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Re: Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

Originally Posted by Hiplop View Post
and stupid people will always think everything is out to get them, without a single rational argument.
Blue Cats>Hiplop

But to be serious what exactly are you talking about here? Elaborate on your post. At times I believe you guys take everything I say here as a personal attack on you(this applies anything section only) or your intelligence.

Do I question authority? Hell yes I do and no "funny jokes" in the world will change my mind or make me feel stupid about that. Also I been saying all along....

Use your own minds. Read history books, learn the patterns of it. It's all so, so simple. Don't try to get to me here. Also I can give proof to everything I say. But matter of fact there is no reason if everything I say will be taken as a personal insult and fall to deaf ears.

And if it does I can't see why it would be my problem. Since people who don't question authority find themselves living in dictatorships very fast.

Also this is not an insult on US(to what I speak) nor it's many fine sharp citizens. What I'm talking about has happened to many countries and societies. Matter of fact it happens all the time.

In the end of the day if anyone out here still has any problem whatsoever please pm me and we'll talk this out. I'm a good guy after all. Who only what's best for our societies. I'm your friend and not your enemy.

This goes to everyone out there who has problems with me in anything section.

Realize it at one point please.

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