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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker
HELL IN A CELL for the WWE Championship
WWE No Mercy 2002


Deadman, Rest … In … Peace …”
Paul Heyman

Undertaker and Brock Lesnar came into Hell in a Cell with such a personal animosity for one another and this is where it all culminated in sheer brutality. That's what this match type calls for and how it should be used in the WWE. They ran with the storyline of Lesnar and Heyman threatening Undertaker’s pregnant wife and I think that took Undertaker’s character to a more vulnerable level emotionally which we had never seen before or since. The internal struggle Taker had to go threw in the build up with his family being brought into a scandal instigated by Paul Heyman and the decimation of his trusty 'soup bone' right hand by Lesnar was the Hell leading into this Cell. Taker had to bring hell to Brock for his family and for himself.

The selling of Undertaker's hand injury has received criticism from some fans over the years that claim he didn't sell extensively enough. I didn't think Taker's selling was a problem at all. I think he did as best as he could sell that he was indeed in pain and that he wouldn't allow a maimed body part stop him from fighting this monster. Every time Undertaker used the hand for a punch he quickly pulled it back in agony along with a pain filled scream - now that is good selling. Tazz and Cole even explained when Undertaker used the hand for a Chokeslam as adrenaline kicking in and that’s enough reasoning for me.

Unlike the first ever HIAC, Undertaker met his match here and then some in the animalistic champion Brock Lesnar. However, Taker was forced to use the old “cast as a weapon” during the match. Because of the cast Taker controlled the first quarter of the fight which had never been done to Lesnar at the time and I don't think has since. Brock felt the pain of the cell as Undertaker rammed his head and raked his flesh into the steel fence.

Lesnar bleeds and Paul Heyman screams! God, Heyman’s voice is so annoying! Classic heel manager that Paul E was. Undertaker makes us all happy momentarily when Heyman mistakenly got his hand stuck in the Cell and busted his head open! I thought that was awesome to feature that payback spot for all the hell Heyman put Taker through. Lesnar being the freakin MANSTER that he is used his brute strength to slam Undertaker into the Cell and followed that up by desperately pulling at the cast to remove the weapon. With the help of Paul Heyman and his belt, Brock viciously struck Taker’s hand with a steel chair until the cast came off. When the cast inevitably came off the match got even more violent.

The two steel stair shots to Undertaker’s skull are two of the most violent stair shots I’ve seen in wrestling. The sound of the stair bouncing off Taker's skull was sickening to hear. Undertaker’s created one of the most grotesque scenes ever with his blade job. Absolute carnage was Brock's domination. Lesnar was put over so huge it's ridiculous.

The "crimson mask," his exhausted facial expressions all help make his babyface and peril performance in this bloodletting look astounding. What I've always loved about Undertaker's selling in the last decade is how he portrays a beaten down man whose will to fight to the very end won't die even when his body does.

The Tombstone countered into the F-5 is a phenomenal finish and the best way to end the match proving to everyone at the time that NO ONE is like Brock Lesnar. No happy endings here. The monster destroys the legend.

**** 3/4

What a hellacious performance from both men in one of the greatest Hell in a Cell matches ever.

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