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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Spoiler for Latest news:
~It seems as through the pressurized hotshotting is all set to continue. Apparently, this is the driving motive behind the AOW Tag Team Championships being put up for grabs in a huge 4-Team Ladder Match come A Very Merry War. This match is rumored to not have occurred until at least This is Exile, but was inevitably pushed forward. Due to this, the intended title change for American Made may or may not happen when planned.

~On that note, what was planned as far as American Made getting the actual title was somewhat shown on screen this past Oblivion. American Made was not slated to win at the Supershow, but were to win at This is Exile when the Ladder match was to originally take place. In addition to that, it appears that Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas have been getting a few egos backstage. While they were supposed to drop to one of the three teams at one point, they reneged on that pledge and opted instead to keep the titles, almost reminiscent on screen this past Oblivion with the AOW Tag Team title finish. The World’s Greatest don’t think “any of the ‘kids’” are ready for the titles quite yet

~As confirmed in a few other sources, Tommy Dreamer has been signed for a few events in AOW. Dreamer’s contract is only on appearances, not a long term contract.

~Rikishi’s short term contract with the company is nearly over, ending at the beginning of the new year. Rikishi has worked completely behind the scenes so far, being one of four OVW coaches (alongside Elix Skipper, Lance Storm, and occasionally Al Snow), being Al Snow’s second-in-command on OVW TV.

~Speaking of OVW TV, there have been some rumblings in regards to an Internet show coming to AOW. Whether it be OVW TV or simply a Heat or Velocity type show once the roster expands is still up in the air, but it is worth noting that it has been discussed. Also continually being discussed is the notion of women’s wrestling eventually making its way to AOW.

~And finally, word getting around is that AOW has signed a very prominent name from straight off the WWE’s main roster. The details are being kept very much under wraps at this point, almost to an absurd degree, but with this much confidentiality behind it, it almost certainly isn’t William Regal, whom the company has been publically pursuing for some time. Regal has gone on the record stating he won’t leave until his current contract is up with the ‘E, which would be sometime in February.

...and some stuff from the website newswire...

Originally Posted by aohdubya.com

With Bryan Danielson’s valiant effort in the main event last week, Shawn Michaels taking on Chris Jericho is a definite go, as is the Four Way Ladder Match for the AOW Tag Team Championships also confirmed last week by Paul Heyman. But now, another championship match has been confirmed and been added to what should be one of the most anticipated shows of the entire year.

Muhammad Hassan v. CM Punk

Following Muhammad Hassan’s continuous pursuit of not just dismantling CM Punk, but also the $50,000 Hassan lost to Punk’s coach Lance Storm. Placing a bounty on Punk’s head was supposed to leave Hassan in control of the situation, but when numerous opponents failed to capture the bounty and the subsequent title shot, Hassan was forced to play his hand and even get his own Mercenaries involved. This just in by Paul Heyman, regardless of what kind of restrictions Hassan has placed on him, CM Punk has earned the title shot he has been chasing for almost two months. So at a Very Merry War, the bounty is over and CM Punk will finally get his hands on the man who took out one of his closest comrades.


This week on the AOW newswire, Jamie Noble says there’s some unfinished business to attend to, The Miz finally breaks out of the closet and Matt Sydal, one of AOW’s forgotten gems, wants to get some major help to make sure he doesn’t stay that way…

Spoiler for Mike Mizanin comes out of the closet:
We’re brought to the scene of Oblivion last week, the camera focused on the broom closet The Miz was stuffed in by Shawn Michaels earlier in the broadcast. We can hear Miz banging against the door from the inside, having made headway on breaking the lock, when apparently one final lunge breaks open the door, Miz looking utterly exhausted. He grips his shoulder in pain as he leans up against the door frame, while across from him, he sees a pair of men he doesn’t appear to have any quam about making fun of in Jack Evans and Low Ki, Evans with a sack of ice on his neck…

The Miz:
What? What’re you two lookin’ at?

Nothin’, dude. But what were you doin’ in there…?

The Miz:
That’s none of your business.

You’re right. It is none of my business if you wanna finally come out of the closet. I’m sorry, Miz, but that joke writes itself –

The Miz:
SHUT UP!! Y’know, I should be more respected around here. I’m the only one who has to do all the dirty work and get the answers everyone else is afraid to get. But what do I get? Stuffed in the closet, while jokes like you dance to the ring.
~We can see Low Ki getting a little bit angry at that remark towards his tag team partner before Miz directs his anger towards Ki

The Miz:
And you? Mr. “Warrior Code”. This is professional wrestling. That has no place here.

Hey! Ain’t no need to be sayin’ all that, now.

The Miz:
It’s my job to talk, alright pal? I deserve much more respect than I’m getting, and one day, I’m gonna prove it by –

Suddenly, Low Ki side kicks Miz so hard, he’s thrown right back in the closet. The veracity of the blow even causes the door to close right back on Miz, trapping him in the closet once again. Ki’s expression hasn’t changed, simply satisfied that he’s shut Miz up once more. He and Evans share a very subtle fist bump before Evans cringes as he holds the ice to his neck as we fade away…

Spoiler for Matt Sydal gets a surprise mentor:
We’re brought to a parking lot, looking pretty full. A graphic on the bottom portion of the screen says “earlier today”, giving us a good notion on the time. Standing in front of what looks to be a gym-like building is Matt Sydal, wearing what looks like workout gear. He’s got sunglasses on with them and appears to be waiting for someone, chivalrously opening the door to the gym so a couple of shapely young women can walk in the door. Soon enough, he’s approached by another man with sunglasses in street clothes with a gym bag whom we’re suddenly more familiar with when he takes the sunglasses off…Billy Kidman??

Are you…Matt Sydal?
~Sydal takes off his sunglasses and looks at Kidman in awe

Billy Kidman! It’s an absolute honor to finally meet you, sir.

Eh, don’t call me sir, kid. Makes me sound older than I feel.
~Kidman delivers a smile as he and Sydal shake hands

I hope you’ll forgive me for gushing a bit here, but Mr. Kidman, I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I was little. Heck, I’ve been trying to imitate your Shooting Star Press since elementary school.

From what I’ve seen from you, man, you’ve got it pretty down pact

Well thank you, Mr. Kidman.

Please, call me Billy. But you didn’t ask me here just to tell me that, did you…?

Uh, no sir. See, my time in AOW hasn’t exactly been what I’d hoped so far. But I really want to improve myself and get noticed…that’s where you come in Mr. Kidman…er…Billy.

Hey, I can understand that, man. And I’d be more than happy to help you with that.

Would…would you really?

Yeah, man. And just between you and me…I wouldn’t totally be opposed to gettin’ back in that ring myself. I help you get on your feet…and you help me get back on mine. How’s that sound?

That sounds more than awesome, sir.

Please don’t call me sir. Should we go inside and get started?

Oh, absolutely, Billy.
~Sydal opens the door for Kidman, who takes his gym bag and walks in the door, the smile on Sydal’s face never fading as he walks in after him and we fade away…

Spoiler for Noble wants no limits:
The image of Jamie Noble appears on our screens, nearly seething to himself before turning towards the camera

Y’know, I thought I’d gotten that monkey off my back. An’ by monkey, I mean Aero Star.
~Noble rubs his nose with his palm

Monkey. That’s the perfect way t’describe him. Jumpin’ around all over th’ place, can’t find him, always there. An’ just when I think I got him off my back, there he is, costin’ me the Cruiserweight Championship.
~Noble places his hands on his hips and shakes his head

But not no more. Aero Star, I hope you ain’t got plans this week on Oblivion. Because you an’ me are gonna be in a rodeo this Wednesday. Because I need to knock you the hell off my back. We got unfinished business to take care of. An’ ‘cause of that, I don’t want nothin’ stoppin’ me from buckin’ you off. So there ain’t gonna be any limits. It’s gonna be No Disqualifications!
~Noble’s seething look turns into a scary smile

Imma break you, boy. I’m gonna mangle the masked monkey.
~Noble’s smile grows to near serial killer lengths, as the Pitbull slowly fades away from our screen…


The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York

“The Man in the Mirror”

Another week in the Hammerstein Ballroom means another explosive show, but that only means that Chris Jericho is up to yet another scheme for another week. Chris Jericho is nearing his fourth month as AOW Heavyweight Champion, but he’s possibly being greeted with his greatest challenge yet with Shawn Michaels not only thwarting Jericho’s attempt to use evidence against him, but narrowly being able to get out of Jericho’s ploy last week with a surprise appearance and performance from AOW Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson. Now, the Worthy Champion who leads a Worthy Legion has invited his number one contender to a ‘career retrospective’…? The entire AOW world knows if Shawn Michaels fails to capture the AOW Championship in two weeks, his career may very well be over, so is this one last attempt by Chris Jericho to use his manipulative prowess to get inside Michaels’ head? Or is there even slimier, even more ulterior motives for the Worthy Man?

Speaking of the Worthy Legion, if last week is any indication, Shawn Michaels is not as alone as Chris Jericho had hoped. While the relationship between Shawn Michaels and Samoa Joe has been a rocky one to say the least. But last week in Michaels’ darkest hour, it was Samoa Joe who came running down the ramp to the rescue of Bryan Danielson. But Samoa Joe has made it clear that he and Shawn Michaels are not friends – but perhaps they have a common enemy. Samoa Joe doesn’t think it’s a secret he has some issues to resolve with Bobby Lashley, but for now, he’ll just have to settle for getting back in the ring for one-on-one action.

The uneasy relationship between Joe and Michaels stems from Michaels’ decision and attitude towards Joe’s good friend Rob Van Dam…or who we know as Rob Van Dam, but who has expressed very vehemently that he is no longer the Whole F’n Show. Two weeks ago, Van Dam seemed to have a mental breakdown upon being banned from all title matches and was not present on the program last week, being sent to his California home. But this past weekend, Van Dam’s longtime friend and AOW commentator Joey Styles went to the Van Dam residence to try and get some answers. This week on Oblivion, we see the footage from that interview from the artist formerly known as Rob Van Dam.

But that isn’t all this week! Tensions running high in the main event picture might not hold a candle to what the cruiserweight division has going on. Since his debut, Aero Star has been showing a high-octane, unorthodoxed style of luchador offense and immediately drew the ire of Jamie Noble. Noble put Star through a table over a month ago en route to defeating Star at World Ablaze, but after the match, Star got retribution by putting Star through the same table. Two weeks ago, Star and Noble both had opportunities to become Cruiserweight Champion, but both men came up short. Now, the tensions have boiled over to the point where both men just want at each other’s throats. On the next Oblivion, the man they call Aero Star goes toe to toe with “Pitbull” Jamie Noble in a World Ablaze rematch…this time with NO DISQUALIFICATIONS.

That’s not all!! Muhammad Hassan is NOT happy about his number one contender, Ken Doane has a new target in The Warrior, Low Ki, and the AOW tag team division heats up even more before the big Four Way Ladder Match in two weeks. All this action (and more!!) on the next explosive edition of AOW Wednesday Night Oblivion, 9/8c only on FX!!

.:Confirmed for Oblivion:.

Aero Star v. Jamie Noble

Joey Styles interview footage from the Van Dam residence


Samoa Joe in action


Chris Jericho invites Shawn Michaels for a “career retrospective”

Show is moving incredibly slow, but just wanted to get this up. University is over, but other things are popping up. Hope all are doing well and apologies if I've missed anyone in terms of feedback. Show might be up on the weekend, but who knows. Keep the faith


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
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