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Default Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

History of Hardcore DISC 7- CZW

A friend of mine bought this 9 disc set some time ago from Highspots and I borrowed the CZW disc last week. Below is the match list

1. Lobo vs. Justice Pain (Cage of Death Match, 10/16/99)

2. Mad Man Pondo vs. Ian Rotten (1/8/00)

3. Lobo vs. Wifebeater vs. Nate Hatred vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. Lord Everett
Devore (5 Way Dance of Death, 2/10/01)

4. Mad Man Pondo w/ Bridget the Midget vs. Nate Hatred (2/17/01)

5. Justice Pain & Johnny Kashmere vs. Jun Kasai & "Sick" Nick Mondo (Fans Bring
Weapons, 4/14/01)

6. Wifebeater, Zandig & Sick Nick Mondo vs. Justice Pain,Trent Acid & Johnny
Kashmere (Ultraviolent Deathmatch, 7/14/01)

7. "Sick" Nick Mondo vs. Homeless Jimmy (8/31/02)

8. Wifebeater vs. "Sick" Nick Mondo (200 Light Tubes Match, Infamous
Weedwhacker match, 8/31/02)

9. Zandig vs. "Sick" Nick Mondo (2 out of 3 log cabin lightubes match, 7/26/03)

Before borrowing this dvd I looked at the match list, and let me say I don't agree with this match listing at all.. How can there be two Johnny Kashmere deathmatches, but no Nick Gage at all? Match 3 is an extremely questionable choice, because I didn't remember it at all, but it turned out I did watch it already. The only thing I remembered about match 6 is Mack Smack and Nick Mondo getting put under a pane of glass and the thing being basically unbreakable.

The lack of Nick Gage, Danny Havoc, Drake Younger, Necro Butcher.. Only one Zandig match.. match listing leaves a lot to be desired. From what I've seen of the other discs, this one seems the be the worst. There are good matches on there though but I wonder who picked out these matches.
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