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re: Movie Villain Mafia - Night 6

Night 4

Mister Squared was driving down the road as a sweet tractor trailer. He sensed some trouble so he transformed into the autobot known as Optimus Prime. He then proceeded to kick Shepard, who turned into a gooey red paste on Optimus' foot.

Spoiler for Shepard:

Congratulations! You are Hannibal Lecter, Villain Aligned

You are the Role Revealer. Each night you may choose a role and you will learn whether or not that role is in the game. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

A crazed man with a gun then fired a single bullet into his gas intake.. and Optimus exploded.

Spoiler for MrMister:

Congratulations! You are Optimus Prime, Heroes Aligned

You are the Godfather. Each night you may send in the name of a player you would like to see killed, and who from your team will perform that kill. You are also investigation immune, which means you show as town upon investigation. You win when you outnumber the town and all other threats have been eliminated.
Your QuickTopic is located at: :jordan2

It seems town made a one for one trade during the night. How would they fare during the day?


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