportunity.

The Coach: Absolute genius from Muhammad Hassan, playing two men, two friends, two partners off against each other the way he has. Is there a smarter superstar on this show today? In this company even J.R? If Hassan pulls this off then it’s gonna be one of the all time great masterstrokes in the WWE, I’m telling’ ya.


It’s a strong pop that greets the music of the World’s Greatest Tag Team and out comes Charlie Haas with Shelton Benjamin right beside him, a focused look on both men’s faces as they set their sights on Hassan.

Jim Ross: Major pressure on Charlie Haas’ shoulders here tonight. His partner has placed all his faith, all his trust in him for this match up, if Haas fails to deliver, then who knows just where the World’s Greatest Tag Team go from here.

The Coach: Down the toilet that’s where. Haas wants one thing J.R, he wants the Tag Team titles. Shelton Benjamin just doesn’t want them, he wants what Muhammad Hassan holds and Charlie Haas needs to realise that, he needs to find himself a new partner, a partner who gives a damn and he needs to move on.

Jim Ross: Well I don’t agree with ya there Coach, Shelton Benjamin does care, believe me. He simply has a bone to pick with Muhammad Hassan, a man who’s screwed him time and time again. Until Shelton gets a fair deal he can’t focus elsewhere and I don’t think Charlie Haas holds that against him.

Match Three: Singles Match
Charlie Haas vs. Muhammad Hassan

Things are very cagey as the bell rings and neither man makes a move with the fans right behind Haas as well as his partner Shelton Benjamin. The nerves are evident in both Haas and Hassan here with Benjamin looking anxious on the outside also.

The two men now begin to circle each other now before locking up dead centre of the ring and looking to outdo the other as Haas assumes control forcing Hassan back towards the corner but Hassan shoves Haas away once there. Haas spins round and charges at Hassan though, looking for a clothesline but Hassan gets a boot up and connects viciously to the skull of Haas! Haas appears dazed as he stumbles before turning round once again right into a clothesline from Hassan who goes for an early cover, 1..2..kick out by the WGTT member.

Hassan looks to be quite calm despite the kick out and he picks himself up, looking quite intently at Haas before picking his opponent up by the back of the head and nailing Haas with a forearm, followed by another. Haas is leant up against the ropes as Hassan whips him from one side to the other and Haas rebounds right into a high knee from Hassan!! Haas tumbles as Hassan taunts the crowd who boo the hell out of the I.C. Champion.

Hassan lets out a devilish smirk as we see Daivari and Dutt applauding on the outside, Benjamin not looking too happy with developments thus far. Hassan then circles the fallen Haas, looking at his prey before running the ropes and dropping a hard elbow to the chest of Charlie Haas. Hassan is quickly up, running the ropes again and dropping another elbow. Hassan appears relentless here as he goes for a third elbow but this time he runs the ropes and…stops? Hassan stops before stretching his arms out and looking up to the sky before going for another elbow but Haas dodges it!!

Hassan lands on the mat and holds the elbow immediately as Haas rolls out of harms way and gets to his knees, clutching his chest however as we see Shelton Benjamin encouraging his partner to get to his feet.

Haas clings to the ropes, trying to draw himself upright again as Hassan is to his knees also, looking to find a way back up and he does so but Haas is up first! Hassan and Haas meet in the centre of the ring, Hassan throws a right but Haas blocks it, Haas now unloads with right hands, forcing Hassan back. Haas now has the momentum as he kicks Hassan in the mid section before striking with an uppercut. Irish whip now from Haas, Hassan rebounds and Haas takes him down with a beautiful hip toss.

Haas senses he’s in control now here as Hassan quickly gets back up and he’s met with a clothesline by his opponent, Hassan is up again quickly though and he’s met with a kick to the gut before being whipped across into the turnbuckle. Hassan crashes hard as Haas builds up some steam and charges at the champion but Hassan dodges it and Haas crashes into the turnbuckle!! Hassan rolls Haas up from behind, he’s got the tights!! 1..2..3..NO!! Haas just about survives!!

We see a shot of Shelton Benjamin who looks drained from watching these first three or four minutes already here as his partner hangs in there. Hassan and Haas are both to their feet again relatively quickly and it’s Haas who gets to his man first, laying in with the right hands as Hassan seems to find no answer but a THUMB TO THE EYE!! Hassan conjures up something out of nowhere as a thumb to the eye catches Haas who is blinded and Hassan takes a second to compose himself before clubbing Haas from behind and taking him down. The referee warns Hassan about his conduct as the fans boo once again, we even see Shelton complaining on the outside as Hassan shakes himself off.

Hassan suddenly develops a real mean streak now here as he begins to stomp away at the chest and mid section of Haas, viciously taking it to his opponent as Haas winces in pain here. Hassan drops one more vicious stomp across the chest of Charlie before once again bringing his opponent to his feet, this time nailing a stiff uppercut. Hassan now unloads with a string of rights before whipping Haas across hard into the turnbuckle, Haas’ back ricocheting against it as Hassan comes charging and clubs Haas with a thunderous clothesline!! Hassan now stomps away at the mid section of Haas again, continuously stomping a mudhole in Haas who slumps to the mat, perched up against the ropes as Hassan dishes out some verbals to the crowd.

Hassan then rolls Haas out of the corner, bringing him to his feet before nailing a knee to the gut, Hassan continues his dominance right now as he hoists Haas up before delivering a deadly vertical suplex!! Haas lands hard as Hassan appears in real control right now before…before heading to the top rope?? J.R seems confused and there’s an air of excitement as Hassan, unusually, heads up high with Haas down and out right now. Hassan’s Entity are applauding their leader here as he signals to the sky, eyes closed before delivering a MASSIVE leg drop from the top!! BUT HAAS GETS OUT OF DODGE!! Haas manages to get out of harm’s way as Hassan lands hard on the mat and it’s yet another twist in this tale.

Hassan lands hard and Charlie now begins to stir, looking to get to his feet before the champion here, realising that his partner’s hopes rest with him in this one. Benjamin is seen encouraging Haas from the outside, as are Daivari and Dutt to their leader with the dangerous Khali lingering on the outside. Haas appears to be to his feet, a little out of it however as Hassan is to his knees. Haas now turns around as Hassan gets very gingerly to his feet here and he turns around to a right hand from Haas, followed by another.

Haas takes control here now, nailing a knee to the gut before grabbing Hassan in almost a bear hug like hold and delivering a beautiful belly to belly suplex!! Haas somehow finds it from deep down as Hassan is fallen. Haas crawls towards the cover, still struggling from the punishment he’s taken. Haas rolls Hassan over, 1...2...Daivari places Hassan’s foot on the ropes!!!

The referee sees the foot on the rope and stops the count as Shelton Benjamin looks on furiously and the crowd gasp in dismay!! Daivari and Dutt are seen smiling slyly but not for long as here comes Benjamin!! Shelton Benjamin heads round to the opposite side of the ring, Daivari and Dutt get the hell out of here as the imposing figure of The Great Khali comes face to face with Shelton Benjamin!!

Benjamin is stopped in his tracks as the fans suddenly all as one deliver an ‘Oooooooh’. Benjamin realises the giant is in his path here and looks on BUT BENJAMIN TAKES THE FIGHT TO KHALI!!! Benjamin throws right hand after right hand at the seven foot three inch Punjabi giant!! Khali though barely flinches and hammers Benjamin down with a venomous chop!!

The fans boo as Charlie Haas gets to his feet and sees his partner fallen on the outside, looking on in disappointment before turning his attentions back to Hassan…but he sees Sonjay Dutt appear on the apron!! Dutt is up and encourages Haas over to him and Haas duly obliges!! Haas throws a right but Dutt drops down to the outside again, clearly just coaxing Haas over as he exchanges words with the Entity member. Haas turns back around, again to focus on Hassan but this time Daivari appears on the apron!!

Daivari appears and Haas charges but once again the Entity member escapes without harm, Haas motioning ‘This close’ as he turns back around and he’s met by Hassan!! Hassan grips Haas before delivering a thunderous Reverse STO!! Hassan drops down, cover!! 1...2...3...NO!!! HAAS KICKS OUT! The crowd have gone wild as Hassan looks on in disbelief at the referee’s call here as Haas survives!! We see shots of Daivari and Dutt stood side by side now both open mouthed as Khali shakes his head, stunned that Haas kicked out. Hassan then pleads with the referee to tell him that was three but the official is having none of it as Hassan kicks the ropes in anger.

Hassan then takes a small breather, allowing Haas a little time to recover, perhaps simply waiting for him to get to his feet. Hassan paces around the ring as Haas groggily gets to his knees, very, very slowly. Hassan now yells ‘C’mon Charlie’ as Haas slowly finds his feet, hanging on to the ropes as Hassan awaits his turnaround.

Haas though hangs on as we see Shelton Benjamin reappear!! Benjamin hops on to the apron and charges, FLYING off the apron and taking down Dutt and Daivari with a crossbody!! Benjamin takes down the duo as Hassan looks on at the shenanigans, pleading with the referee to send Benjamin to the back but the referee does absolutely nothing as Khali heads for Shelton!! But Shelton heads in the opposite direction as Hassan looks on BUT A ROLL UP!! ROLL UP BY HAAS!! 1...2...3...HE GOT HIM!! HAAS GETS THE THREE COUNT!!

Winner: Charlie Haas(11:09)


The Coach: You gotta be kidding me?! Charlie what have you done?! J.R, I don’t believe it!! Char-Charlie Haas he-he did the right thing?

Jim Ross: You better believe it Coach, Charlie Haas has defeated the Intercontiental Champion and now Shelton Benjamin will get his deserved rematch for the Intercontinental Championship and would you look how much it means to him?

We see Benjamin and Haas side by side backing up the ramp, all smiles as Benjamin hugs Haas yelling ‘C’mon’ as Hassan looks devastated inside the ring, his Entity now surrounding him, Dutt and Daivari in some discomfort here. Benjamin then motions that the title belt will soon be his as Haas holds his head, still feeling the effects of that hotly contested match up.


We return and immediately head off backstage where we see the beautiful Maria chasing down the Arabian Entity.

Maria: Muhammad, guys, can I get a quick word in?

In her usual bubbly manner, Maria catches up with the foursome who look absolutely furious at what transpired before the commercial break.

Maria: How do yo…

Muhammad Hassan: Let me guess Maria, how do I feel after what happened out there? How do I feel about beating beaten by…by Charlie freakin’ Haas AGAIN? How do I feel about having to defend my title one more time against Shelton Benjamin?

Maria: Uh yeah!!

Hassan looks in disgust at the ditzy interviewer.

Muhammad Hassan: Well I’ll tell you exactly how I feel and I don’t think it’s the answer you’re gonna wanna hear Maria, I don’t think it’s the answer anybody’s gonna wanna hear.

Hassan takes a small breather before continuing.

Muhammad Hassan: I’m feeling…I’m feeling fan…tastic Maria. Really, Charlie Haas beat me tonight, he beat me a couple of weeks back but incase you forgot, I am NOT defending this Intercontinental title against Charlie Haas, no, I’m defending this title against Shelton Benjamin.

Pop for Benji’s name.

Muhammad Hassan: I’m defending this title against a man I have already beaten time and time and TIME AGAIN!! So I’m not anxious, I’m not worried about facing Shelton Benjamin because I know I can and I know that I will beat him. Hey, I’ll even defend my title at the biggest stage of the summer, how about that huh? How ‘bout it Shelton?(Hassan looks directly at the camera) Me and you, the Intercontinental title, Summerslam? How’s that sound?

HUGE pop for this bold move from Hassan.

Muhammad Hassan: I am not afraid of Shelton Benjamin, it’s quite the opposite Maria, Shelton Benjamin is afraid of me, Shelton Benjamin knows that he can NOT beat me and at Summerslam I’ll prove it.

Hassan shoves the microphone back at Maria whose bubbly demeanour changes to a frown as we cut away.

We now head off into Eric Bischoff’s office once again and there’s a knock at the door.

Eric Bischoff: Come in.

Bischoff’s face then lights up as we see Mr.Money in the Bank appear into shot as Edge strolls in.

Eric Bischoff: Edge, how’s it goin’ man? Shawn finally found ya then huh?

Bischoff laughs a little as Edge smirks.

Edge: Yeah, he got me. What did you uh…what did you need to see me for Eric?

Eric Bischoff: I needed to see you because well I need a favour Edge and I think, well, I think you’re the guy who can do me that favour, what do ya say?

Edge looks puzzled here as Bischoff holds his hands as if to say ‘Well?’

Edge: I don’t, I don’t just agree to something like that without knowing, without understanding exactly what it is I’m getting myself into. So as much as I trust you Eric, I gotta know what’s what here.

Edge waits as Bischoff thinks up what to say.

Eric Bischoff: Well you did such a great job last week in takin’ care of Jericho that I uh, I was wonderin’ if you wouldn’t mind doin’ the same thing here tonight for me?

Bischoff smirks again as Edge joins him in doing so.

Edge: Jericho’s, J-J-Jericho’s not here tonight Eric.

Eric Bischoff: Oh I know that, I know all too well that Chris Jericho’s not here tonight.

Bischoff starts laughing to himself as Edge then seems to realise what the GM wants here.

Edge: You want Big Show taken care of?

Eric Bischoff: No, no, no. See last week we ‘took care’ of Big Show, this week? This week I wanna finish Big Show and I need Kane on board, I need Shawn on board, I need Jindrak on board, Regal on board, I need YOU on board Edge.

Edge folds his arms and nods his head, looking down at the floor.

Edge: And uh, wh-wh-what’s in it for me exactly Eric? I mean, don’t take this the wrong way but last week I didn’t take Chris Jericho outta the equation for you, I took Chris Jericho out…for me. I am sick and tired of him claiming he’s better than me, claiming I’m just a wannbe, a poor man’s version of Chris Jericho. I am FAR FROM…a Chris Jericho wannabe.

Edge takes a moment to compose himself.

Eric Bischoff: I get that, I understand that and incase you forgot, I’m the General Manager of this show, I can make it happen. So how’s this sound for ya? You help me out there tonight, you help me finish the job off then I give you what you want, you and Jericho, one on one, Summerslam. You get to prove to everybody exactly what you’re capable of.

Edge smiles now, brushing his hair away as Bischoff looks on inquisitively.

Edge: Oh Eric I think there’s only one way I can respond to that and that is tonight? Tonight, you can bank…on my help out there.

Edge then pats his briefcase as Bischoff rubs his hands together and Edge departs as we return ringside.

Jim Ross: Well, Eric Bischoff getting everybody on board here tonight, getting everybody on the same wavelength and that wavelength being, take out the Big Show.

‘Born Naughty’

It’s immediate boos as the music of William Regal hits and out steps the Brit alongside his ‘Protégé’, the brutal Mark Jindrak.

Jim Ross: And here comes one of those men on board, two infact, William Regal and the very impressive, very talented, Mark Jindrak.

The Coach: Right on the money J.R. Talented, impressive, just so damn good, Mark Jindrak took it to Big Show last week, just like he did at Vengeance and just like he’ll do the next time he and that freak step inside the ring together.

‘Love Machine’

A very small pop greets the music of the World’s Largest Love Machine who parades around on the stage, Viscera.

Jim Ross: Well it’s a big test here tonight for Jindrak as he has to contend with this man, the five hundred pound, World’s Largest Love Machine, Viscera!

The Coach: It ain’t a test for Mark Jindrak, lemme tell ya. Jindrak has dealt with a monster for the last couple of months, what makes this guy any different? I’ll tell ya, nothing. Not a damn thing. Jindrak’s gonna wipe the floor with this goof.

Match Four: Singles Match
Mark Jindrak vs. Viscera

The bell rings and Jindrak looks a little cagey to open this one up as he realises just how big an obstacle the five hundred pound Viscera is.

Eventually Jindrak makes his move and locks horns with the World’s Largest Love Machine but Viscera overpowers him and forces him back before gyrating towards the ‘Protégé’ which doesn’t sit well with he or his mentor William Regal who has a look of disgust across his face. Jindrak’s momentary disgust soon fades as he turns aggressive and charges at the big man and knees him in the gut with real authority. The assault continues as Jindrak keeps up with the knees to the gut before delivering a clubbing blow to the lower back of Big Visc.

Viscera remains standing however as Jindrak repeatedly clubs the lower back of the big man, doubling him over before striking with a kick to the knee and again. A real ruthlessness being displayed by Jindrak here as Viscera drops to one knee. Jindrak now runs the ropes and delivers a big shoulder tackle on Viscera but he doesn’t drop down to Jindrak’s dismay. Again Jindrak runs the ropes and again goes for a shoulder tackle but this time Visc is up quickly and drops Jindrak with a BIG shoulder block of his own!!

Viscera holds his knee, clearly a little hurt by Jindrak’s offense but he uses the ropes for a breather before going back to his talented up and coming opponent. Viscera pulls Jindrak up to his feet and nails a right hand, followed by another as he looks to take control. Irish whip by the big man and Jindrak rebounds into a HUGE back body drop!! Cover by Viscera, 1..2..shoulder up by Jindrak.

Viscera seems to be on a roll here now as he scoops Jindrak up to his feet, Jindrak clearly a little worse for wear here as Viscera runs the ropes, letting out a roar of aggression as he charges at Jindrak but the Protégé ducks it and spins Visc round, kick to the mid section and a THUNDEROUS DDT!! Viscera tumbles as Jindrak regains momentum here and Regal hops onto the apron yelling at Jindrak ‘Finish him off!’.

Jindrak duly obliges as he drops down and turns Visc over and locks in that deadly armbar!! The armbar applied as Viscera yells out in agony here, nowhere to go as Jindrak displays real aggression in this and Viscera has no choice but to tap out!!

Winner: Mark Jindrak(4:41)

Jim Ross: Dominance once again from Mark Jindrak ladies and gentleman. Big Show wants another shot at this kid and I don’t think he’s gonna back down, I don’t think he’s gonna shy away from the World’s Largest Athete.

The Coach: You don’t think? Well I’ll tell you, I KNOW he won’t back down, I KNOW he won’t shy away and I KNOW he will beat the Big Show.

Jindrak and Regal head up the ramp as Jindrak shows a fierce, determined look whilst Regal smiles maniacally, patting his protégé on the back as both men look on at Viscera as well as the fans who boo the duo.


We return back and head straight into a video package, it’s for the soon to debut Mr.Kennedy and as ever is set in a dark room with nothing but a chair and a spotlight on the cocky loudmouth.

Mr.Kennedy: There’s a uh…there’s a lot of things that can happen in a week. Seven days is a long, long time but believe me, this next week of your lives is gonna go really, really fast.

Kennedy starts to smirk

Mr.Kennedy: And there’s a good reason for that. That reason? Well, that reason is because in seven days time, one week today you will all bare witness to the ground breaking debut of yours truly.

Kennedy now stands up from the chair in which he sits and begins to pace around the room, the spotlight following him

Mr.Kennedy: Next week will mark a whole new dawning upon Monday Night Raw, a whole new dawning upon the entire WWE. What you see ladies and gentleman, boys and girls is exactly what you get. You’re looking at a game changer here, you’re looking at a bonafide star, you’re looking at the man who is going to lead, who is going to drive forward the WWE to never been seen before, unimaginable, new heights.

Kennedy gets worked up a little now, an intense scowl as he looks directly into the camera

Mr.Kennedy: The Rock. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan. Three absolutely legendary names in the business, three legendary names across the world. Those three men are three of the very ultimate game changers, three of the very ultimate stars that have ever graced your television screens and in one week. Just…one…week, you’re gonna add another name to that list, oh yeah. You’re going to witness the birth of superstardom RIGHT IN FRONT…of your very eyes. You are going to witness the debut of yours truly…

Kennedy now looks to the heavens and raises a hand up high as his now trademark microphone lowers from the rafters which he grabs


Kennedy pauses, still looking up high in the sky

Mr.Kennedy: Kennedy.

Kennedy whispers emphatically, a no nonsense look to the camera before the graphic appears

Mr.Kennedy: Coming to Raw: Next Week

We then cut back to ringside and the image of Jim Ross and Coach sat at the announce table.

Jim Ross: Indeed, Mr.Kennedy makes his Monday Night Raw debut next week and well one thing’s for sure, he’s not shy on confidence Coach.

The Coach: Absolutely not J.R, believe me I cannot WAIT to see Mr.Kennedy ‘change the game’ so to speak. This man has a god given gift, inside the ring, outside the ring, he’s got it all and next week we’re gonna witness it first hand. Now, if you’ll excuse me for a moment…

Jim Ross: Where the hell are you going?

We then see Coach stand up on the announce table, microphone in hand as the crowd boos the Raw announcer.

The Coach: Ladies and gentleman, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I am the Coach and I come to you with something that well, something you aren’t gonna wanna miss.

Coach has a little chuckle as some boos are thrown his way.

The Coach: Now at Summerslam we all know Christian will go one on one with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair in a match that Flair cannot afford to lose, if he does, he must and I repeat he must retire. The build up to this match has been a heck of a ride so far and tonight? Well tonight, I’ve been given a little video from one of the two competitors, I’ve been given a video from Captain Charisma himself, Christian.

Boos for the mention of CC as Coach broadly smiles.

The Coach: So here I am standing before you all to PROUDLY present a video that Christian has titled… ‘Home town heartache’. Take a look.

Coach points us to the titantron where we are led to a simple enough looking street, there are several houses to the left of our picture as well as to our right. The houses are all fairly standard looking homes, nothing too fancy, not too shabby however, as we see a loose dog running around the grass outside one particular house and some children playing on another patch in what just looks like a nice little neighbourhood. A few cars slowly drive up and down before suddenly out pops in front of the camera from out of nowhere, Christian.

Christian looks directly at the camera before beginning to walk backwards, looking around at the scenary. Captain Charisma is dressed in jeans, an orange patterned t--shirt and a leather jacket.

Christian: Well, here we are folks, Charlotte, North Carolina. The home of the Nature Boy, the home of Ric Flair.

Christian starts laughing as he spins around continuing to look around before once again facing the camera

Christian: I wanted to come here and I wanted to record all of this from the very moment that my match with Ric Flair at Summerslam was announced. You might think to yourself, ‘Why?’ ‘What relevance does this have to Summerslam?’

Christian looks down, stopping his backwards walk before looking back up

Christian: I’ll tell you exactly why. The relevance this has to Summerslam is that this, this right here is where Ric Flair returns to, this is the very place where Ric Flair comes home when I beat him at Summerslam, this is the place where Ric Flair will get to enjoy every little second of his retirement.

The camera does a 360 spin, showing off all avenues on display here

Christian: And I need these people to know exactly what kinda guy Ric Flair is. I need his home town to know that come Summerslam, it won’t be a hero returning home. No, n-n-n-no, not at all. It will be the ultimate villain comin‘ back home.

Christian is chuckling to himself

Christian: People don’t understand the type of guy Flair is. People of all ages just don’t get it. I need the kids of Charlotte especially to understand that they can’t look up to him, they can NOT look up to Ric Flair. I need them to know though that no matter how bad a role model Ric Flair is, there’s always an alternative and that they can always and I mean this from the very bottom of my heart, they can always look up…to me.

Christian is still walking down the street as he then stops and looks at some children playing outside. The kids look around 8 or 9 years old and are running around chasing after one another

Christian: Lets…lets try it out shall we? Hey, hey guys, come on over here.

Christian calls the two kids over, both are boys and they seem hesitant and start discussing with one another what to do

Christian: Come on, don‘t be shy.

This isn’t very appropriate calling young boys in from the street but the boys follow Christian’s orders

Christian: Hey guys, what’s going on? My name’s Christian and I’m here in Charlotte today to just do a little QandA, you two uh, you two wanna get involved?

Boy One: Yeah, sure!

Both boys look extremely excited by this as Christian has a dickish look on his face

Christian: Awesome. Well uh, first question, do you guys know who Ric Flair is?

Christian kneels down and gets in the boys faces, staring them right in the eyes

Boy Two: Yeah, he’s awesome!! I love it when he does the ‘Wooo’.

The other boy laughs as Christian turns his head laughing, almost in disgust

Christian: You like that huh? Think that’s pretty cool right?

Both boys smile excitably and nod back at Christian

Christian: Well let me tell ya something guys and I want you to be prepared for this ok? Your mommy and daddy may hide the truth from you but I’m not gonna do that, no way, na uh, not a freakin’ chance because I want kids like you to understand life, to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Y’see, that ’Wooo’ Ric Flair does, it is not cool. Far from it, infact nothing about Ric Flair is cool. Let me ask ya, how old are you two kids?

Boy One: We’re both nine years old.

Christian nods.

Christian: Nine years old. Y’know, I remember being your age and I remember going to a sports club every day after school was over with. We did all kinds of stuff there, soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling. This sports club I went to, it had kids your age right the way up to about twelve years old and there were these two kids there, both of ‘em twelve year old boys and they used to walk around this club as though…as though they were in charge, as though they were in control, y’know?

Boy Two: We have one guy like that at school.

Christian: Oh really? Well this is gonna be all the more helpful for you two guys, believe me. These two boys, they got everything given to them, our wrestling coach treated them like his own two sons and why? Why was that d‘ya think? Because they were the oldest there, because as the two oldest there, they got everything handed to ’em cos they were bigger, cos they were stronger while us nine year olds sat back and watched them get handed everything, time and time again, just like that.

Christian clicks his fingers

Christian: You think that’s fair?

Boy Two: N-n-no.

Christian: No, you’re right, it wasn’t fair. So instead of sit back, y’know what I did? I went to that club one day after school and I decided, enough’s enough and I confronted those two guys. I said that I was sick of ’em taking my opportunities away, just because they’re older than me, so uh, ha, y’know what they did?

Boy One: They let you get a turn?

Christian laughs looking up to the heavens.

Christian: Let me have a turn, ha ha. Wrong answer kid, they beat the holy hell outta me. Yeah, they did and I’m not afraid to admit that but what I want is…what I need is kids like you to understand that those bullies I talked about? Those two bullies are the exact same…as Ric Flair.

The two kids look open mouthed as they look at one another

Christian: It’s true. Ric Flair is a bitter, old man and he can’t walk away from being a bully, he can’t step aside and let somebody younger, somebody better than him take his spot. He just won’t do it, he just can’t do it and that’s why I’ve made it my mission to take him out, to take him down, to END your beloved Ric Flair.

One of the kids looks a little upset now and one slightly nervy as Christian looks quite sinister here

Christian: I won’t allow him to do what those two bullies did to me all those years ago and the sooner that people, that kids like you realise that Ric Flair is the one in the wrong here, the better.

Boy One: C-c-can we go now? Please, you’re upsetting my friend.

Christian: Oh we’re done here and hey, sometimes kids, the truth hurts.

Christian pats one of the kids on the head as the two run off with one holding the other who is really upset now and Christian stands up, shakes himself off and smiles broadly

Christian: That right there? That’s just two, just two kids who need to learn the truth about Ric Flair and hey, there’s a whole ton of Charlotte left for me to, well, left for me to ‘explore’.

Christian then starts laughing and the camera fuzzes off

We then return back to see the announce duo of J.R and Coach once more as J.R looks on disgusted while Coach is applauding Christian’s actions here and the fans around the arena are booing Captain Charisma’s antics.

Jim Ross: Absolutely disgusting Coach. The behaviour of Christian is just…is just sickening, I don’t, I can’t understand what would go through your mind, what would possess you to do that?

The Coach: He was simply teaching a valuable lesson to those kids and hopefully many more. I think Christian’s standing up for what’s right and I think more people need to applaud this man and his quest to get rid of old man Flair.

‘Wellllllllllllllllll, it’s the Big Show’

‘Crank It Up’

It’s a sizeable pop that greets the music of Big Show who walks out on stage, not looking his usual bubbly self, instead a dead focused look etched upon his face.

Jim Ross: How you can say that is beyond me Coach, really it is but back to the action here tonight and a man who last week came within an inch of potentially having his career ended. Big Show met Mark Jindrak only to see Kane interfere and take out the World’s Largest Athlete in a sickening assault alongside both Jindrak and William Regal. The damage looked set to be quite horrific folks as Kane wrapped a steel chair around the leg of Big Show before Eric Bischoff disgustingly ordered Shawn Michaels to scale the top rope and crash land onto Show’s leg.

The Coach: And he was gonna do it J.R!! He was gonna do it and he was gonna like it until that freak Batista came back and caused all sorts of hell. Big Show needs to thank Big Dave, believe me.

Jim Ross: Well folks, Big Show will get the chance to gain a measure of revenge here tonight as he takes on the Big Red Machine, don’t go anywhere, this is our FINAL commercial break!! Big Show versus Kane, NEXT!!


We return and see Show pacing around the ring before…


‘Slow Chemical’

There’s boos to be heard but more a sense of ‘Uh oh’ from the crowd as the Big Red Machine, Kane begins to make his way to the ring. A look of devilish intentions etched upon his face as Show prepares for the monster inside the squared circle.

Jim Ross: Well here comes this…this sick, demented, twisted freak and oh you better believe these two bulls are gonna collide. Look at the look on Big Show’s face, look at the look on Kane’s face!

And we do see the look on their faces and it ain’t pretty. Show looks about ready to blow a gasket while Kane has that evil smirk on display.

The Coach: Big Show doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for. His career could’ve been ended last week and it woulda been because of this man, because of this monster. Tonight could be the night it really does end once and for all.

Kane then stops before getting in the ring and waits at the bottom of the ramp, still smirking before…

‘I’m Back’

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon.

The Coach: Ha ha!

The boos continue as out comes Raw’s General Manager Eric Bischoff flanked by security who accompany him down to the ring. Behind all the security then appears Shawn Michaels, head still hanging, not looking like he wants to be anywhere near what’s going on here.

Jim Ross: And there ya see folks, not just Eric Bischoff but Eric Bischoff being accompanied ringside by Shawn Michaels and by dozens of security guards who are here to make sure that Batista, if and it’s a big if, if he gets back inside this arena, he will not interrupt, he will not ruin tonight’s main event.

The Coach: The amount of security on display J.R proves how serious Eric Bischoff is about this and I don’t blame him. That Animal is a hazard, he can’t be trusted around important superstars, guys like Kane and not only is he a hazard to them, he’s a hazard to himself, the guy’s got cracked ribs for cryin’ out loud and he wants to compete?! How stupid is the guy huh?

Jim Ross: I don’t think there’s anything stupid about Batista Coach. He simply wants payback, he simply wants to get his hands on Kane, on Eric Bischoff and Bischoff knows that all too well.

Kane now steps in the ring with Big Show still seething at the sight of the Big Red Machine and the referee having to restrain him in the corner. Bischoff and his men, Michaels included, hover around the ring, spreading themselves out so nobody can get in or out of the squared circle.

Main Event: Singles Match
Kane vs. Big Show

Kane smirks devilishly at Show who displays a sadistic look himself here as the two men now go face to face and the referee tries to intervene here BUT IT’S NO USE AS THE GIANTS COME TO BLOWS!! Kane and Show going at it hell for leather here!! There is no holding back, the referee is tossed out of the way, the bell not having even been rung as Kane and Big Show tear each other a new one here!! It’s an all out brawl as security make their move!!

Jim Ross: The fight is on!! Kane and Big Show!! Kane and Big Show goin’ at it, like a couple of bulls here!!

The Coach: It’s a damn good thing security is here J.R!! If they weren’t out here right now, Kane would be sending Big Show into retirement!!

Security has stormed the ring here, half take Kane away from Show, half take Show away from Kane as the fans in attendance start a let them fight chant here as Kane’s lip is BUSTED OPEN!! Kane wipes the blood as Show smiles sickly and SHOW BREAKS FREE!! Show breaks free and takes down Kane!!

Jim Ross: Big Show is just…Big Show is like a runaway steam train!! Eric Bischoff, Kane, they’ve made the seven footer one hell of an angry giant!! Who can stop these behemoths?!!?

The Coach: They need to restrain this freak before things get outta hand!! Big Show’s takin’ this too far!!

Jim Ross: What happened to his retirement Coach?

The Coach: Hey, you shut your mouth!!

Show and Kane are brawling here as security can’t keep them away from each other as Show turns around and SMASHES a security guard and another here as Show is cleaning out security and so is Kane!! Eric Bischoff is ordering Kane to stop bu the Big Red Machine is having none of it!! Kane and Show beating the holy hell out of security!!

Jim Ross: So much for Eric Bischoff’s hired help!! Kane and Big Show have gone wild here in Milwaukee!!

The whole security team has been toppled here as Kane and Show now stand alone and the crowd rises to their feet here in anticipation. The smirk on Kane’s face re-emerges and Show now smiles also but the smiles soon vanish as these two go at each other once more with Show looking like he’s coming out on top, forcing the Big Red Machine back but OH!!! A LOW BLOW!! A low blow from outta nowhere by….MARK JINDRAK!!

Jim Ross: Jindrak!! Where the hell did Jindrak come from?!!?

The Coach: Ha ha!! Mark Jindrak getting himself some here!! Too damn right as well J.R!!

Eric Bischoff now lets out a smirk as he ushers to the ramp for someone to come down and just like that out comes…EDGE!!

Jim Ross: Oh you gotta be kidding me?!!? Was this-was this all a setup Coach??

The Coach: Oh I think you better believe it is baby boy!! Eric Bischoff is a freakin’ genius!! Eric Bischoff and Kane have pulled one over on that giant freak!!

Edge storms down, Money in the Bank breifcase in hand as Mark Jindrak stomps Big Show down, William Regal also in the ring, barking orders at his protégé as Eric Bischoff hops up on the apron, grinning like a Cheshire cat as he orders Shawn Michaels inside the ring!!

Jim Ross: For god sake, what will Eric Bischoff stop at?

The Coach: Nothing, na da, not a damn thing and that’s why I love him cowboy.

Jindrak scoops Show up to his feet, nailing a left hand before now holding him up in place as Edge sizes the giant up, positions his breifcase in hand and SMASHES Show across the skull with his briefcase!!

Jim Ross: OH SOMEBODY STOP THIS!! First Batista, then Jericho, now Big Show!! Enough is enough damn it!!

Edge smirks as he views the damage done as Kane now orders Jindrak to scoop Show back up and the Protégé does just that before shoving him into the path of the monster who grabs Show around the throat, Big Show’s in line for a choke slam here!! But the crowd goes APESHIT AS HERE COMES BATISTA!!!!!!


The Coach: Who the hell let him back in here?!?

Batista storms down to the ring as Kane lets go of Show and Batista charges through the ropes but William Regal is first on scene, SPEAR!! Regal is speared out of his boots as now Jindrak charges but Batista tosses Jindrak up and over the ropes!!

Jim Ross: Thanks for comin’ Regal, Jindrak see ya later!! The Animal wants him some here tonight!!

But here comes Edge!! BRIEFCASE SHOT!! NO!! Batista ducks it, kick to the mid section and the Animal tosses Edge through the ropes and to the outside!! It’s Batista and Kane!! Head to head, face to face!!

The Coach: You just met your match champ!! Kane is gonna teach you a lesson!! Kane is gonna teach you just who the boss is around here!!

AND HERE WE GO!! Right hand thrown by Kane, right hand matched by Batista and the Animal has Kane reeling!! Right hand after right hand, into the ropes Kane goes, Irish whip, kick to the mid section, Batista has Kane set!! Eric Bischoff gulps as he senses what’s coming!!

Jim Ross: What goes up……



Batista roars to the crowd before turning and facing….Eric Bischoff!! Bischoff looks shit scared here as the Animal focuses on the Raw GM but Bischoff hightails it!!

The Coach: Smart move Eric, now’s not the time or place for a thug like him.

Batista looks pissed as he smashes the ropes in anger before turning around to watch Bischoff walk away and he sees…BAM!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?! SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! SHAWN MICHAELS HAS SUPERKICKED THE CHAMPION!!

Jim Ross: What the hell?!!? Shawn Michaels…Shawn Michaels has just…what in the world has Shawn Michaels done?!?

The Coach: Shawn Michaels has seen the light!!! Finally, finally J.R, Shawn Michaels has seen the power of the bosses ways!!

The crowd are stunned here, it is eerie silence as Michaels stands over the fallen champion and Eric Bischoff looks absolutely gob smacked yet elated on the ramp as Michaels then mouths the words, ‘Payback’ to the down and out champion. The show then closes with Bischoff applauding Michaels who stares a hole through the fallen champion as we fade to black.

Date: August 21st 2005
Location: Washington DC

Current Card:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee
: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c) vs Kane

If Ric Flair loses, he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Muhammad Hassan(c) vs Shelton Benjamin

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