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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

I just don't see why people say he HAS to lose in order to leave WWE and retire, move on. I know the streak doesn't seem as badass to some people since wrestling is scripted, but for me it is. I will say for him to retire and leave undefeated, it would make things odd, and even if he had a huge ceremony, the question would always linger out there about another challenge or return, I mean not for forever, but for awhile.. But IMO it does no good to get this far and then LOSE so you can finally move on from wrestling.. Whether you like it or not its part of the mans legacy and legend, the streak is what MAKES Taker especially nowadays. I think 20-0 is a perfect number, and would be a perfect place to stop, but as a huge lifelong fan of Taker I just dont wanna see him go. Then again when its all said and done, if he comes back a couple or few more times, if he could get it up to 21, 22-0, that number wouldnt exactly seem odd once he got there.. But if it went to say 22-0 and THEN all of a sudden he loses and its 22-1 or some shit, that just does NOTHING. To me all that it could possibly do would somewhat tarnish his legacy, which IMO should live on with him being undefeated.

All im trying to say is Undertaker is a Legend, especially for guys like me who werent old enough to watch Hogan/Flair live in the golden days, for me the Att-Era WAS the golden days of wrestling, and Taker for me is the biggest legend/star from that era, to still be involved in matches/feuds.. IMO he is the last outlaw, last true star of his kind, especially to still be competing fairly regular even though its once a year. The last outlaw with this type of different/sinister badass gimmick. I honestly dont see them being capable of producing such a gimmick/outlaw character in the future that could live up to what Taker has, and do it for years and years..

IMO those days are over now and in my mind he is the last true outlaw of his generation and thats why I dont bitch and complain about how old he is, ring rust, looking old on TV, mic skills, etc.. The man is damn near 50 and still risks it all every year for us fans, the fans like me, and gives it his ALL and entertains fans like me like he just did a few weeks ago at Mania. People talk about how wrestlers get old and need to learn when to quit... I dont buy into that 100% especially with a guy like Taker who I think would fight his way through a FUCKING STROKE to keep the match going to entertain us.. He's not stupid, he will know when he has had enough. Until then, let the man do what he does best for us fans who appreciate the ALL that he gives every year.
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