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re: Movie Villain Mafia - Night 6


The town went to sleep knowing they were in danger. A suave fella was doing his rounds, when he started to sense he was being followed. The suave fella began to run, but felt the presence grow stronger and stronger. A bullet was fired, but Jigsaw dove in front of it, protecting the suave fella. He felt relieved, and legged it out of there.

Spoiler for Jigsaw:

Congratulations! You are Shredder, Villain Aligned

You are the Bodyguard. Each night you may send in a name of a player who you wish to protect. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

DocBlue was floating around, not really taking much notice of anything. A guy then ran up behind him and started shooting, but they whizzed right through him. The guy then grabbed a vacuum and sucked DocBLue into it, before lighting it on fire.

Spoiler for DocBlue:

Congratulations! You are Vigo, Villain Aligned

You are a Vanilla Townie. You don't have any special abilities, but you can still vote normally. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

Stax was polishing off his favoured weapon, and began his nightly walk. He saw a seductive lady in maroon approach him. Stax, being major tough, thought nothing of it. He smirked at the woman, before revealing the weapon in his holster. She smirked back, and revealed the machine gun that had now formed on her arm. Stax couldn't react in time, as his body was filled with bullets.

Spoiler for Haystacks Calhoun:

Congratulations! You are Dirty Harry, Heroes Aligned
You are the Role Revealer. Each night you may send in the name of a role that may appear in the game, and you will be informed of whether it appears in the game or not. This can prove highly beneficial for fakeclaims later on. You win when you outnumber the town and all other threats have been eliminated.
Your QuickTopic is located at:

A rather eventful night indeed, one that town would need to recover from.

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