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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29


The intro for the Prodigy Service Announcement runs over the scree. We then see a green wall, and into the picture walks Mike Bennett, wearing a white tank top, a black necklace, a black cap and a couple of toned sunglasses. And joining him, wearing a red top and with her brown-red'ish hair down and flat, his girlfriend Maria Kanellis

Mike Bennett: Ladies and gen... No actually you know what?? I don't need to introduce this show, because anyone who says that they don't know this show is flat out lying. Just like I don't need to introduce myself, and just like I certainly don't need to introduce my oh so sweet and lovely girlfriend. Lovely, right?

Bennett takes Maria's hand and makes her spin slowly around

Mike Bennett: But what the heck, just for the amusement of it, and for you slow people out there who thinks that they're still watching According To Jim with your hillbilly girlfriend... What you're watching is the best broadcast show on youtube where nothing is held back and no one is robbed of the truth, the Prodigy Service Announcement. Starring yours truely, "Prodigy" Mike Bennett. And a girl who certainly needs no introduction anywhere on the entire planet, and most certainly not here in World Wrestling Entertainment: You all love her, and love to hate me for having her, the oh so sweet Maria.

Maria smiles and waves to the camera, and then blows a kiss to Bennett, who catches it

Mike Bennett: "Ooooorh, how sweet", right? I know. Anyway... Two days ago I had my well deserved and long awaited debut in the big league, and what did I do?? I did what I do best... I took on a fan favorite, I wrestled a hell of a match, and I won. For those who missed it, let me paint you a picture. "Prodigy" Mike Bennett, Matt Hardy, Box Office Smash, 1 2 3, another win for "The Epic Miracle".

Maria Kanellis: And a deserving win baby

Mike Bennett: You heard it. A deserving win. But deserving or not, on Friday Night SmackDown I beat Matt Hardy. Now tonight at Extreme Rules, Matt Hardy has an Intercontinental Championship Tables match... And I... Well, I don't. As the matter of fact, I'm not even on the card. But hey.... I get it. I'm new, I've had one match, yada yada yada... But mark my words... Soon management will realize that I am the future.

Maria laughs

Mike Bennett: But don't you worry... I do have a match tonight, as I will be in the ring at the Extreme Rules pre-show, where I will compete against five other superstars for the Internet Championship... Yes... The Internet Championship... My opponents...

Maria asks sarcastically

Maria Kanellis: What's there names??

Mike Bennett: Exactly baby... Yoshi Tatsu??? Curt Hawkins??? I mean... Who?!?!? And Cody Rhodes... I'm gonna be honest here, the guy has something. He's had some good matches in his career... Maybe even great. He can talk the talk. He has looks, he has skills and he has charisma. But the praising stops there Cody. You might have charisma, but on your best day, a day where you get up on the right side of the bed, the sun is shining, everything is great. And me... I could have a fever, a bad hair day, maybe I've slept wrong and feel a little stiff, maybe a sore throat so I would have to limit my mic-time. Can you picture it? On that day Cody, I would still make you look like a shy, nervous puberty geek standing in the ring with a mensa member. When I'm sleeping, I still have more charisma than you'd even be able to dream about having. Moving on, who do we have??

Maria Kanellis: Oh... The bully...

Mike Bennett: That's right, thanks baby. I'd already forgotten him. Well, Bully Ray. From Hell's Kitchen, New York... Bully, you might be able to run your mouth and thereby scare off a lot of people. You might even throw them around in the ring a little bit. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't like your style. But big man, tonight I'll prove that a wrestling miracle beats a bully. That charisma beats loud mouthing. And yeah, I know it's a hardcore match so feel free to bring that little chain of yours. Couldn't care less. And last, and this man I haven't forgotten...

Maria acts big and tough and says with a generic voice

Maria Kanellis: Brock Lesnar!

Mike Bennett: Brock... Lesnar... Enough said. A wrecking machine... The guy's dangerous! Forget about Chuck Norris facts. Here's some Brock Lesnar facts. A hurricane doesn't blow Brock Lesnar away. Brock Lesnar blows enough already. I heard that Brock Lesnar has a bear carpet in his living room. The bear isn't dead, Brock Lesnar just found it in his living room, started talking to it, and eventually the bear got so bored that it went into voluntarily coma.

Maria Kanellis: Poor little bear

Mike Bennett: I don't actually know if that's legal in regards to the laws of animal cruelty. But moving on... It's this simple boys. Tonight, there's six of us who wants to become the first Internet Champion. Five superstars who will leave disappointed, and one "Prodigy" Mike Bennett who will leave as Internet Champion. Now ain't that a kick in the nuts?!
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