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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
Nah, this is the worst roster in the history of wrestling in every way. Even to things like real life attitude or carrying yourself like a star, nothing. Just a bunch of clueless, uncharismatic, untalented, default choices who think they're on a school trip. Miserable and embarrassing. The only full time stars, legit stars who are not physically huge like Show and Henry and can go into restaurant and turn heads are Cena and Orton. Then they're surprised when less kids are watching wrestling today than ever before? back then the wrestlers were like role models, the "I want to be like him" figure, now the kid is more "cool" than the wrestler, and don't start on the teenagers when the healthy bunch can kick 90% of the roster's ass.
Really this stupid "school trip" crap again? You really think Orton of all people turns heads and gets people's attention outside the ring? GTFO, with that crap. Orton is not a star - only Orton's fans would know who he was if he walked into a restaurant. "Miserable and embarassing" describes the vast majority of your posts and your existence on this board, BTW. I must say, though, you do an exceedingly good job of making yourself look like a complete fool, pretty much every time you post.

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
Just for the record, Orton is not the biggest TV draw in the company today, he's the second biggest full time name in the industry but not the biggest TV draw or the biggest draw overall, that's not my point, he was in 2009 and he can easily be again but currently it's Cena with no competition, Henry is the second biggest.
No, he's not and Henry second biggest ratings draw? WTF?

Originally Posted by imnotastar View Post
no they are not, please punk and bryan marks stop saying this, they are not, and i repeat, they are not the most over guys in the company, unless triple h, brock lesnar, john cena, and randy orton just retired
The only ones on that list more over than Punk are HHH and maybe Cena - only in terms of general crowd reaction (boos and cheers) though, because Punk gets bigger pops now.

Originally Posted by Vyed View Post
But According to Pwinsider, Brock's agreement is that he would only work with the big names as in Cena,HHH,Orton,Rock,Taker etc...

Big show is big not a big name.
Orton, lol.

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
70% of this forum, if not higher, are morons.

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