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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

First off, big thanks to 619 for your GAB feedback, much appreciated and just wanted to comment on a little something you mentioned.

Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post
A pretty decent Cruiserweight contest, but of course, it’s the ending that catches the most attention. I thought it was a bit out-of-touch, if I should say, that Tazz would immediately jump on and call Hurricane “Gregory Helms”. I may have missed a show or two somewhere, but has that name been mentioned onscreen at any point before this? The line immediately got the point across that that is almost most certainly going to come of this whole thing, but I would have much preferred Hurricane kept his motives to himself and possibly cut a promo on the next show to fully come out and dis his superhero uniform and be called Gregory Helms. That said, I very much liked the role Chavo played here, not because it was a generic, stock role, but in relativity to the superhero character, worked very well. Even though Chavo was the weasel and pretty unsympathetic in the whole thing, he was the catalyst in Hurricane giving into his more prone ‘mortal’ side, if you will. Hope to see where the character development goes with this.
On this whole thing about mentioning Gregory Helms. It has been muted for several weeks now, perhaps even a month that Chavo Guerrero has wanted to bring out the man under the mask, to bring out one of the best Cruiserweights in the world, to bring out Gregory Helms and leave the mask and cape, leave the jokes aside. There will be a lot more to this in the coming shows also with his name quite often being thrown around. Anyways, moving on, this thing is back on track now after a little break so here goes....

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview-25/7/05

Tonight is all set to be a huge night for the superstars of Monday Night Raw as last week saw the shocking return of the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! The Animal returned to save the World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show who was in a whole world of trouble following his match with Mark Jindrak as the demonic Kane assaulted the former World Champion before placing a steel chair around the leg of the giant. In a moment of horror for all the fans in attendance, as well as those watching at home, Shawn Michaels, per order of Eric Bischoff, then scaled to the top rope and looked set to come crashing down on to the steel, crushing Show‘s leg in the process. That was when the champion returned however, several weeks ahead of schedule following a severe rib injury sustained at the hands of the Big Red Machine. Batista though would NOT get his hands on Kane, who managed to escape his advances thanks to the wily Eric Bischoff. Instead Batista sent a stern message to Raw’s General Manager as he delivered a devastating BatistaBomb to Bischoff’s ‘Personal Employee’, Shawn Michaels. We have been promised to hear from the World Champion tonight on all things relevant, including his title match at Summerslam with Kane, his dealings with Eric Bischoff, how his injury is healing as well as just why he targeted Shawn Michaels last week. You won’t want to miss it!

Also confirmed for tonight is a monster and believe me, it is a MONSTER main event. The number one contender to the World title, Kane will take on the man he savagely assaulted last week and almost ended his career, Big Show. These two have a history together and tonight will no doubt further that as the World’s Largest Athlete will look to gain a measure of payback on what went down last week. How will Kane deal with an angry giant? What will Show look to put the Big Red Machine through? Tune in to find out.

Another two matches are confirmed for tonight’s show, the first of which has huge implications concerning the Intercontiental Championship. Shelton Benjamin has been robbed time and again of the gold by Muhammad Hassan and his Arabian Entity, with Benjamin pleading for one more, fair opportunity. Charlie Haas meanwhile, Benjamin’s tag team partner has been focusing on the World Tag Team titles, telling Shelton that they should simply focus on being a team again. Benjamin has refused however, stating that they can become a team again when he wins back his Intercontiental title, something that hasn’t sat all that well with Haas. Tonight though, despite knowing his partner wants him to move away from singles action, Benjamin has placed all his trust in Charlie Haas to earn him one more shot, one more opportunity at his beloved Intercontinental title in what is all part of a devious plan by the champion Muhammad Hassan.

Hassan, knowing full well of Haas’ reluctance to see Shelton chasing him, laid down the challenge for tonight. Hassan will take on Charlie Haas with the stipulation being, if Haas wins, Benjamin gets his title shot. But if Hassan wins, Benjamin will never receive another title shot whilst Hassan holds the gold. Who will come out on top in this delicate situation? Will Charlie Haas really give it his all to see his partner succeed? It promises to be explosive.

The third and final confirmed match for here tonight on Raw is the second part in a three week series of Tag Team title defences. Last week saw the Dudley Boyz defeat the Basham Brothers in a griping contest. Tonight the Dudleyz defend their gold again, this time against the young up and comers, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, the Platform to Perfection. Will the undefeated youngsters shock the world and become champions or will the Dudleyz experience shine through? It’s the present versus the future, tonight!

Also, tonight we have been promised a ’Special’ video from Captain Charisma, Christian regarding his Summerslam opponent, Ric Flair. What has the weaselly leader of ‘Peeps’ got up his sleeve? Plus, Chris Jericho will NOT be on Raw this week due to the devastating ambush by his rival Edge last week, how will the Rated R Superstar react to taking out his long term rival? Find out all this and more, LIVE on Monday Night Raw.

Confirmed for Raw:

Kane vs. Big Show

World Tag Team Titles:
Dudley Boyz© vs. The Platform to Perfection; Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth

Charlie Haas vs. Muhammad Hassan
(If Haas wins, Shelton Benjamin gets an Intercontiental title shot; If Hassan wins, Benjamin will not receive another opportunity so long as he’s the champion)


We will hear from the World Champion, Batista!


A ‘Special’ video from Christian!
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