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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
He feels a lot more important than most people, but he's really on that "next tier" level to the Cenas and even the Rocks and Brocks (who seldom wrestle). The match quality is good-to-great, but it hasn't made the WWE Championship feel as important as Cena v Rock, Brock, shit, even Cena v Tensai main evented Raw over whatever Punk was doing that night (one of the Henry matches, was it?). I didn't watch Elimination Chamber, but if my sources are right, Cena v Kane main evented.......................just....what the fuck?

Johnny Ace was a "v Punk" thing for a while and then they dropped it and made it a "v Cena" thing instead. Right when Johnny became the 'Big' authority figure who rules over Raw and SmackDown, it became a Cena thing. I can't remember a Punk/Ace altercaton after Ace told Punk he'd lose the Title by DQ. That was Mania.

He feels like A Top Guy, but not The Top Guy. The promo he cut last June rambling about how "Cena isn't the best".......Punk has the Title now, but he still feels Second Banana. It's not that NOTHING has changed, but, really, he isn't The Guy and the WWE aren't trying to make him The Guy.
Well if by second rate to the big stars you mean not on the same level as guys like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and Undertaker who don't wrestle full-time schedules but have cemented their positions by having hall of fame careers then yeah I guess Punk isn't a top guy. I don't expect him to be at that level though. He's the biggest star on the permanent roster bar Cena, definitely bigger (or at least hotter) than Orton right now. That's enough for me.

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