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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Kurt Angle is shown at his house via satalite, as he is looking intensely into the camera he is wearing a hoodie and sweat pants.

Kurt Angle: This sunday at extreme rules i take on 4 other men in a 5 way ladder match for the world heavyweight championship, Big Show, Undertaker, Randy orton and Daniel Bryan. You see i have beaten every single wrestler on this list, except for Danielle Bryan, oh i mean daniel sorry to all the fans that love him so much, but lets face it ill break him in half, ill break his damn neck and see how he likes it, i am an olympic gold Medalist i am the best in the world, and no CM Punk isn't the best in the world hes just some loser who thinks sicne hes straight edge hes the best, now moving on.

Randy Orton, you sir are a third generation superstar alright of sucking, lets face it your grandfather never was any that good, cowboy bob orton was a joke of a man who prob was hulk hogans bitch, and now you are just a man who steals my moves? like honestly you don't think people see you do the angle slam? really, well i guess people are pretty dumb where you live so i understand.

Kurt angle smirks and laughs a bit

The Undertaker, the deadman, the Phenom, the only man i respect in this match not cause hes a good wrestler its cause hes so damn old im surprised he can even walk let alone climb a ladder, man isn't he like 50 now maybe you should retire, or ill just make you retire when i break your ankle and finally wwe can get rid of you.

And Lastly the man who shouldn't even be talked about The Big Show, you sir are on freak, your 440 lbs you walk around like your this giant who no one is afraid of let me tell you something your nothing compared to me, your just a peice of trash big show your never getting that belt aroudn your waist cause you are fat oh thats true its damn true, you are pathetic and i can't wait till sunday to throw your ass off that ladder if you can even climb it without breaking it.

so you see this sunday the only option of winning is me kurt angle, and fans i don't give a damn if you like it or not, because me being champion ill bring this company back up to heights its seen before but hasn't seen since i have been here ill be the most watched champion on this earth oh its true its damn true

Kurt angle laughs as the camera fades to black

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