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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Walls View Post
Plus, with rolling BJJ you get a ton of cardio from that and I actually had my first muay thai session the other day so I plan on using that for cardio too. Just a word of advice: Leg kicks fucking hurt. A lot. Avoid them at all costs. I got dropped 3 times by them. I also have a tiny hole in my shin from kicking shit, you have to build up like a callous on your bones over time to make it so you don't hurt yourself while kicking.
I did BJJ for about 2 1/2 years, and 2 months of Mauy Thai. The fucking soccer kids killed in that class, because their shins were built up already. They get calcium deposits on the bones around there so they can start off kicking harder. Wait till you get shin splints and the instructor tries to massage your leg and rub them out (no homo, seriousness). Hurts like a bitch!

Like Rush said, 1.2 - 1.7 grams per lb of body weight. However, I am 190 lbs, and I am only getting in maybe 120 grams a day (at most!) and haven't noticed any strength lose whatsoever. I kind of half and half the whole USDA vs Athlete case study thing.
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