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Re: If you don't like my opinion don't ask for it!

Originally Posted by R.K.O Peep View Post
What pisses me off most is when people ask for my opinion and then say that you are being a dick. Well I am sorry but you wanted to know what I thought of something don't then get mad when I don't kiss your ass like some sad little loser and tell you what you want to hear. My mate just got turned down by a girl and I tried to make him feel better by saying she was not ready for a relationship. He gets pisses at me for trying to be a nice guy and says I always take someone else's side. I told him he can fuck off if he does not like my opinion and told if you do something wrong I will call you on it. He then starts bringing up shit from my past I mean what is it with people who ask for your opinion and then don't like it when you say something they disagree with.

I am very blunt so I know very well the reaction of people who don't like it.

Some people just don't like honesty. If my friend asks me if I like her hair and I say 'no, it looks bad', she flips....but it DOES look bad and I am trying to help you out by correcting the situation before you go in public.

If I ask 'does my ass look fat in these?' and someone says yes, I am going to thank them for preventing an embarrassing night out.

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