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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Matt_Yoda View Post
Quick question are we allowed to post thoughts on individual matches in this thread, like for matches that aren't MOTYC? If we are...

Michael Elgin vs. Brodie Lee
"Crossing The Line III" C*4 Wrestling - 2010

-This was a really solid match that showcased the abilities of both guys, I really liked the back and forth here and Brodie pwning the same fan twice in the match was hilarious. I liked the back-to-back Hurricanrana spot but the best part was Elgin deadlifting Brodie that was insane. The finish was a bit fucked with the guy prematurely ringing the bell but they recovered nicely with the commentators playing off of his mistake. I'll never understand the stereotypes bigger guys get in indy wrestling but regardless, while relatively short this was a fun big man match.
of course you can

ISW - Burger King of the Ring

1. Pinkie Sanchez vs Player Uno

2. Bastian Snow vs El Hijo Del Bamboo
I ate your fucking mother last night Bastian, then I fucked her... Amazing. Note Bastian is dressed as a crab for those unaware.

3. Lloyd Cthulowitz vs Izzie Deadyet

4. Dan Barry vs Frankie Arion

5. Twiggy vs Eddie Kingston

6. El Hijo Del Bamboo vs Izzie Deadyet

7. Frankie Arion vs Pinkie Sanchez

8. F.I.S.T. & Jolly Roger vs 2.0 & Hallowicked
Its hotter then Africa in that ring..

9. El Hijo Del Bamboo vs Frankie Arion

10. Fans Bring The Lego Deathmatch
Addy Starr vs Shitty

First time watcher of ISW and it was really fun. Sorta like an adult Chikara with swearing and such. Picked this up at SMVOD.com. First time I had bought a stream and it worked really well all the way through. Definitely recommend both the show and SMVOD.

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