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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Preview

WWE Championship
Extreme Rules Match
CM Punk vs Triple H

CM Punk defeated Brock Lesnar and John Cena, while Triple H defeated Chris Jericho and The Miz to qualify for this match at Extreme Rules. For weeks, Triple H would attack CM Punk doing The Pedigree over and over and over to The Straight Edge Superstar. CM Punk finally had enough and does some GTS’s to The Game. Both superstars promise to leave Chicago as the new WWE Champion. In the only Extreme Rules Match on the card, which Superstar will destroy the other one and become the new WWE Champion?

World Heavyweight Championship
Ladder Match
Randy Orton vs The Big Show vs Daniel Bryan vs The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle

On Smackdown’s leading up to this huge PPV, there were four Qualifying Matches to qualify to enter this match. Randy Orton defeated Christian, The Big Show defeated Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan defeated Sheamus, and The Undertaker defeated Cody Rhodes. Kurt Angle returned to the WWE and demanded a title match from new Smackdown General Manager, Stone Cold Steve Austin. So Austin made the World Championship Ladder Match at Extreme Rules a Five Man Match. Austin also made Kurt Angle vs Edge in another Qualifying Match which Kurt Angle won. Which former World Champion will climb the ladder to the gold and become the new World Heavyweight Champion at Extreme Rules?

Brahma Bullrope Match
The Rock vs Kane

The Rock returned fulltime to the WWE and Monday Night RAW when he defeated Jack Swagger. The following Monday, The Rock defeated Alberto Del Rio but after the match, Kane attacked The Rock and plant him with a chokeslam. Kane said he attacked Rock because he was going to disfigure him so he can’t do anymore movies. Mick Foley made the match a Brahma Bullrope Match and the rules are simple. They will be tied at hands with a bullrope and the winner will be decided by touching all four corners. Which Superstar will be able to drag their opponent across the ring and touch all four corners?

Number 1 Contendership for the WWE Championship
Coliseum Games Match
Special Guest Referee- Mick Foley
First Fall- One vs One Match
Second Fall- Bodyslam Challenge
Third Fall- Submission Match
Forth Fall(If Needed)- First Blood Match
Fifth Fall(If Needed)- Gladiator Carriage Match
JBL vs Mason Ryan

JBL returned to RAW and attacked Mason Ryan after Ryan just got done in a match. JBL said that he was tired of seeing these losers in the WWE and he came back to WWE to help it survive against these wanna bes. He even called Mason Ryan a “Steroid Junkie”. Mason Ryan, furious over JBL’s claims decided he was going to fight back against Bradshaw. Mick Foley then made this match but at the time it was only Two out of Three Falls. On RAW, JBL demanded a WWE Title Match which Mick Foley turned this match into a Number One Contenders Match for that title. Mick Foley then changed his mind and instead made this a Three Out Of Five Match with him as the referee. JBL then attacked Mick Foley and ran off before Mason Ryan could get to him. With Mick as the ref, will he call it down the middle and who will get a WWE Championship Match at our next Pay Per View, King of the Ring?

United States Championship
Steel Cage Match
Dolph Ziggler© vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

Dolph Ziggler defeated Rey Mysterio on a episode of RAW to become the new United States Champion. After Mick Foley was announced as the new General Manager of RAW, Dolph Ziggler came out and made fun of him. Mick Foley told Dolph that stuff like that wont happen while he is in charge so he is making Dolph defend the US Championship against Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho in a Steel Cage Match. The only way to win this Cage Match is by escaping the cage. Which Superstar will escape to victory?

Intercontinental Championship
Table’s Match
Carlito© vs Matt Hardy

Carlito defeated William Regal to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Matt Hardy defeated Wade Barrett to become the Number One Contender. Carlito for weeks after his match, he will spit is apple in people’s faces. He even did it to Matt Hardy. Smackdown GM, Steve Austin made this match a Table’s Match. Which Superstar is going to be put through a table?

WWE Tag Team Championship
Eight Tag Team Turmoil
Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne vs Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd vs Zack Ryder/R-Truth vs The Usos vs Santino Marella/Brodus Clay vs Sin Cara/Trent Baretta vs Alberto Del Rio/The Miz vs Deuce N’ Domino

Every show for weeks featured a qualifying match for Tag Team Turmoil and these teams are the ones that qualified. The rule are simple. Two teams will start, once that team is eliminated by pinfall or submission, the next team will come out until there are only one team remaining. We can now tell you that the first two teams will be The Usos and Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. Which team will leave Turmoil as the new WWE Tag Team Champions?

Diva’s Championship
I-Quit Match
Tamnia Snuka© vs Kaitlyn

Tamnia Snuka defeated Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, and AJ to become the Diva’s Champion for the first time. Kaitlyn defeated AJ and Natalya to become Number One Contedner for the title. Tamina and Kailyn have a friendship but also both Diva’s want to be champion. Stone Cold made this match a I-Quit Match. The first Diva to say “I-QUIT” will lose the match. Which Diva will give up the match and utter those words?


Internet Championship
15 Minute Hardcore Match
Brock Lesnar(RAW) vs Bully Ray(RAW) vs Curt Hawkins(RAW) vs Yoshi Tatsu(Smackdown) vs Mike Bennett(Smackdown) vs Cody Rhodes(Smackdown)

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley wanted to have a RAW vs Smackdown Match every month before the Pay Per Views and decided to stream it live on WWE.com so they invented the brand new WWE Internet Championship. So they each picked three superstars from their shows and made the match 15 minutes Hardcore Match. The last person to score a pinfall in the 15 minutes will be the first Internet Champion and will go on to defend it at the preshow for King of the Ring. Who will outlast and survive 15 minutes of Hardcore?

All this and much more only on Pay Per View.

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