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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'm hoping the Punk/Bryan match means the Punk/Jericho feud is over. Because bar the Mania match and small parts of the Street Fight it was a dogshit feud. 'Best in the World' v 'Best in the World' somehow became "U IZ ON PATH TO ALCOHOLISM" "NO I DRINKZ NUTTIN I LIKE FISH N CHIPS." WWE booking has blown so any feuds up this year and it's only May. They have two great things to work with:

1) Star power
2) Ring Work

You'd think with everything going on they could write even a 'decent' story and produce really good feuds. I wonder how much creative control is given to wrestlers. IIRC the Jericho/Michaels stuff of 2008 was largely put together by Chris and Shawn themselves. Jericho's been.....REALLY disappointing since returning, but he and Punk could have probably put something together that's better than that alcohol bullshit.

Lesnar should have beat Cena. Cena should have been stretchered out with Lesnar licking Cena's blood off of his gloves. It was a great match and the crowd actually started backing Cena, but then out comes the 'Cena' stuff they don't like and he pulls a win out of nowhere. It wasn't done HORRIBLY and props to them for not making it stupid (Raw the next night is a *biiit* of a different story. A bit.), but God they could have had a great match with a great finish. If Cena's going to have a match with Ace then a good kick-start to it would have been 'Cena you lost to Rock, you lost to Tensai, you lost to Lesnar, you've clearly lost your touch: you're losing to BIG JOHNEH!!!!!!' I'd LOVE for him to lose that and only start winning again once he faces Rock a second time to redeem him Mania loss and get himself back on track.

Of course part of me is really pissed Mark Henry hasn't een used as much considering he's still fucking great, but Goddamn, these feuds should write themselves.

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