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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Matt: Carlito you just made the biggest mistake of your life.You ticked off the wrong guy.Their is nothing that is going to stop me from winning that title of you Sunday night.You dare spit in my face?Do you know how your dealing with?Do you not know that you are dealing with Matt Hardy.Apparently you don't so I am going to have to teach you and Matt Hardy is no easy teacher no Matt teaches the hard way the Hardy way.

*A Hardy way chant breaks out.*

Matt:This is not the Matt Hardy of the old if you thought I was tough back then wait till you see me now.Not only am I going to go through you and will that title but I am going to do it in a match type you are not even familiar with the Tables match.Matt hardy has been through tables,Jumped of ladders,and taken more shots from a chair then you take at your opponents.

*TLC chant breaks out.*

Matt:You challenged Matt Hardy the man who is more extreme then Extreme Rules and the land of Extreme ECW combined.I have people behind me who make me stronger while all you have are your silly little apples.So you spit in the face of those who aren't cool well I don't see apple bits on the mirror so you are obviously are hypocrite.At Extreme Rule the true and veracious Intercontinental Champion will be standing tall and his name is "the man who will not die" Matt Hardy.My name is Matt Hardy and I am stronger then death so I WILL...NOT...DIE.

*Matt Leaves to the crowd chanting his name.*

Not Removing until:
[]Tyson Kidd wins a singles title.
[X]Punk Main events a PPV. NOC 2012
[]Trent Baretta wins any title.
[]Mason Ryan wins any title.
[]Barrett wins a world title.
[]Swagger gets fired.
[X]Miz turns face.Surivor Series and it's buildup

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