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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

- Nice opening with JR and King, realistic, nothing much to note here.

- JBL/Batista/Bischoff promo was fantastically written, Batista interrupting as he does to Triple H in real life was brilliant, although I still hate Batista as champion. I hate to admit this, but I see JBL as a stronger champion than Batista, no matter how hard you push him. Great opening promo.

- Christian is in line for a BIG push, I can feel it. Around SummerSlam, this guy is going to peak, and hopefully it’s against Orton for the belt. He needed to ditch Tomko, who just seems to hold him back from his full potential, which is, with the right push, the Main Event scene. Also, the little bump with JBL may be the start of a feud, with Orton taking the Main Event scene from Bradshaw to face Batista anyway.

- Simple, boring, Big Show needed a dominating win over an established face, I’m not sure Rosey was the guy for it, but seeing him manhandle a 400 pounder is still pretty impressive.

- Orton’s promo introducing the new Evolution seemed a little short for my liking, and I would have liked to see each one of them get a turn on the mic to explain why they had turned to Evolution, but I suppose that’s still to come.

- Finally, Jericho wins a match, and I suppose Morgan was suitable enough to go over, although he still needs a push to elevate him back up to upper midcard. Currently id say he’s just come out of lower midcard, but we’ll see what you can do for him. Relatively boring but necessary match.

- Brilliant Hassan promo, was his strongest yet, although I would have liked to see him mention HBK somewhere, as there is still something left in that feud, even if HBK is capable of bigger things, Hassan has a bright future.

- Hassan winning was predictable and necessary, nothing to note here at all.

- IC Title Invitational, your best booking idea yet in this thread, this looks extremely promising and could be very successful for you. Hopefully this can elevate the IC Title again, as it has taken a small dip with Masters challenging.

- Evolution interference and beat down was completely necessary and predictable, but worked really well, putting all 3 new members over very well, this should be interesting to see where you go with this young stable. (Minus Flair :P)

- Would have been nice to see a promo in here, maybe from Edge, telling people “he told them so”, still, it’s something to improve on. I just feel Edge should be in here somewhere, boasting and rubbing it into Jericho that he beat him, then a long term Edge v Jericho feud could play out very well.

- You’re the first person that I’ve seen that has used Coach in a loooooong time, and I’m glad he has got something to do, as he does have bags of charisma. (His interviews with The Rock we’re hilarious) Should be interesting to see which team comes in, AMW? Heart Throbs? Shane Twins?

- Man oh man is Batista being put over as a monster, kicking out of a Clothesline From Hell is enough, but after being hit in the head with the Title belt as well? Whoa, Batista is looking like he is gunna be tough to beat. (Sorry but I still hate him though, he has no in-ring ability and can’t cut a promo for toffees.)

Realism – Can’t imagine Edge not being there. Seems ridiculous, 8/10

Length –Seemed to be missing a match and maybe another promo, 8/10

Quality/Entertainment –Great entertainment, just missing a comedy moment, still great stuff, 9/10

Spelling/Grammar –Absolutely perfect, 10/10

Matches/Booking –Might have been nice to see Hassan win convincingly for a change, instead of cheating so badly, 9/10

Overall 90/100

Definitely not your best show, but I can understand after being burnt out after Backlash, Grade A-

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