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Re: CHIKARA - Season 11 Discussion Thread

New match announced for Aniversario: A Horse of Another Color

Alright guys, we now know the identity of The Swarm who we've established are Jose and the two Franks, this time, lets focus on one of the two men we don't know, The Shard......BLOG TIME

5/9/2012: The landscape of CHIKARA is a lot like a puzzle, isn't it? Every piece fits neatly together. But what happens when there's a piece that doesn't fit?
Everything has fallen so neatly into place for you, Jigsaw. The first Cibernetico. The second Young Lions Cup. Not to mention the King of Trios or the Campeonatos you won with your maestro at your side. Maybe if all the pieces fall into place on May 20th, you'll be the next Grand Champion of CHIKARA. You'll have done it all. Won it all.

Our paths were so similar in the beginning, Jigsaw. We were a lot alike. The moves, the timing. We picked things up at almost the same pace. Almost. I was always quicker than you. Stronger, too. And definitely smarter than Kingston. Then your gang got kicked out, had to find somewhere new to train. I remember that day, seeing you pack up your car for the last time. You said to me - come along. Come to Chikara Wrestle Factory.

Why would I? CHIKARA was barely making it from month to month. I watched a tape of theirs called "Baila, Parka, Baila" to see what it was all about. It was campy and it was stupid. But I kept on watching...I kept on watching for you.

You were the last one ready, Jigsaw. The last one in the second class to debut. If I'd made the jump with you and the NY crew, I would have been ready weeks before you were. I would have been the next to debut. I would have been "Jigsaw."

All your triumphs. All your accolades. Trips to Mexico, Europe, Asia. That should have been me. All of those things should have happened to me. Every year as CHIKARA grew bigger and bigger, I saw the opportunities that should have been mine. You're living my life, Jigsaw.

You know I'm right. All you are is that mask. You think I wasn't watching you flounder in Ring of Honor? Without that mask, you'd be lost in the masses, like I was for years. I went nowhere while your career went everywhere.

Now I have a mask of my own, and it's time to right that wrong. It's time I get the things that I deserve.

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