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Re: WWE '12

So I just rented WWE 12 from Gamefly and so far I'm enjoying it but I realize that THQ is an even bigger cash whore than I initially realized. You can't access the community creation without Xbox live gold (it use to be silver dammit) and the free trial does not include community creation. THQ is one selfish company because all the past SVR games you did not need Xbox Live gold and a new copy of the game to access community creation. If you don't have the access code it cost 800 MS points which is $10, are you serious THQ? Also all the DLC pack should be free so if you want both it cost more than $20, which is unbelievable. Even if your willing to pay for the DLC packs, the content suck. Why couldn't THQ give us like a WCW pack which include Sting, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ultimate warrior, and a alumni WWF/WWE pack which include Bobby Lashley, X-PAC, RVD, Lord Tensai, Ultimo dragon.

I have two questions for you guys.

1. Does community creation work cause I'm willing to pay for Xbox Live and a new copy of WWE 12 (Online Axxess Code) if I can get download CAW the like of Angle, Y2J, Benoit, Jeff Hardy, Hogan, Goldberg, Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Lashley, AJ Style, Somoa Joe, RVD, D'Lo Brown, Ken Shamrock,etc....

2. If I buy stuff in WWE shop such as the attribute customizer and all unlockable, would that be save in my Xbox 360 and not the game, cause if I buy a new WWE 12 game would I still have access to all the stuff I bought from the WWE shop in this current WWE 12 rental game?
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