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Re: The Wire Mafia Gameplay - Thread Night Two

Night Two
"I'm just a humble motherfucker with a big-ass dick." - Bunk Moreland

...then he took a bullet to the knee.
by Bill Lumbergh

Local Homocide detective, Bunk Moreland, was shot and killed late last night. He was out on the mean streets of East Baltimore questioning some of the youth about a local murder. Without a chance to react he was shot down and left for dead by an unknown suspect. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

"Just think; next time I shoot someone, I could be arrested." says former detective Frank Drebin, for some reason.

Spoiler for chr1st0:

Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Bunk Moreland, Law Enforcement aligned. You are a Baltimore City Detective. You are a thoroughly competent and generally moral detective. Despite some demons with infidelity and alcohol you have a cool attitude and everyone likes you.

You has been shown to be a great at interrogating a suspect. This makes him the Interrogator. On any two nights you may pm me the name of someone and they will tell you vital information about their role. (remember: you can only do this twice)

Win Condition: You win when all threats to the Law Enforcement and Street Aligned players are eliminated.

Nailed Shut.
by Buster Hymen

Baltimore's own dan_marino has gone missing. His whereabouts is unknown but police have suspected foul play. After a brief search all hope was lost. When press questioned the police on potentially opening up an investigation on what could be a huge case, one of the Majors was quoted as saying "fuck that shit."

Spoiler for dan marino:

East side Drug Enforcer found Dead on Corner
by Leeroy!

This is my first time ever reporting for the B-more SUN! Okay so a guy named "Chris Partlow" or something was found dead today by the police. I was sent to go find out more and I spoke to this black girl who saw the whole thing!

She had this to say, "Yeah, I saw how Chris got dropped. He was shot by some dude, I couldn't tell who it was cause it was mad dark out but then the guy dropped the gun and ran like a Jamaican Olympian. Shit was crazy, can I get my $20 now?"

He was reportedly a member of the Stanfield Drug Organization which the police have been monitoring for quite some time now.

Spoiler for Roy won:

Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Chris Partlow, Stanfield Crew Aligned. You are second-in-command in the drug dealing operation of the Stanfield organization. Despite your quiet demeanor, you commits more murders than any other character.

Since you are so ruthless you don't care about who you kill and who sees it, you are a 1-shot Day Vig. On any one day can may post in the thread "Kill PlayerX" and they will be killed during that same day phase.

You are also a 1-shot Hitman. On one night you can send me a name and they will die regardless of if you were roleblocked, or if your target was protected.

Your Mafia are as follows:

discuss with your team here:

Win Condition: You win when all threats to the Stanfield crew are eliminated

A note was left on the ground: "Cage-Taylor Phitz is not the note passer!"

Day Three Begins.
36 alive; 19 to a majority
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