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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWF In your House: Unforgiven 1998

I think I found this DVD used at a GameStop like 5 years ago for like $5. I see now that the very same DVD is selling for $65 used on Amazon. At the very least I figured I should watch it before I consider selling it. I've seen the main events and everything but never the undercard.

The Nation of Domination (D-Lo Brown, Mark Henry, and The Rock) vs. Farooq, Ken Shamrock, and Steve Blackman

At this point The Rock had just taken the role of leader of the Nation and Farooq obviously wasn't very happy about that. The crowd was eager to see Shamrock and Farooq beat the shit out of the Nation, specifically the Rock, so of course we saw the Nation have an extended control segment against Blackman. You could tell the place was ready to come unglued though as Farooq got in a awesome moment early on where he took out a belt and whipped D-Lo. Watching this I don't see how you couldn't know that the Rock was going to be something huge. The guy was getting the loudest pops of the match when he would tag into the ring, punch Farooq a few times, and tag out. I was actually surprised how much time was spent by the Nation controlling the match. There was enough stuff that went down during the control segment that kept things interesting. I found the early verison of the People's Elbow to be very amusing. This all built up the hot tag really well as there was a huge pop when Farooq got into the ring and got his hands on the Rock.

While the build up was good I thought the finish was a little rushed. Everyone got involved after the tag and there was a huge a brawl that ended with Farooq and the Rock in the ring. There wasn't much to their time in the ring though. The Rock hit a quick DDT put Farooq got the crowd behind him and quickly hit a dominator for the win. Good build with a conclusion that was a let down.

European Championship Match:
Triple H(c) vs. Owen Hart

Do to her constant interference in previous matches Chyna was locked in a cage for the entire match. Owen starts things off quickly by attacking Triple H and kicking some serious ass at the start of the match. It didn't last for too long as Triple H was able to turn the tides and take control of the match. I have to say that Triple H's control segment was so well done. The moves he was hitting on Owen were executed perfect and Owen sold them all so well. The entire time the match was going on Chyna was trying to escape from the cage she was locked in and as soon as Owen was able to start his comeback Chyna managed to bend the bars and make it out of the cage. Only problem was that the cage was still really high up on the air and she was dangling above the floor for a long time. The cage eventually was lowered (Road Dogg was shown at the controls briefly) and once she was free the ref was distracted and it allowed X-Pac to interfere and hit Owen with a fire extinguisher.

The match was pretty solid but I felt that Chyna was a little too distracting in the cage and really split the crowd's attention between the match and Chyna in the cage. Match was still pretty decent but I would have liked some back and forth action and we didn't get any of that. Same problem as the first match with a good build but lackluster conclusion.

NWA Tag Team Championship Match:

The New Midnight Express(c) w/Jim Cornette vs. The Rock and Roll Express

Kind of amusing to see how fucking terrible Bart Gunn and Hardcore Holly worked as a team. They were arguing with each other constantly and it was rather amusing to see how poorly things went for them. Cornette challenging Tim White to a fight was pretty hilarious and probably my favorite part of the match. This was like a Southern style tag match with a lot less time and a crowd that wasn't particularly into the match despite this taking place in North Carolina. Pretty funny at times at least and I can't say it wasn't entertaining.

Evening Gown Match:

Luna w/Goldust vs. Sable

They ripped each other's clothes off. That's all there was too it.
No Rating

WWF Tag Team Championship Match:
New Age Outlaws(c) vs. LOD 2000 w/Sunny

Started off kind of slowly but I got interested when LOD set up the Doomsday Device but Road Dogg shop blocked Animal and broke the move up. From there we saw a lot of leg work from the Outlaws as the isolated Animal. Animal sold the leg well while he was in the ring but once he made the hot tag his selling got significantly worse. The hot tag to Hawk got a nice pop but Hawk really lacked the explosiveness that you need for a hot tag to really be exciting. Just like the other matches on the card I also felt they rushed to the finish. Not to mention the ending was total BS. Hawk hits a German suplex on Road Dogg , whose shoulders were clearly down the entire time, but the ref counted to 3 and said Hawk's shoulders were on the mat and said the Outlaws won. One of Hawk's shoulders were clearly down but the other was clearly up making the call that the ref made look extremely stupid. Before that though the match was solid enough though. A good finish would have erased the sour taste this match leaves you with.

Inferno Match:
Undertaker vs. Kane

Quite the spectacal with all the flames and it's important to remember that this was the first Inferno match. I was surprised at how much time they spent fighting in the ring with the flames that were surrounding them. They put in a decent match in the ring as well. It's cool looking back and seeing what a total monster Kane was booked as when he first came on the scene. Watching Kane take a chokeslam and sit right back up was and seeing the Undertaker's face that just said, "You got to be kidding me" was a pretty cool moment. Match was very hard fought and they used the gimmick to the best of their ability.

WWF Championship Match:

Stone Cold Steve Austin(c) vs. Dude Love

Mick Foley shows again why he's totally insane. The bumps that he took in this match were insane. He took a hip toss off a stage onto the concrete floor, a suplex onto the steps that were still set up in the corner (looks so much more brutal than I can describe), and a few other insane bumps that he took. The match was a really fun brawl and I enjoyed it more than the average Attitude Era brawl mostly because of Foley just taking some brutal bumps.

I still didn't feel like this was anything too incredible though. Foley takes a great ass kicking and ends up getting some offense in when McMahon makes his presence known. They had an interesting thing going on where it looked like McMahon was going to have the time keeper screw over Austin but the timekeeper was afraid that Austin would kill him if he did it. Ending was also funny because Austin basically just beat the shit out of everyone, counted the 3 count himself, and left with the title. Austin was DQed but it really didn't matter as the fans got to see Austin beat the shit out of everyone. It was really fun and had some great spots with a solid story. I don't think it's a classic or anything but still a pretty great match and easily the best match of the night.

This really wasn't that good of a show. The last match was pretty great but the rest of the card was really lacking.
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