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Re: Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

Originally Posted by redeadening View Post
What patterns? Judging by this thread's attitude, you could stare at a brick wall long enough and you'd find a way to tie it to the illuminati nwo run by tupac shakur

You're imagining shit when nothing is there. Feasibly you could connect anything to anything if you think and look for it enough.

I could literally type ANYTHING in the following space and someone might be stupid enough to believe it. There is a HUGE difference between questioning things and being a fucking retard

The sheer fact that this joke he typed doesn't sound THAT ridiculous in respect to the rest of the thread is a testament to how stupid many conspiracy theories are

Ok, now Michael Jackson is still alive, even though it defies common sense, occams razor, and its really fricking difficult to figure out with ALL those variables. Yeah, a musician with barely an education and too stupid to manage his own money orchestrated one of the most elaborate complex schemes in history. Sure, now what? Is Tupac still alive? Elvis? Maybe Michael Jackson is part of the nwo, maybe he orchestrated his funeral to distract people from a certain notable event at the time. Maybe Michael Jackson died and implanted a secret message in the news coverage of his death and his newer selling music to release a hidden subliminal message that would lie dormant until 2012 when niburu comes close to earth, activating a psionic trigger in our mind to allow to be easier to control to survive the incident

Also, does someone in this thread actually think globalisation is a threat to the world? Yes, there are a bunch of guys who rule the world, you think you elected them and they actually work for a bunch of obscenely rich guys. Dont like it? Dont vote for them and work for a better future for you and your family.

Now killing JFK, that is kinda suspicious though. Too many loose ends
Well you are tying this up to NWO not me. I'm tying things to history first and foremost before I tie anything else to anything. I didn't mention NWO in my post once and yet you did that plenty of times.

It's an endless cycle here.

What will happen is I will make a statement and you will try to discredit me to everything I say and I will make another statement and same will happen.

This will go for eternity. So let's make it easy.

Let's just part ways and leave it at that.

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