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Re: Damien Sandow Discussion

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
A squash match isn't going to tell you anything, anyway. Just watch some FCW on Youtube if you're interested in his ring work. I haven't really given his ring work much of a look, because I don't care, but yeah, I'm sold already, his character's great and he's doing some good stuff on the mic. He's gotta go back to the New World Symphony, though. Much as I have an appreciation for the meaning of the song, being a Christian, Hallelujah just is not meant for wrestling music. At all. And maybe that was the whole idea, to make him that different, but I just don't like that. NWS is perfectly fitting for this character and has a lot of impact and gives you a better impression of him.

That's got to be fixed, and if they can change the Corre's theme in 70 different variations and change Tensai's after like 3 weeks, they can certainly do this for the good of his character.
In my opinion he shouldn't compete in squash matches. Too many guys right now do them (Clay, RyBack, Cesaro) that's it's overdone. If WWE truly valued Sandow, they would put him immediately in some feud with a recognizable star and defeat that star easily - to really establish himself in the WWE. Similar to how Del Rio debuted and feuded with, and defeated, Rey Mysterio. Of course WWE don't value Sandow nearly as high as Del Rio, but he should feud with someone like Ryder (which is what some people were speculating when he was referring to Ryder in one of his promos).

At 0:40 in this video it sounds like he was referring to Ryder:

And yeah I will probably check out out his FCW stuff now. Normally I never watch anything FCW related, because I don't want to spoil the surprise of a new debut for me. But seeing as he's already debuted now, it's alright I guess. I agree with you about his theme music, that's got to go, and it's perhaps the only criticism I have on him.

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