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Re: Who is the biggest and most annoying troll here!

Originally Posted by TerraRayzing View Post
What? Man seriously is he you'r daddy or something ? and you'r saying am crying? lol the only crying bitch in this thread is you (i have nothing against rockae316) but seriously you act like you'r his life partner so really grow up and now rockae316 isnt a troll,you are so kid i suggest you stop kissing his ass and get a fucking life,go have a bang with him but don't let you'r personal feeling be shown on a fucking thread so GTFO
Well if you have nothing against him why are you on my case?

Although if you wanted to replace Scrilla's jobber position you should just ask me. Keep motivating me like this and I'll see what I can do.

Oh yes please give me more compliments. Those are always awesome.

Just stop the endless crying and we'll be right as rain.

Originally Posted by Huganomics View Post
You're not allowed to use such a good gif, you fucking faggot.
Yes all because hugs don't necessarily equal insults. Very bright off you Shitafogicks. Now go back playing with teddy bears and cenatomics like you always do.

Let the big boys handle real insults. Try something new. It might freshen up your over grown and over lasted sheep gimmick that you had for so long that just falls into category of absolutely unnoticeable.

But hey bitches like you just wants to fit in so you would do just about anything. Same reason why you will never ever simply be GREAT as I am...but hey let's stop kidding I'm far above that... listen to this and let me spell out for you clearly.

Hugs are for Easter Bunny's and kids if you really want to hang you should at least know not to kiss up when you are suppose to at least try to insult. Fuck hugs and bring back thuganomics from 04. At least that will be entertaining.

That's as good of advice as any barbie...I mean barb wire doll.

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