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Originally Posted by GOON View Post
Stellar reply from Danthree10. Can legendmaker2 respond?
you're just such an awful douche altogether GOON... just get on with your fucking conspiracy theories already.

Leave these kids in peace. Can't you see that they are about to make some sweat, sweat love over here. Playing all bad ass and dirty just to go into a complete lip lock in a few. Love at first site without question.

Let those love birds do what we came here to see.

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
Herpes are awesome.

This is the part where you might want to either log out or click the red X button because you are about to get owned.

You have never e-spoken to me, ever. You have never mentioned my name. You have never said anything negative before about me (nor positive because you have never mentioned me, as said).

Post a screenshot of your rep and see how it all falls together that I red repped you recently and now you are all up in arms in here like a butthurt bitch, trying to act like you've hated me for a long time when you don't even come to rants often but, hey , here you are today.

You know nothing about my posts. Proof is that you have never mentioned it before, ever. You come in here today all angry because you got a red square.

You and the other butthurt bitches can come in here and try to say my posts are all angry and suck. Fact of the matter is, my posts outside of rants, where post quality matters, is better than any posts you guys will ever make.

Not to mention that I made one of the most successful wrestling threads this forum has ever seen...right here in rants. Like 300 pages of 99% on topic wrestling discussion. You couldn't do that on your best day.

Grow some hair on your balls and just admit that you are a little ticked at a red rep. All signs point to it. We can put this all behind us and act like you were never angry if you just admit it. Don't worry, it will all blow over and no one will think you are a loser. You get more respect with honesty.

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