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Re: Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion/Reviews

Volador Jr. vs. Prince Devitt- NWA Middleweight Championship
CMLL on Televisa 2012

-Some good early sequences to start the match. Both hits their big moves and scored their respective fall pretty early but it kept the crowd on their toes so it worked; I liked the summersault plancha followed with the double stop/Bloody Sunday combination which was a nice sequence for his fall. Some more nice exchanges follow and Devitt’s all like WTF to the crowd lol. Back in the ring where Volador hits a sick catch powerbomb on an in-flight Devitt. Nice counter from Devitt rolling into a modified camel clutch, but Volador not to be shown up rolls Devitt into a beautiful cross-legged heel hook. Some great near falls and lots of drama down the ending stretch and the finish was fantastic; I was all like SWERVE lol. Overall, really good match and despite Devitt being built up to this match as technico, the crowd was abundantly behind Volador Jr. here.

Mascara Dorada vs. Averno- CMLL World Welterweight Championship
CMLL Guadalajara 2012

-Very solid match between these guys. Love Averno, he’s so damn charismatic and such a great dickish rudo and Mascara Dorada’s exciting offense compliments his rudo antics well. First fall sees Averno flattens Dorada with a Double Arm Facebuster, and then they start to pick up the face. Out of nowhere Dorada hit a gorgeous over the top rope hurricanrana and the rollup pin for the second fall. Nice headscissor/twister press sequence by Dorada, but Averno comes back with countering Dorada’s springboard sunset into the STF. Dorada sold the shit out of that boot the chest lol followed soon after by Averno hitting a sick double arm facebuster from the top and the crowd popped big for the kickout by Dorada. Great finish with a beautiful springboard transitioned into a roll up. Pretty much par the course for these two guys, which means a very solid and easy to sit through championship match.

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