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Re: Damien Sandow Discussion

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
You'll hate his theme music even more when you hear his old one, lol.

I agree, though, he shouldn't do a squash match, and he probably won't. I guess that was his whole deal with Bateman, he wants a more dignified debut than that. I'm just saying if he had wrestled, it wouldn't have given you a clear picture of his abilities because squash matches rarely, if ever do. Obviously you can tell if a guy is just fucking awful from a squash match, like Tensai, but if you're great or good or decent, your abilities can't be measured in 2 minutes, especially when the opponents job is to not fight back.
Yeah I get what you're saying. Like you though, I'm not too bothered about what he's like in the ring, because his character is the obvious selling point. And with all the squash matches happening lately (this is assuming he will compete in one) he won't really stand out in the ring. WWE could give a few fancy moves to help him stand out, similar to Cesaro, but if it's in a squash match then he just won't stand out I'm afraid. He needs to break the mold of the typical squash match debut, and much like his unique character, he needs a unique way to establish himself in the WWE.

Originally Posted by Maximum007 View Post
This guys a breath of fresh hair. I really dig him.
I agree completely. He's one only things I'm enjoying in the WWE right now. He's given me a reason to actually watch SmackDown again, and if Christian and Barrett return SmackDown, the show would greatly improve from the pitiful state it's been in for the past few months.
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