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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by BGLWrestlingGod View Post
Gave a few big matches some rewatches.

WWE Championship: Triple H vs. Randy Orton - WrestleMania XXV

I like this match more every time I watch it. I love how they both hit their finishers in the first minute or so. It was a very nice way of saying "yes, you have seen this match a million times before. To show you how this one will be different, the BEGINNING of the match is just like how the other ones ENDED, so you don't know where this is going." It also put the match in a nice climax mode, already, since the action didn't need to build.

I like how it was just a fight from the beginning. There were some sick moves, like Triple flipping Orton out of the ring with the punt. The closing minutes were really good, too, with a nice ref bump, and I LOVE the ending. Orton getting the sledgehammer, HHH surprising Orton with a punt, hitting Orton with the sledge, and then just beating the hell out of him. Without the ref, it showed just how badly he wanted to pummel him. The pedigree was to show he was going to kill Orton how he wanted. I love this ending.

Problem is, two matches before, UT/HBK was the best match of the year. The crowd is dead, the story HHH/Orton is trying to tell is not apparent (I didn't pick up on what it was going for until later viewings, I hated it live), and the whole match feels like a great grudge blow-off that would be better off in the middle of the card. It has a lot of storytelling and drama, and is not focused on the action...which doesn't work for the main event. The truth is, while there is no comparison in quality, look at UT/HHH HIAC and this match...they're both going for the same effect. Difference is, UT/HHH went on fifth. This match went on last. Knowing what we know now, WM should have gone like this: IC Title, MITB, Battle Royal, Hardy/Hardy, Legends match, HHH/Orton, WHC 3-way, UT/HBK.

I honestly believe it would have played a lot better in the middle of the card, because that's where it belonged. Some matches, even GREAT matches, shouldn't go on last, including UT/HHH HIAC. This match was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I see what it was going for, and I quite like it.

I'm probably one of the few people on here that agrees with you. Thought it was a really sound match which suffered from a lack of crowd heat due to following Michaels/Taker.

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