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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Hobo with a Shotgun

A hobo (Rutger Hauer) arrives in a lawless town called Hope Town (graffiti sprayed over the word "hope" on the town sign makes it read "Scum Town") via freight train. Scum Town is ruled with an iron fist by The Drake (Brian Downey) and his sadistic, homicidally murderous sons Ivan (Nick Bateman) and Slick (Gregory Smith). Just as he arrives, the Hobo witnesses the execution of The Drake's brother Logan (Robb Wells), who is decapitated at the hands of Ivan and Slick for trying to do some unexplained thing.

The Hobo later visits a pawn shop, where he sees a lawnmower costing $49.99. In order to buy it and start a lawnmowing business, the Hobo starts begging for change on a sidewalk, where he sees Ivan and Slick entering a building. He follows them into an arcade and witnesses them harassing a boy named Otis (Drew O'Hara), who owes them money. A prostitute named Abby (Molly Dunsworth) attempts to stop them. Slick decides to kill her, but the Hobo knocks him unconscious and takes him to the police station in order to turn him in. However, the police chief reveals his corruption and allows Slick to escape. He and Ivan beat the Hobo up and carve the word "scum" into his chest before throwing him into a garbage bin. He runs across Abby who takes him to her apartment, where she tends to his wounds. The next day, the Hobo goes to a local cameraman who pays homeless people to inflict harm upon themselves. Upon completing a series of degrading acts, including chewing glass, he earns enough money to purchase the lawnmower. As he is about to buy the lawnmower, a trio of robbers enter the pawnshop, taking a woman and her baby hostage. The Hobo grabs a shotgun from the shelf to kill the three robbers. Realizing that Hope Town needs justice, he chooses the shotgun – which also costs $49.99 – over the lawnmower, and goes on a rampage, killing dozens of criminals, including the bumfight filmmaker, pimp, coke lord and a pedophile dressed as Santa Claus.

The Drake, infuriated by the positive effect that the Hobo's actions are having on the townspeople, instructs Ivan and Slick to get rid of him. After using a flamethrower on a school bus filled with children in order to remind the citizens of Hope Town that they are to be feared, they burst into a television station during a live news broadcast, kill the anchor (played by George Strombolopolous in a cameo role) and demand that all homeless people be killed, leading to the formation of mobs which start attacking vagrants. One of the mobs hears the Hobo using the shotgun to save Abby from a perverted cop (David Brunt) intending to rape her. The mob starts running towards them, but they are able to make a clever getaway. However, Otis sees them and calls Slick to inform him of the Hobo's location.

As the Hobo and Abby are preparing to leave Hope Town to start a lawnmowing business somewhere else, they are attacked by Ivan and Slick, who seriously wounds Abby before the Hobo is able to force Ivan to flee by threatening to shoot his brother. Once Ivan is gone, the Hobo severs Slick's penis and leave him to die, a torched school bus approach and kill Slick. The Drake hears of this and calls Rip and Grinder (Nick Bateman and Peter Simas), a duo of armour-clad demons known as 'The Plague' (watchful eyes will notice in an arcade earlier in the film, Otis is playing a Double Dragon-style video game about The Plague), to take the Hobo down. The Hobo takes Abby to a hospital, where he is ambushed by The Plague, captured, and taken to The Drake, who intends to execute him in front of the townspeople in order to set an example. Meanwhile, Abby, having recovered, takes the Hobo's shotgun and the lawnmower for use as weapons. She then rallies together a crowd of angry people and leads them to hunt down The Drake.

Abby finds and confronts Drake, Ivan and the Plague. She threatens to kill Ivan with the lawnmower, but the Drake shoots him first, deeming him expendable. In the ensuing fight, Abby releases the Hobo and returns his shotgun to him. She also kills Grinder before The Drake cuts her hand off with the lawnmower. She, however, manages to incapacitate The Drake by stabbing him with her exposed arm bone. Rip then tells Abby that she must join The Plague to replace Grinder, but the Hobo refuses to allow her to do it, and The Plague departs. The Hobo prepares to finish off The Drake, who was trying to crawl away to safety, when the corrupt police arrive. The townspeople decide to take a stand between the Hobo and the police, but the Hobo refuses to have them sacrifice themselves for him and shoots The Drake in the head. The police open fire, killing the Hobo, and are killed by the townspeople in retaliation.

6.5/10. One of the better splatter/exploitation movies I've seen. Rutger Hauer is terrific in this. I love the camera movement and the suspense building scenes. I know this is one of my shorter reviews, but there's really not a huge plotline. Main character is a hobo, with a shotgun and he goes around taking out the bad guys.

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