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Re: The Wire Mafia Gameplay Thread - Day 12

Night 13
"There ain't no special dead. There's just dead." - Dukie

Loser Kid gets Killed
by Danny Tanner

Last week a boy was beaten and embarrassed so bad he was the talk of the town and everyone knew his name. Nobody's laughing anymore since now he is dead. The young boy was shot to death by a thug in an alleyway.

His parents were nowhere to be found and he was seemingly living off the streets. Life in Baltimore once again proves to be a piece of shit.

Spoiler for Cage Taylor Phitz:

Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Dukie, Street aligned. You have a truly tragic story. As a middle schooler living with drug addicted parents you have your life cut out for you. Despite your intelligence and large amounts of potential you eventually fall victim to temptation and become a drug addict at the end of the show.

Since you start out as a shy kid are the Note Passer. Each night PM me a sentence or two and I will anonymously post it in the Night Post.

Win Condition: You win when all threats to Street Aligned players and the Law Enforcement are eliminated.

White Woman in the Wrong Part of Town
by Louie CK

White Policewoman, Beadie Russel, who works in the docks was killed today after being thrown into the freezing water where she died. The suspects are once again gang related. Once again proving that once you go black, you're caught floating dead in a sack.

Spoiler for Chainsaw Charlie:

Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Beadie Russell, Law Enforcement aligned. You started working as a port authority officer because you needed the pay to support your two young children after your husband abandoned them. You found the job unchallenging and spent most of your time patrolling the docks and checking shipping manifests.

Although smart and capable, you are a vanilla townie. Beadie will need to think and analyze to achieve success in catching scum.

Win Condition: You win when all threats to the Law Enforcement and Street Aligned players are eliminated.

Day 14 Starts.
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