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Re: The Wire Mafia Gameplay - Thread Night One

Night One

"You know what the trouble is, Brucey? We used to make shit in this country, build shit. Now we just put our hand in the next guy's pocket." -Frank Sobatka

Death of a Salesman Stevedore
by James Whiting

Local dockworker and union leader, Frank Sobatka, tragically and heroically died last night in a successful attempt to save others in what some are calling "a selfless act of courage."

Although the investigation continues on the specifics of the act it is now known that without the acts of the brave Sobatka, a death toll could have been as high as three to four.

"He was a good man, a passionate man. He only wanted the best for his family and all us boys working the docks. This is a damn shame." says friend and colleague, Nat Coxon.

Funeral arrangements are being held this week as many of the men of the docks will come to pay their respects to their fallen friend, an outspoken man regarding the rising difficulty of life as a longshoremen.

Spoiler for Hohenheim of Light:

Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Frank Sobotka, Street aligned. You are a dockworker and the treasurer of the stevedores union. Life gets progressively more difficult for you as the death of blue-collar work in American industry grows.

You have been subject to having a little too much money to throw around as of late due to some shady dealings. With this little bit of pull you are the double voter. Your vote will count as two. Another role you have is the Martyr. During one night you may pm me and you will be killed during night and all others will be spared.

Win Condition: You win when all threats to Street Aligned players and the Law Enforcement are eliminated.


A young man by the name of Duquan Weems aka Dukie is shaken up after nearly being beaten to death by a local group of misfits allegedly involved in the drug trade. He is alright but unfortunately everyone had a front row show to his beating and his identity has gone widespread all over Baltimore as "that lil bitch who got his ass beat". It will be quite hard to recover from this!

"pussy ass bitch probably had it coming." says witness, Fuzzy Dunlop.

Cage-Taylor Phitz IS:


Welcome to The Wire Mafia. You are Dukie, Street aligned. You have a truly tragic story. As a middle schooler living with drug addicted parents you have your life cut out for you. Despite your intelligence and large amounts of potential you eventually fall victim to temptation and become a drug addict at the end of the show.

Since you start out as a shy kid are the Note Passer. Each night PM me a sentence or two and I will anonymously post it in the Night Post.

Win Condition: You win when all threats to Street Aligned players and the Law Enforcement are eliminated.

He has this to say: "This is Dukie and I'm the note passer."

Day 2 Begins

40 are alive, 21 for a majority. LOL

I'm looking for a replacement for GA too, he asked to be taken out. I guess I'll wait till more people die.
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