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Re: The WWE Section At An All Time Low

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
No one wants positive things, ever.

I made a few great threads there (not tooting my own horn because it's me, just being honest) and, yeah, they got responses, but they fell back pages while the stupid threads with no thought are constantly on page one with awful discussion. I get that I am one of the older people so they may not relate as much to threads about older wrestlers, but, fuck, the whole point is for them to get a little educated on some of the greats in the business and for the other older fans to discuss wrestlers that may have been their favorites growing up.

No one cares about good threads, they just want to have the same dumb threads day in and day out to respond to.

AAll the good threads probably have like 2 pages of discussion in them and in a matter of minutes they get shoved to the back to make room for the same daily "Cena sucks", "PG sucks", "The current roster sucks" threads.

Originally Posted by redeadening View Post
Its a simple fact, nobody wants to move on from the attitude era

In every thread, that group will dominate discussion. simple as that. And god help you if you disagree
And this as well. You say something good about the current product or a current wrestler and then all of asudden you got a goddamn bandwagon of fans who can't let go of the damn past all over the thread just fucking shit up, making a mess of things.

Originally Posted by Brye View Post
If the Attitude Era was going on right now these same people would hate it.

I hope there's a Raw soon that mimics an AE Raw completely, just to see people bitch at the things they like.
Agree with this as well. People complain about how shitty a move The Cobra is and how it doesn't look credible. Oh but the fucking Worm does right? Which is why I've come to the conclusion that most people on this forum can't decipher good from bad. Once they see some WWF scratch logo and once it took place during the years 1998-2001, it's all good. Anything after that or worse yet within the last 3-4 years its all bad.

I'm not going to lie I've made TONS of shitty threads and I'll probably continue to make tons more but I've made 1 or 2 gems that go completely unnoticed. Threads that i actually put a lot of thought into and could have provided damn some damn good back and forth unbiased debate of opinions. Not the usual "Fuck Cena, Attityde Era 4 Life bitchez" threads that's been plaguing the forum for the past year now.

And don't even get me started on the RAW discussions. Good Lord, most depressing place on the site. There's a lot of hot garbage I cringe to on RAW but Jesus Christ I always find somethings enjoyable. There's people that actually sit there and bitch about every damn thing (until Dwayne comes out and cuts the Dick Sucking of the Year promo) or recently, Lesnar comes out.

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