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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

HHH from 2000-2001 PPV bouts I can at least somewhat fairly rate (ones not included I can barely remember at all). I also re-watched a few forgotten but I remember being great like HHH/Benoit NM00 and HHH/Angle RR01. I also re-watched HHH/Austin SS and it went up quite a bit in my book. But here are the total ratings... if anyone cares enough and wants to see how I broke it down, feel free to ask. I just don't see the need in posting every single breakdown every single time:

HHH/Foley RR00- ***** (up from ****3/4)
HHH/Foley NWO00- ****1/4 (Same)
WM16 Fatal Four Way- ***1/2 (Same)
HHH/Rock Backlash 00- ****1/2 (up from ****1/4)
HHH/Rock JD 00- ****1/4 (down from ****1/4)
HHH/Jericho FL00- ****1/2 (Same)
HHH/Angle/Rock SS00- ***1/4 (down from ***1/2)
HHH/Angle Unforgiven 00- *** (don't remember what I had this at before, but I think it was a bit higher)
HHH/Benoit NM00- **** (same)
HHH/Austin SVS00- ***3/4 (up from ***)
Armageddon HIAC- **** (same)
HHH/Angle RR01- ***3/4 (same)
HHH/Austin NWO01- ****1/2 (Up from
HHH/Taker WM17- ****

What I gather from this is HHH's first half of 2000 was incredible, and while the last half of 2000 and 2001 were great, they just aren't at the same level as the first 6-7 months of PPV's for HHH.

Also some other random ratings:

Rock/Cena WM28- ***1/2
Flair/HHH TT05- ***3/4
Flair/HHH SVS05: ***1/4

I'm watching you...

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