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Re: Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

Just thought I'd add something, without going into too much detail. The thing about cults such as the Illuminati and the like, is that they have been around since the dawn of time. These sorts of groups, including that one in particular is that they began pretty much around the time man become smart enough to read and write - and the first Cuneiform of writing began. (the earliest form we are familiar with and have found are the Summerian tablets that date back to 3300 B.C but we aren't sure if they were the first or not, we just know that we haven't found any dating further back).

Getting back on track ( ), there have been so many branches and different forms of the Illuminati that it just lost all of it's specialty and with so many forms of it, it's pretty hard to take it seriously. With half of them besides the original few being absolute shit for publicity. Most of what you read online about the groups' origin or where they came from, or what is happening with them right now isn't true at all, don't believe everything you read unless it's a realiable source. I am not dismissing the Illuminati in general as a whole, I'm just trying to get across that most of it's happenings and stories from the past say century can't hold up water.

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