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Re: WWE Fantasy League (PWA)

Promo from The Veterinarian.

"I am an accomplished veterinary physician, and for years I have seen the discomfort of pets at the mercy of their neglectful owners. I am here to showcase the neglect of all the pet owners in the audience today. All of you come here and sit on your backsides listening and watching these ridiculous superstars while your pets sit at home STARVING and without love. Where is your shame?!?!? Have you no dignity or respect?!?! I bring my dog with me to each show because he deserves much better! I'm taking mental pictures of all of you here today, so that when your pets are brought to me, I'll force you to surrender them. This brings me to my true reason for coming here today: the WHC! I am hereby demanding the WHC be awarded to me as I am the only superstar here today that deserves the respect and admiration of the federation. I demand to be crowned champion at this PPV and demand that all of your pets are brought here to witness my ascension! With this prize in my possession, none of you can deny me as your champion and I'll bring you all face to face with your neglect. You will all pay for your crimes!!!"

**Throws mic at the crowd, does psycho dog man taunt and leaves arena.**

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