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Re: Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

Originally Posted by Greek_Kane_Fan View Post
Michael Jackson Hoaxing his own death -

Now before you disagree with me hear me out.
I don't 100% believe in this, but that's why it's a conspiracy theory!
Yes I am a big fan and this isn't about not letting go, this is about following the strange happenings at events after his death.

I bet you guys are wondering, why would he fake his death?

Well it's simple, we all knew prior to his "death" that MJ was in a pretty bad financial situation (about $400,000 in debt) and he had no money to pay it off. So he faked his death to up his merchandise sales since they were at a all time low.

How did he do this?

Around the time of the London concerts, a MJ body-double died because of some illness and a lot of people believe that MJ paid the family if they allowed the dying body double to stay at MJ Mansion so that when he was about to die, the ambulance pick him up from MJ mansion thus people believing that it was MJ that was in the ambulance.

Coincidence or delibrate?

If you backmask his song "this is it" he actually explains that he hoaxed his death. check it out and it you don't believe the vids on youtube download the song and backmask it yourself.

Will he return?

At this stage I not sure because:

1. how would the public react?.... I think a lot of people could be angry with him
2. I also think he is doing a lot of behind the scenes work, Director etc....

Though I do remember him saying to his back up dancers at the end of the rehearsals, "we have 4 years to get this right" 4 YEARS? concert? or a death hoax?

If this is true then how awesome would a thriller 2.0 be!!!!!

Again this is just a theory!
What do you guys think?

Thanks for that post makes some sense he owing some much money. I just wonder how some of this guys get in debt so much its just crazy. I learned something new another way to tell people that just because your a celebrity it doesn't mean ur all that rich.
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