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re: The Wire Mafia Gameplay Thread - Day 12

Night 8
“I wonder what it feels like to work in a real fucking police department." - Jimmy McNulty

Wife hires Drug Dealers to kill husband
by Navin R. Johnson

Veteran in the police force, Ed Norris was shot and killed leaving the office last night. Initially thought to be a coldblooded killing took a turn when Norris making a comment to other officers saying his wife has been "psycho bitch" lately and he wouldn't be surprised if she cut his dick off in his sleep turned police to question Mrs. Norris who instantly burst into tears and admitted her crimes.

She claims she hired a member of a local drug gang to do the killing and were more than willing to accept when they heard he was a member of Law Enforcement.

Spoiler for Magic:

Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Ed Norris, Law Enforcement aligned. You are a homicide detective who has been in the unit for 15 years. Although you are not held in high regard in the series does not mean you are completely worthless.

You are the Vengeful townie. When and if you are killed, you may select one person to take with you immediately after your death. Of course, whether or not you act on this is up to you.

Win Condition: You win when all threats to the Law Enforcement and Street Aligned players are eliminated.

Drunk off duty cop wanders into wrong part of town, in a town full of wrong
by Archie Bunker

Reckless officer, Jimmy McNulty, has been killed in the East Baltimore Towers this morning. Mr. McNulty was involved in a detail to help catch members involved with the sale of narcotics. Reports claim that he was off duty and drunk asking too many questions and at one point waved his gun around which prompted a high ranking drug enforcer to take down the cop according to an eye witnesses whom chose to remain anonymous.

He was considered great police with a record of unhappiness with the politics and order put into place in the police department according to co-workers. He leaves behinds a separated wife and two sons. Funeral arrangements are made by Fisher and sons Funeral home. Contact David or Nate.

Spoiler for MrMister:

Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Jimmy McNulty, Law Enforcement aligned. While you have proven yourself to be a talented and determined detective, you are disliked by many of your superiors because of your arrogance, disdain for authority, and disrespect for the chain of command. When off the job, you have frequent problems involving alimony, alcoholism, child support, and relationships.

You are currently working in the homicide unit for Baltimore city police department. You are a natural murder police and love the job. This makes you the Forensic Investigator. This allows you to select an already dead player, then I will send you all the names of people who have targeted that player since the start of the game. However, due your inability to hold your liquor you are only able to use this role 3 times, and you may not able to do this two night phases in a row.

Win Condition: You win when all threats to the Law Enforcement and Street Aligned players are eliminated.

Day 9 Begins.

Spoiler for Stupid Worthless Note:
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