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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Fully expected this to kick off the show and it was typical face like behaviour from HBK, looking for the sympathy vote and bringing up his long struggle to get to this point. Jericho’s interruption was pretty soon, expected Michaels to go a bit longer here but I’m glad Jericho put a stop to it. Thought Jericho was brilliant here, the way he tried to use the footage was always on the cards but a nice little plan from Michaels there. Really like this stiuplation for tonight and the way you went about it, it’s very different and fresh, clever too from the ‘Worthy’ man. Not sure right now who Michaels will set his sights on but we’ll see.

Really solid opening contest here from Punk and Albright. You made Burchill look strong last week with his performance in the Lucky 13 and this week it’s Albright’s turn, he really took it to Punk and the shoulder/arm work was nice from the Mercenary. Punk as expected gets the win though but he’s certainly being tested in this bounty challenge right now. Albright shaking hands was…interesting.

This whole Hassan deal right now has certainly got my attention. Interesting exchange again here and I’m starting to think this will end in a bankruptcy angle, maybe I’m a million miles off but I got that feel here.

American Made/Samoan Fight Club alliance of sorts is great. Nameth and Hagar using any and any route to capture the gold is a good way to go.

Loved this between Michaels and Miz. Miz is such an asshole it’s unreal but in a comical way. Michaels was portrayed really well here too, a more lighthearted side to what we’ve seen lately from him which I guess makes sense after getting another shot at the title.

I’m not gonna comment on the match particularly here, though it was very good as ever, told a story well but I’ll comment more on the situation than anything. I loved the use of Samoan Fight Club from the get go, the attack was just vicious and following that I really expected and hoped that American Made would get the gold. So obviously I was thrilled when they got the win, the foot on the bottom rope thing would’ve just added to the misery for Benjamin and Haas in my opinion as they’d been royally screwed over.

But then what followed disappointed me. This in my opinion hurts American Made here as well as hurting Samoan Fight Club. The attack from SFC should’ve left the champs as easy pickings, it took Nameth and Hagar fourteen minutes to put them away first time round. Yeah I know they dominated the match but still it shouldn’t have taken that long, thus making us feel that the damage from SFC wasn’t that strong and/or American Made simply couldn’t get the job done against two beaten down men. I would’ve allowed it to slide a little bit though considering they won, but then you turned the tables and that really added to it. Yes it was a surprise deal, Benjamin and Haas coming from nowhere, catching them off guard but still, I don’t think they should’ve walked out of this thing with the titles. They look damn near unstoppable now which isn’t a bad thing but the other two teams look weak or weaker anyway at least. I can see people loving this but not for me, can see the appeal though.

Aftermath was certainly more pleasing though. Sons of Dungeon getting involved is the right call after what’s gone on with them and SFC lately as well as their early rivalry with American Made. The match announcement from Heyman was great and that one will steal the show when it comes round, hoping for that title change to come there!

The search continues! Doane saying no didn’t surprise me as going up against one of the men he’s trying to impress wouldn’t be the smartest move in the world. Punk offering his services was a nice touch, classic face Punk behaviour here.

Good recap of the Van Dam situation and I like how you played up Finlay’s role in all of this, good stuff.

Doane needed this after what went down last week. Good to see him get the victory and give a strong showing to boot, hope he continues this momentum now in the coming weeks, he needs it. Ah, the attack afterwards would’ve been better in my opinion if Doane came out unscathed. I think maybe if Ki had gone for him but Doane hightailed it, a couple of matches between these two would be nice.

Pretty strong words from Joe and HBK here. I’m glad you didn’t have Joe give in and accept. The little rivalry between these two is great as it’s so unusual between two of the top faces. Michaels end line about Jericho not stopping after him was nicely timed with Joe maybe realising that is infact true.

Wow, Danielson! Massive moment here for him in his AOW career and makes perfect sense considering his links to the Showstopper. Danielson/Lashley may see a huge size difference but it could no doubt be a heck of a match and you portrayed that here. Danielson came out of this looking very strong in my opinion as he went toe to toe with the monster every step of the way. Lashley was always gonna get the win and he needed to as his feud with Joe builds. Thoroughly enjoyable main event and all the big angles furthered well here.

All in all it was another enjoyable show. Obviously I got a bit carried away with the Tag title situation but again, I can see why you did it, just personal preference probably. Main event was a real surprise but really enjoyable and HBK/Jericho as well as Joe/Lashley advanced well from this. Keep the good work up my man!
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