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Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar HIAC--WOW

I know this match was years ago, but I wasnt regularly watching WWE at the time and I sadly dont remember keeping up with this feud.. With Brocks return and all the talk of a POSSIBLE ( I know its not in cement yet but the rumors are everywhere ) Taker/Lesnar match sometime in the future, I had to look back and watch the older matches of the two.

The HIAC was fucking brutal. Jesus, this stands out for me as one of the most brutal matches aside from the Taker/Manking HIAC and some of the older 80's, 90's matches.. It looks like Taker wanted to put Brock over him that night, and looking back on it now I guess thats one thing that boosted Brock way up there. Thats one thing folks dont understand, how a character like Taker can choose to put someone over, but still choose to keep the streak intact at WM.

The blood was all out sickening, I remember the Eddie Guerrero blade job deal, and I swear this one has to be right up there next to his. Hard to say whether Taker cut to deep, maybe just got unlucky and hit the wrong spot, or dug in a little extra for the fans..

ALSO the reversal at the end from the tombstone to the F5, how awesome of an ending. Imagine shit like that happening at a Lesnar/Taker WM match in the future, another reversal from tombstone to F5 with Taker KICKING OUT at last second. That match could set up to be totally awesome and monumental, especially since Brock might look like a legit threat to the streak this time, but with Taker looking unbeatable almost..

I doubt they would throw them in another HIAC, and honestly if they did it would come off pretty awkward since I highly doubt they would keep the match going in todays time if that much blood was spilling.. And of course I wouldnt wish for another blade job like that, especially with Taker older now.. But even minus the blood, they can really put on a good match and with WM 28's kickouts and nearfalls, I think this one could be a huge hit. Maybe Taker somehow counter a F5 into a Tombstone and have Brock kick out a couple times.. I know that may never happen again but I seriously think they could pull off a huge match in the future, even minus all the blood. The blood is definately a huge plus though and makes it seem so brutal, that match almost seemed un fucking real toward the end with all the blood pouring.. BTW, in the following vid the blood starts around 7:45 or so, for those of you who may not have seen it and would like to skip ahead to see what I mean by a hell of a bladejob..

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