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Re: The Wire Mafia Gameplay Thread - Day 12

Night 14

Drug Addict Overdoses; shocking news
by Don Draper

Local heroin addict died from an overdose this morning. He had no home, no family, no life. He was a broken man. We urge children not to emulate this man and never try the STUFF.

Spoiler for STUFF:

Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Johnny Weeks, Street aligned. You are an unfortunate drug addict always having bad luck with no intentions to get clean. You finally find your utopia when Hamsterdam opens its doors. A sanctioned drug zone. And eventually die there from overdose.

You have a post restriction. Along with playing like you normally would each post must contain something about getting high or going to buy drugs or anything you feel a junkie would typically say. go crazy.

Win Condition: You win when all threats to Street Aligned players and the Law Enforcement are eliminated.

Boy shot dead; Wire tap goes Viral
by FAT

A boy was shot today in the low risers. It was caught on a wire tap the police had running on a local gangsters phone.

The apparent recordings were leaked online of drug game player Poot having phone sex with his bitch, LaShawndra, while discussing how he'd have sex with her on top of the body at Foot Locker amongst other disturbing things.

Spoiler for scrilla:

Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Wallace, Street aligned. You are a 16-year-old drug dealer for the Barksdale Organization, who works in the low-rise projects crew known as "The Pit" When you decided to work as a Confidential Informant and talk about the Barksdale Organization to the police, you feel guilty and leave the trade. Eventually you are killed by your former drug dealer friends.

At this point in your life you are living life outside the game. However, in the eyes of everyone else you are still a member of the Barksdale Organiztion. This makes you the Miller. You will appear as mafia under investigation.

Win Condition: You win when all threats to Street Aligned players and the Law Enforcement are eliminated.

Local Man thinks Wrestling is Real

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Day 15
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