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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TJChurch View Post
I could say the same to you. (IN fact, consider it done.)
I expected this from you. you're always spouting 'i know you are but what am i' baby shit. I backed up that there were no expectations. You backed nothing up and continue to think you're right.

Originally Posted by TJChurch View Post
There were, & the fact I can't specifically post proof of it now doesn't change it.
I was never specifically trying to prove you wrong. I literally wanted to know where the expectations were. I have no problem being proved wrong, but I haven't.

I said- "weren't terribly high expectations"
you said- "yes there were"
I said- "where?"
you said- "commentary"
I looked and found nothing. then SHOWED that there was nothing.
you said- "yes there was" and showed me nothing.

Originally Posted by TJChurch View Post
Odds are you were one of the people with such expectations,
Wasn't a wrestling fan in '99, and I don't even like the match.

Originally Posted by TJChurch View Post
the same way you are one of the members posting the same crap/garbage (pick the word you want; I took both from your post) you attack me for posting.
I don't bullshit then get proven wrong then continue to back what I said. So, no.

What did I post that I pulled out of my arse?

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