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Re: The WWE Section At An All Time Low

You know what I don't get bout the trolls in that section (yes trolls cause that's what they fucking are)? They come in their every day, make 5,000 posts in 8 months, about a freaking product they don't even like!

A few months ago I made a thread in the Other Wrestling section basically stating my opinion on the style of independent wrestling. By now, it's no secret I'm not a fan of it. So you know what I do? I don't watch it! I don't come into the Other Section trolling the shit out of everyone on a daily basis. I simply stated my opiniopn it and I backed it up with well thought points that one can simply argue on it with me, but at the same time can't fault me for it. Likewise, I respected their opion and could have understood why they found such a style of wrestling interesting. I even said it in the original post that I can see why someone would like it but I was simply expressing why I don't.

Nowhere in that thread did I come "Man fuck this shit yo! Man this shit stinks and you must be some sort of retard to like this shit cause this shit stinks yo!"

I also don't watch TNA so I don't fucking troll there. Most of the times I'll just check out a PPV discussion thread to see the card and usually say "If I got nothing better else to do, I may check it out" but I don't roll up in there all like "Man this company sucks, man they ain't got shit on WWE, where they stars at?"

What's the point in talking about something I don't like or even watch? See that's why you motherfuckers are just trolls. You're purpose is to come here and just blurt out the most random, most out of place and non sensical bullshit just to get some sort of reaction because it seems as if some of you never got attention growing up.

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