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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29


Michael Cole: Welcome to WWE.com and welcome to Extreme Rules preshow. We are kicking things off with a match to crown the very first Internet Champion. Now this match will feature six superstars. Three from each show. The rules are simple. They will wrestle for fifteen minutes. Whoever gets the last pinfall before the time expire will be the new Internet Champion.

Internet Championship
15 Minute Hardcore Match
Brock Lesnar vs Bully Ray vs Curt Hawkins vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Mike Bennett vs Cody Rhodes

Highlights- As soon as the bell rings, every man goes after everyone. Mike Bennett gets out of the ring and grabs a chair while everyone was still going at it in the ring. Bennett gets in the ring and hit mostly everyone with the chair. He goes to hit Bully Ray but Ray ducks and kicks Bennett between the legs. With 11 minutes to go, Cody Rhodes does The Cross Rhodes to Hawkins outside the ring and covers for the three. With 9 minutes to go, Mike Bennett plants The Box Office Smash onto Tatsu for the three. With 6 minutes to go, Brock Lesnar does a hard F5 to Cody Rhodes ontop of a chair and covers for three. With three minutes to go, Bully Ray gets the three when he punch Brock Lesnar in the face with a chain and covers him. With 45 seconds to go, Mike Bennett does The Box Office Smash to Yoshi Tatsu and score the three. With time ticking down, everyone goes for a pinfall but Bennett breaks up most by himself. The clock reaches zero and the bell rings.

Michael Cole: Mike Bennett is the new Internet Champion.

Mike rushes up the ramp where Maria is waiting for him. They kiss each other as Mike holds up the brand new Internet Championship for everyone to see.

Extreme Rules 2012 Live From Chicago

We get a video previewing tonight’s matches.

Extreme Rules comes on the air when fireworks as the Chi-Town fans are going nuts.

Michael Cole: Welcome to WWE Extreme Rules and we are live in Chicago tonight with what will be a huge Pay Per View.
King: This is going to be great.
Michael Cole: Tonight, we will crown new champions for both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. But first, we are kicking off with a Table’s Match.

Intercontinental Championship
Table’s Match
Carlito© vs Matt Hardy

Highlights- Right at the start of the match, Carlito goes outside and puts a table in the ring. Matt runs and slides the table into Carlito’s gut. Matt gets outside the ring and picks up a table and slams it in Carlito’s face. Later on, inside the ring, Carlito takes over and he shoves Matt head first into the table but it don’t break. Carlito runs at Matt but Matt moves and Carlito goes crashing through the table but the ref calls it off as Matt did not put Carlito through the table himself. A few minutes later, Matt Hardy comes back with a hard side effect. He sets up a table in the ring and he puts Carlito on it. Matt Hardy does the V1 hand taunt and goes to the top rope. The jumps with his leg drop but Carlito move and Hardy crash through the table. Once again the ref waves it off as Carlito did not put Matt Hardy through the table. The finish comes when Matt Hardy sets a table up in the corner and he puts Carlito up against it. Matt Hardy backs up and points at Carlito. Matt Hardy runs and we see Carlito get in his pants and pull out a apple. Matt Hardy reaches Carlito and Carlito takes a bite of the apple and spits in Hardy’s face. Matt turns around holding his face. Carlito grabs Hardy and plants him with a Back Stabber but the force was so hard that Matt Hardy flew over Carlito and crash through the table in the corner. The ref calls for the bell.

Michael Cole: Wow, what a Back Stabber. Carlito is still the WWE Intercontinental Champion.
Carlito celebrates as Matt Hardy lays in the pile of table knocked out.

Michael Cole: Tonight the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in a Five Man Ladder Match. We will have a promo from each man in that match during tonight’s show and here is the first one.

We see Kurt Angle in his locker room sitting down.

Kurt Angle: When I returned to the WWE a few weeks ago, I did it for one reason. I didn’t do it for money. I didn’t do it for fame. I sure as hell didn’t do it for these no good fans. No, I returned for one reason and that is to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight, there will be five bodies being thrown off that ladder to the floor and I will put down the World Champions, Its True, Its Damn True.

Michael Cole: Coming up next is Tag Team Turmoil for the WWE Tag Team Championship. The rules are simple. Two teams will start the match. The only way to be eliminated is by Pin Fall, Sumission, Count Out, or DQ. After a team have been eliminated, another team will enter until all teams have been in and one team is left standing.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Eight Tag Team Turmoil Match
Match 1
The Usos(1) vs Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne(2)

Highlights- The Usos and Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne does some highflying moves at the start of the match. The Usos almost score the pin when they did a double superkick to Evan but Kofi breaks it up. The finish comes when Kofi Kingston does The Trouble In Paradise to Jimmy Uso. Kofi tags in Bourne and Bourne goes to the top and does a perfect Shooting Star Press. Evan Bourne covers Jimmy Uso for the three.
Match 2
Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne(2) vs Santino Marella/Brodus Clay(3)

Highlights- Brodus takes it to Evan Bourne with power moves including three straight t-bone suplexes. Brodus tags in Santino and that is when Evan gets free and tags in Kofi Kingston. Kofi runs and does The Trouble In Paradise to Brodus Clay. Clay falls off the apron with a loud thud on the floor. Kofi grabs Santino and plants him with The SOS and covers for the three.
Match 3
Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne(2) vs The Miz/Alberto Del Rio(4)

Highlights- Alberto Del Rio and The Miz targets Evan Bourne’s arm the entire match. The finish comes when Alberto Del Rio locks in his cross arm bar and Evan Bourne taps out.
Match 4
The Miz/Alberto Del Rio(4) vs Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd(5)

Highlights- Alberto and Miz tries to work on Justin’s arm just like they did with Miz but Justin is too fast and was ready. Tyson Kidd almost gets a three after a flying neckbreaker but Miz breaks up the count. The finish comes when Kidd knocks Alberto Del Rio off the apron. Miz goes for The Skull Crushing Finale on Justin but Justin rolls through and Miz hits the turnbuckles hard. Miz turns around and right into a hard superkick by Justin. Justin covers for the three.
Match 5
Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd(5) vs Sin Cara/Trent Baretta(6)

Highlights- A fast pace match with mostly Kidd and Cara in the match. Trent Baretta hits a sick looking Gobstopper knee to Kidd and almost got the three. The finish comes when Sin Cara is kicking Kidd in the corner. Tyson runs and tags in Justin. Justin sprinboards off the top rope with a picture perfect dropkick to Sin Cara. Justin goes to the top rope and quickly does The 450 Splash. Justin covers Cara for the three.
Match 6
Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd(5) vs Deuce N’ Domino(7)

Highlights- Deuce N’ Domino mostly keeps tagging in and working on Justin’s back and neck. The finish comes when Justin kicks Domino in the head and falls face first on the mat. Justin sees Tyson’s head out for the tag. Justin jumps but Tyson moves his hand and jumps down off the apron. Tyson looks at Justin and says “This is your fault. You chose Matt Hardy over me.” Tyson walks up the apron as Justin looks shocked. Domino grabs Justin and tags in Deuce and they connect with Crack Em In Da Mouth. Deuce covers Justin Gabriel for the three.
Final Match
Deuce N’ Domino(7) vs R-Truth/Zack Ryder

Highlights- R-Truth and Zack Ryder takes it to Deuce N’ Domino and came close a few times from getting the victory. Zack Ryder does The Ruff Ryder Legdrop to Domino but Deuce breaks it up at the count of two and a ½. The finish comes when R-Truth goes for a clothesline but Domino ducks it and rolls Truth up and hook the tights for the three.

Michael Cole: Deuce N’ Domino are the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Yeah, that is my team right there.

Deuce N’ Domino celebrate going up the ramp with Cherry.

Backstage we see The Big Show in front of a camera.

The Big Show: I am going to keep this short and sweet. I am the World’s Largest Athlete and tonight, I will climb my big ass up one of those small skinny ladders and I will pray to the man upstairs that they don’t break with me on them. If they don’t break, I will pull down that World Heavyweight Championship and well just like my theme song says, “Well It’s the Big Show, Its a Big Bad Show Tonight, Yall’.

Big Show smiles into the camera.

Michael Cole: The next match is a I-Quit Match for the Diva’s Championship. The only way to win is to have your opponent utter the words, I-Quit.

Diva’s Championship
I-Quit Match
Tamina Snuka© vs Kaitlyn

Highlights- Tamnia Snuka comes out with a Kendo Stick while Kaitlyn comes out with a chair. Once the bell rings, Kailtyn swings the chair but Tamnia ducks. Tamnia then swings the stick into Kaitlyn’s ribs. Later on, Tamnia locks in a bearhug but Kailtyn will not give up. Later on, Kaitlyn hits Tamina in the back with a chair but she also wont give up. The finish comes when Tamina goes to the top rope and goes for a Superfly Splash and she jumps but Kaitlyn moves and Tamina hits the mat hard. Kailtyn picks up a chair and hits Tamina in the back over and over for a total of seven times. Kaitlyn tells the ref to ask her. Tamina says no to the ref. Kaitlyn picks up the chair and smash it hard against the side of Tamina. Tamnia screams “I-QUIT”. The ref calls for the bell.

Michael Cole: Looks like Kaitlyn have got a evil side to her. She is the new WWE Diva’s Champion.

Kaitlyn celebrates in the ring and she starts crying while holding up the title.

Backstage we see Daniel Bryan stretching when a camera gets in his face.

Daniel Bryan: Tonight, I will walk in there with former WWE or World Heavyweight Champions but there is not one, not even Kurt Angle, that can say that they are the greatest Wrestler on this planet. I am the best grappler in this company and that is where I am going to gain control tonight in that ladder match. While everyone else is worry about hitting everyone with that ladder. I on the other hand is going to work on a body part of each man. I am going to make each of those people tap out in a ladder match. Then I am going to climb the ladder and pull down the World Heavyweight Championship. I will leave as new Champion. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Daniel Bryan continues saying Yes! as the camera man leaves the room.

Brahma Bullrope Match
The Rock vs Kane

Highlights- The ref at the start of the match put the bull rope on a hand of both The Rock and Kane. As soon as the bell rings, Kane pulls the rope and does a clothesline to The Rock. Kane quickly touch the first corner but he is cut off by The Rock while going to the second corner. Later on, The Rock goes for the first corner and gets it. He goes for a second but Kane pulls the tbullrope and hits The Rock with the cowbell on the rope straight to his head. Kane goes for the first corner but Rock is too far away so he tries dragging The Rock but can’t. Kane grabs Rock by his neck and plants him with a chokeslam. Kane then picks The Rock up and carry him while Kane touch the corners. Kane get to three corners and go for the last one but Rock switch his hips and plants him with a hard DDT. Later on, Kane chokes Rock and pull him off the mat and signals for a chokeslam. Kane smiles and he drops The Rock and looks down at the bell. He picks the bell up and screams “Rocky, time to be disfigured”. The Rock gets up and Kane swings the bell but Rock ducks it and grabs Kane and plants him with The Rock Bottom. The finish comes when The Rock hog ties Kane with The Bull Rope. He then pulls Kane to reach corner. The Rock reaches the final corner and touches it as the ref calls for the bell.

Michael Cole: What a win by The Rock.

We see that the next pay per view will be WWE King of the Ring in three weeks.

Michael Cole: The next match is the Coliseum Games Match. The rules are the following. It will be a best of five series, whoever wins three falls will win the match. The first fall will be a regular one on one match. The second fall will be a Bodyslam Challenge. The third fall will be a Submission Match. The forth fall if needed will be a First Blood Match. The fifth and final fall if needed will be a Gladiator Carriage Match.

Number 1 Contendership for the WWE Championship
Coliseum Games Match
Special Guest Referee- Mick Foley
JBL vs Mason Ryan
Fall 1- 1 vs 1

Highlights- As soon as the bell rings, JBL gets in Mick Foley’s face and tells him that he better call it down the middle or else. Mason Ryan attacks JBL and almost get a three count after a spinebuster type move. The finish comes when Mason calls for a move but JBL pokes Ryan in his eye and runs and plants Mason with a Clothesline From Hell. Bradshaw covers Mason Ryan for the three. JBL is up 1 fall to 0.
Fall 2- Bodyslam Challenge
Highlights- JBL quickly tries to slam Ryan but Ryan is too strong to pick up and he elbows JBL in the head. The finish comes when JBL runs and goes for another Clothesline From Hell but Mason Ryan picks JBL up and plants him with a hard Bodyslam. It is tied, JBL 1 and Mason Ryan 1.
Fall 3- Submission Match
Highlights- JBL takes control and works on Ryan’s arm all throughout the fall but Ryan wont give up. JBL once again gets in Mick’s face and tell him to ring the bell as Ryan will not last. The finish comes when Mason picks JBL up and locks in a Torture Rack. JBL quickly taps out. Mason Ryan is up 2 to JBL’s 1.
Fall 4- First Blood Match
Highlights- JBL once again takes over and this time he brings a chair, a lead pipe, and some other weapons into the ring. Bradshaw picks up a trash can lid and goes to hit Ryan with it but Ryan picks up the pipe and hits JBL in the midsection. Ryan ask Mick to check him to see if he is spitting up blood but Mick says no. The finish comes when Mason Ryan runs at JBL but Bradshaw hits him with a brass knuckles that he put on his hands. We see that Mason Ryan is bleeding from the head. It is tied, 2 to 2.
Fall 5- Gladiator Carriage Match
Highlights- We see the Carriage waiting by the ramp. JBL points at it and picks Mason Ryan up. He tosses Ryan from the ring to the floor. Bradshaw goes outside but Ryan is ready for him and he picks him up and plants him with a hard spinebuster on the floor. Mason picks Bradshaw up and puts him in the Carriage. Mason gets behind the Carriage and pushes it up the ramp but JBL jumps out of it. Mason Ryan does not see it and he pushes the carriage across the line. Ryan celebrates thinking he won. He sees that JBL is off by the stage. Ryan realize that he did not win the match. The finish comes when Ryan goes down and picks JBL up but JBL does a low blow to Ryan. The refs is pushing the carriage back down the ramp but JBL tells them to stop. JBL picks Ryan up and puts him on the carriage. Bradshaw grabs the carriage and takes it over the line as Mick Foley calls for the bell.

Michael Cole: What a match. JBL will be getting a WWE Championship Match at King of the Ring but against who?
King: That was one hell of a match.

While the WWE officials clean up the mess, we see Randy Orton in front of a camera.

Randy Orton: I seen other people talk about their match tonight for the World Heavyweight Title. Well, I am not like those other people. What they say, they don’t mean. What they say and do is another story. Kurt Angle says he is going to Angle Slam everyone in the match, he wont do it, I will. Daniel Bryan says he will make everyone taps out in the match, he can’t, I can. Big Show says that he will climb the ladder and pull down that title, he wont, I will. The Undertaker have not said anything yet, but I will reserve a special RKO for The Deadman. My point being is that the WWE Universe knows damn well that I am not all talk like my opponents here tonight. I am going to walk away as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Randy Orton does his arm taunt as the crowd cheers him.

United States Championship
Steel Cage Match
Dolph Ziggler© vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

Highlights- As soon as the bell rings, Dolph Ziggler quickly tries to escape of the cage by climbing but both Jericho and Rey pull him off. He then quickly tries to escape through the door but once again Rey and Jericho stops him. Later on, both Jericho and Dolph fights by the door. The ref haves the door open and Rey Mysterio runs and does a baseball slide in between Ziggler and Jericho but both men catches Rey and Mysterio is hanging off the apron out of the door but his feet are not touch. Jericho and Ziggler pulls Rey Mysterio back inside the ring. Jericho locks Rey in The Walls of Jericho and Ziggler almost escape but Y2J breaks the hold and once again stop Ziggler from leaving the cage. The finish comes when both Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio are sitting on the top of the cage hitting each other over and over trying to climb down. Dolph Ziggler slowly crawls over to the door and drops down to the floor. The ref calls for the bell as Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio looks shocked.

Michael Cole: Dolph Ziggler is still the WWE Intercontinental Champion. And wow, what a way to win it.

Dolph Ziggler celebrates going up the ramp.

We see a graveyard and we hear a voice. We don’t see him but it is the voice of The Undertaker.

The Undertaker: Tonight, I will be coming for four souls. Tonight, will be the night that my demons get fed because I will be coming to feed off the souls of Randy Orton. I will be coming to feed off the soul of Daniel Bryan. I will be coming to feed off the soul of Kurt Angle. I will be coming to feed off the soul of The Big Show. Tonight, I will be coming to feed off the soul of The World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, they will REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!

World Heavyweight Championship
Ladder Match
The Undertaker vs Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan vs The Big Show

Highlights- At the start of the match, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle goes at it. The Undertaker and Big Show goes at it punching each other in the corner. Daniel Bryan quickly gets out of the ring and grabs a ladder. He brings it in the ring and sets it up. He starts to climb but Big Show sees this and he runs over and chops Bryan in the back. Bryan falls to his feet where Big Show plants him with a second chop to his chest. Later on, Randy Orton would climb the ladder but Kurt Angle sneaks behind him and does The Angle Slam to Randy Orton from the top of the ladder. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan climbs up the other side and haves fingertips on the title but The Undertaker pulls Bryan off the ladder and grabs him by his neck. He picks Bryan up and does a chokeslam over the top rope to the floor but on the way down Bryan hits a ladder that was standing outside and the ladder falls on him crushing him in the process. Later on, The Big Show go to step on a ladder but the ladder breaks with him on it. Big Show looks pissed but he turns around and into a RKO from Randy Orton. Randy Orton gets ready to climb but The Undertaker kicks Orton in the head and Orton falls to the mat. The Undertaker climbs up the ladder but Kurt Angle gets on the other side and climbs up there with him. Both men punch each other trying to knock the other person off the ladder. Daniel Bryan goes by The Undertaker and does a low blow to The Deadman. Kurt Angle does a headbutt that sends The Undertaker to the mat below. Daniel Bryan runs and kicks the ladder and Kurt Angle falls and hangs himself on the top rope and he falls to the floor outside the ring. Daniel Bryan looks up at the World Title and screams “YES”. Bryan turns around and walks into a hard spear by The Big Show. The finish comes when Daniel Bryan climbs to the top of the ladder but he looks down and sees Kurt Angle getting up. He jumps at Kurt Angle from the top of the ladder but Angle catches him. He then does a over head belly to belly suplex that sends Bryan over the top rope and on top of The Undertaker and The Big Show. Kurt Angle climbs the ladder as Randy Orton enters the ring. Kurt Angle pulls the title down as Randy Orton could not get there fast enough. Kurt Angle is the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Michael Cole: Wow, what a damn good match that was. Kurt Angle is the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Kurt Angle celebrates in the ring as we look at the carnage of the match.

We get a video showing the history of CM Punk and Triple H.

WWE Championship
Extreme Rules Match
Triple H vs CM Punk

Highlights- CM Punk brings out a cart full of weapons before the match starts. Once the bell rings, CM Punk tackles Triple H and start hitting him over and over with his taped fist. Triple H rolls out of the ring. CM Punk follows only to get hit with a kendo sick by Triple H. Triple H hits him over and over with the stick breaking the stick. Later on, CM Punk grabs the ring bell and climbs to the top rope. He does The Macho Man Elbow using the ring bell driving it straight to Triple H’s gut/chest. Punk covers but only gets a two count. CM Punk later on locks in The Anaconda Vise but Triple H gets out of it by poking Punk in the eyes. Triple H does a hard spinebuster to Punk but only gets a two count. Triple H gets on top of CM Punk and keeps hitting him over and over making CM Punk start to bleed. Triple H covers again but Punk kicks out at 2. Triple H sets up for a Pedigree but CM Punk backdrops Triple H to the mat. Later on, CM Punk picks Triple H up and plants him with a hard GTS. He covers The Game but only a two count. The finish comes when Triple H is knocked out, outside the ring. CM Punk goes out to get him but Triple H is playing possum and he haves the sledgehammer. He hits Punk in the head with it. CM Punk falls back first on the floor outside. Triple H picks CM Punk up and slides him in the ring. Triple H gets in the ring and does the “Suck It” taunt to Punk. He picks CM Punk up and plants him with a hard Pedigree. Triple H covers CM Punk for the three count. Triple H is the new WWE Champion.

Michael Cole: Triple H had to use the hammer to beat CM Punk but he is the new WWE Champion. It will be JBL vs Triple H at King of the Ring for the WWE Championship in three weeks.

Extreme Rules goes off with Triple H celebrating his WWE Title Victory.

WWE.com News

Here are the latest shows with citys.

RAW Week 5- From Memphis, Tennessee
Smackdown Week 5- From New Orleans, Louisiana
RAW Week 6- From San Jose, California
Smackdown Week 6- From Anaheim, California
RAW Week 7- Denver, Colorado
Smackdown Week 7- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
King of the Ring- Kansas City, Missouri

Updated King of the Ring Card

King of the Ring Quarter-Final Matches
??? vs ???

??? vs ???

??? vs ???

??? vs ???

King of the Ring Semi-Final Matches
??? vs ???

??? vs ???

King of the Ring Final Match
Number 1 Contendership for the WWE or World Championship

??? vs ???

WWE Championship
Triple H© vs JBL

Week 5


Triple H vs The Rock

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Brock Lesnar vs Mason Ryan

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Zack Ryder vs Briley Pierce

JBL vs Kofi Kingston

The Miz vs Raven

The Bella Twins vs Kaitlyn/Kelly Kelly


Number 1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Champion vs Champion
Kurt Angle vs Carlito

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Justin Gabriel vs Tyson Kidd

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Mike Bennett vs Matt Hardy

Deuce N’ Domino vs The Usos

Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan

You guys have until Friday Night around 9ish PM to get roleplays in for Week 5.

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