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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

You know what cool is?

Cool hits the PA system and out comes Carlito Caribbean Cool to a lot of boo's. Carlito is wearing his usual hawaiian shirt, holding an apple in his left hand and his Intercontinental Title in his right. He looks like he is in a good mood and he begins to walk town the ramp. Carlito arrives in front of the steel steps, puts his Intercontinental Title onto his shoulder and walks up the steps confidently. Carlito gets into the ring and goes to the other side and is handed a microphone. Carlito smirks as the crowd continue boo'ing. Carlito begins to speak.

Carlito Caribbean Cool
This Sunday at Extreme Rules, Matt Hardy will go one on one with Carlito for his Intercontinental Title in a tables match. Carlito's first time defending this belt since many many years. And you know..I've been talking a lot about the competition I have for my Intercontinental Title over the last few weeks and tonight will be no different. Carlito, a former tag team champion, former United States champion, 2-time Intercontinental Champion and the master of all things cool up against Matt..Hardy? Matt has been in the spotlight before, that's true. He's been in some extreme matches. He was in THE greatest tag team match ever to take place at WrestleMania. He and Jeff Hardy, former tag team champions. I can understand why the Hardyz are no more. I can understand why Jeff is no longer in the WWE. I mean...like I said, they had some great matches and won a few belts, Jeff must have pulled a muscle in his back or something, because he carried you through all of your matches.

The crowd boo heavily.

Come on people, Carlito can give you some statistics that will show you why Jeff was always the good brother. Jeff is a former WWE Champion, 2-time World Heavyweight Champion and that's not counting his tag team championships that he clearly won on his own. Jeff was a main eventer, Matt. You were that other brother who couldn't keep up. You hid behind your brothers talents and success to gain a reputation. But where is your brother now? He can't save you from what is gonna happen this Sunday. This won't be a tag team match, you won't be able to rely on your brother to be in your corner. It's only gonna be me and you. You say you're the man who will not die? Well, you're gonna wish you were dead when Carlito nails you through a table at Extreme Rules. And that's cool!

Carlito smirks and looks around the arena as the crowd boo. The camera moves closer to Carlito as he points to his Intercontinental Title and smiles as SmackDown goes to commercials.

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