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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
Terrible number for the 10pm, not a terrible number for the Orton/Swagger match, that's what you don't understand and trying to be sarcastic to prove something you can't. Orton/Swagger also had a little part in the next quarter, it was a short match between two segments. The 10pm slot did terrible like I said, but expected because there was nothing on it besides filler. Keep trying to find something you can't and put more smiles, it's also entertaining.

ER last year did a pretty good number by 2011 standards. Cena/Miz/Morrison and Christian/Del Rio.
I'm trying to prove something I can't? I've already proved your biased b/c if ANY wrestler you didn't like would have been involved in that 10PM slot or the one after you'd be totally crushing it, and there is plenty of prior weeks of proof of that in this thread, but you just pretty much skipped over it being terrible in your OP. Your completely right about the reasons why the 10 PM slot lost viewers but I had to prompt that response from you.

Also, I don't understand why the Q6 # isn't bad? The quarter lost 245K, that isn't good, but b/c Orton (and b4 you start throwing around I just hate Orton, I am actually a fan of Orton and really don't care what his #s are) was a part of it you can "spin" it so it sounds like its not a bad #. Plus, whats their to understand about these ratings # that isn't just right there in the #s, gains are good/losses are bad pretty, cut and dry. The only thing I've "learned" in addition to that is anyone can put a spin on any # to make it seem good or bad in their mind if they want.

But don't bother responding b/c I am sure I am wrong or don't understand something and you will put more "spin" on things and claim them to be "facts". I wonder what its like to be the only person that understands and knows how to interpret these breakdowns on WF.

And look no smilies

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