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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29



The RAW video plays follow by fireworks inside the arena.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Monday Night RAW. The RAW General Manager, Mick Foley have signed some new blood to debut here tonight on RAW.
King: Also we have a huge six man tag team match between Mason Ryan, CM Punk, and The Rock taking on JBL, Kane, and Triple H.

Brock Lesnar vs Zack Ryder
The finish comes when Brock Lesnar picks up Zack Ryder and plants him with a hard F5. Lesnar covers Ryder for the three.

Michael Cole: What a hard F5 that was from Lesnar.

Up on the screen we see Mick Foley in his office sitting in a red blow up chair.

Mick Foley: It is great to be back in Green Bay, Wisconsins.

The crowd cheers for Mick Foley and the cheap pop.

Mick Foley: I understand that I am going to be called out by JBL later tonight but I want to make a announcement right now. As everyone know, we have a new championship which will be on the line in the Extreme Rules Preshow called The Internet Championship and it will be defended before every PPV live on WWE.com. The first match of this new title will be a huge one because it is going to be a six man 15 minute Hardcore Match. The match will last for 15 minutes. Whoever gets the last pin fall in that the match before the time expire will be the new and the very first Internet Champion. Now, I have picked the three RAW guys and Stone Cold will pick his three this week on Smackdown. My guys are Bully Ray, Curt Hawkins, and Brock Lesnar. Have A Nice Day.

Mick Foley smiles as Brock Lesnar haves a smile on his face in the ring.


Michael Cole: At Extreme Rules, Tamina Snuka will defend the WWE Diva’s Championship against Kaitlyn and we been told that the match will be a I-Quit Match.

Tamina Snuka/Kelly Kelly vs Eve Torres/Beth Phoenix
The finish comes when Beth Phoenix leaves Eve high and dry. Kelly Kelly plants Eve with a bulldog and tags in Tamnia. Snuka goes to the top rope and jumps with The Superfly Splash and covers for the three.

Michael Cole: Wow, what a move by Tamina. She is gaining more and more fans everytime she steps into the ring.

We get a video showing that on Week 7B will be the return of King of the Ring where the winner of the tournament will get a shot at the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank on Week 12B.


We get a video showing Bully Ray or then known as Bubba Ray Dudley. It shows him putting people through tables and other stuff like that.

Michael Cole: Hes back, same man but different attitude. This guy his great, he is a bully, and he is great.

Bully Ray vs Kofi Kingston
The finish comes when Kofi Kingston goes for The Trouble In Paradise but Bully ducks it. He then shoves Kofi into the turnbuckle post head first. He grabs Kofi and plants him with The Bully Bomb. Bully Ray covers Kofi Kingston for the three.

Michael Cole: What a dominate win for Bully Ray.

After the match, Bully Ray stares at Kofi Kingston. He screams “One More Time”. He picks Kofi Kingston up and plants him with a second Bully Bomb. Bully Ray then screams “Next Internet Champion Right Here”. The points at himself as the crowd boos him.


Qualifying Match for Tag Team Turmoil
Alex Riley/Goldust vs Alberto Del Rio/The Miz

The finish comes when Alberto Del Rio runs and knocks Goldust off the apron. The ref gets Del Rio out of the ring as The Miz pokes Riley in the eyes and plants him with The Skull Crushing Finale. Miz covers Riley for the win.

Michael Cole: The Miz and Alberto Del Rio is going to Tag Team Turmoil.

We see a video showing that tonight will be the debut of new WWE Superstar, Briley Peirce.

Backstage we see JBL walking with a disgusted look on his face.


We are back and JBL is already in the ring with a mic.

JBL: As all of you stupid no good people in this disgusting city know that I am back to help the WWE and to help all of you. And you know what, I am going to when I beat the holy hell out of that junkie, Mason Ryan. You know, I am surprise he wants to fight me because you know, steroids shrink your balls and well, Mason Ryan have none. But I am doing out here now because I got a bone to pick with Mick Foley. Sure, I came back to get rid of all these losers who think they are the next best thing since me but let me tell you, I also came back to once again be WWE Champion. So what does that stupid old sock wearing fatty does? He make my match against Mason Ryan a number 1 contendership which is all great and everything but it is for the United States Championship. Sure, it is great being the champion of these good ole United States of America but it is greater thing to be champion of the WWE. So Mrs. Foley Baby Boy, come on down here and make me the Number One Contender for the WWE Champion.

JBL waits for a little bit before we hear “Crash” and Mick Foley comes down in sweat pants and his t-shirt. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Mick Foley: John, the reason I made your match against Mason Ryan with the winner getting a US Championship Match is because I think Mason is going to defeat you and I should award him something for doing so.

JBL: Son, Ryan don’t stand a chance against The Wrestling God at Extreme Rules.

Mick Foley: If your so sure, lets really really have a coliseum games match at Extreme Rules. Instead of Two out of Three falls, I am changing the match to Three Out of Five Falls.

JBL: You can’t do that.

Mick Foley: Oh, but Bradshaw, I can, you see, I am the General Manager of RAW. Now the first fall is going to be a one on one regular match. The second fall is going to be a Bodyslam Challenge. The third fall is going to be a Submission Match. The fourth fall if needed will be a First Blood Match. The fifth and final fall if needed will be the Gladiator Carriage Match. One more thing, the winner of the match will get a shot at the WWE Championship at King of the Ring.

JBL: Fine, just fine, I will beat Mason Ryan in three straight falls and then I am going to beat either CM Punk or Triple H at King of the Ring and become the new WWE Champion. One more thing, Mick.

JBL then hits Mick Foley in the head with the microphone. JBL starts kicking at Mick Foley over and over. He pulls Mick Foley up and plants him with The Clothesline From Hell. Mason Ryan comes running out and JBL quickly leaves the ring and head into the fans to get away. Mason Ryan checks on Mick Foley.


We see what happen during the break showing EMTS helping Mick Foley to the back. Mick Foley grabs a cameraman and talks to the camera.

Mick Foley: JBL, you think you can hurt me? I am a Hardcore Legend, I was thrown off Hell in a Cell. I was also put through the cell and had my teeth knocked out so anything you can do to me JBL does not hurt me. Which is why in your match at Extreme Rules against Mason Ryan, not only is it now Best Three Out Of Five Match but I am going to be the Special Guest Referee during all five bouts.

Mick Foley walks over holding his head and sit down by the doctor.

Briley Pierce vs Santino Marella
The finish comes when Pierce clothesline Santino down to the mat. He then grabs Santino Marella and locks in The Ankle Lock. Santino Marella quickly taps out.

Michael Cole: What a win by newcomer, Briley Pierce.

We get a video showing a dark room with white fog or smoke floating around. On the screen it says “Coming Soon To WWE”.


CM Punk/Mason Ryan/The Rock vs Triple H/JBL/Kane
The finish comes when all hell breaks loose. Kane and The Rock fights up the ramp and out of sight. Mason Ryan fights with JBL by the announce table. The ref is outside the ring trying to break them up. Inside the ring, CM Punk picks Triple H up for The GTS but HHH slides off of Punk and hits him between the legs for a low blow. He grabs CM Punk and quickly does The Pedigree. Triple H covers CM Punk as the ref sees it. The ref slides back in and counts to three.

Michael Cole: What a win by Triple H.
King: He cheated..
Michael Cole: If he does that this Sunday where it will be legal in a Extreme Rules Match, he could end up being the new WWE Champion.

RAW goes off with Triple H standing over CM Punk. We also see Mason Ryan and JBL are not fighting anymore as refs and guards hold them apart.


The Smackdown video plays follow by fireworks inside the arena.

Josh Mathews: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown and we are not going to waste anytime because we are kicking off the show with a huge contest.

Before the huge tag team match begins, Daniel Bryan waits for The Undertaker but he never comes out. So the match is now a Handicap Match.

Randy Orton/The Big Show vs Daniel Bryan
The finish comes when Randy Orton does a RKO to Dbry for the win.

Michael Cole: How is that fair, it is two against one.

After the match, Randy Orton and Big Show celebrates in the ring when the lights go out. They come back on and Randy Orton, The Big Show, and Daniel Bryan are laying on their backs. The lights go out again for a few seconds and when they come back on, The Undertaker is standing over the three.

Josh Mathews: Did The Undertaker just attack those three superstars?


Josh Mathews: At Extreme Rules, Carlito will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Matt Hardy in a Table’s Match.

Carlito vs Sin Cara
The finish comes when Sin Cara goes for a senton splash but Carlito moves and Cara hits the mat hard. Carlito picks Sin Cara up and plants him with The Back Stabber. Carlito covers Cara for the three.

Josh Mathews: A win by Carlito but this Sunday, it will be a table’s match against Matt Hardy.

Carlito picks up his apple and takes a bite. He bends down and spits it in Sin Cara’s face. Carlito smiles as he leaves the ring.


Josh Mathews: Coming up next is the final Qualifying Match for Tag Team Turmoil Which team will join the following teams in Turmoil? Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder and R-Truth, The Usos, Santino Marella and Brodus Clay, Sin Cara and Trent Baretta, and Alberto Del Rio and The Miz.

Qualifying Match for Tag Team Turmoil
Deuce N’ Domino vs Booker T/The Great Khali

The finish comes when Deuce N’ Domino does Crack Dem In Da Mouth onto Khali. Domino covers Khali for the three.

Josh Mathews: So the final team is Deuce N’ Domino.
Michael Cole: I really love that team.

Backstage we see Stone Cold sitting at his desk drinking a few beers.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: I see that me and Mick Foley is going to have a RAW vs Smackdown Match each and every PPV for the Internet Championship and I a damn proud to announce the following three guys and they better win that title this Sunday or there will be hell to pay. The three guys are newcomer, Mike Bennett, Yoshi Tatsu, that Japan fellow, and the grandkid of a plumber, Cody Rhodes. Now I want to issue a warning to Mick Foley, don’t matter if you beat Smackdown this Sunday but at WWE Draft next month, Smackdown will kick’s RAW’s Ass in each and every match and That’s The Bottom Line, Because Stone Cold Said So.

Stone Cold goes and drinks some more beer.


Kailtyn vs Rosa Mendes
The finish comes when Kaitlyn plants her with a face buster. Kailyn covers Rosa Mendes for the three.

Josh Mathews: This Sunday at Extreme Rules, Tamnia Snuka will defend the WWE Diva’s Championship against Kaitlyn in a I-Quit Match.

Backstage we see Daniel Bryan in front of a camera.

Daniel Bryan: This is a load of crap. First off, I had to face a Viper and a Giant tonight and not only that, I did it by myself because my stupid dead nonvegan partner left me high and dry. Then after I lost, big shocker there since it was two against one, my stupid partner decided to attack me in the dark. Well, this Sunday, I will get my payback when I beat four other Superstars and on my way to the top of that ladder and when I pull down that World Title, I will be chanting YES.........YES..........YES.........YES........YES........YES.........YES.......YES......YE

Daniel Bryan continue chanting YES as we go to break.


We are back and we see newcomer Mike Bennett in the ring with Maria.

Mike Bennett: My name is Mike Bennett and this is my girlfriend, the oh so beautiful, the oh so pretty, and the oh so sexy Maria Kanellis. For years, I tore up the indy scene by beating losers after losers until there was no one left to beat. Then I decided to come to the big land and that is the WWE to make a impact like no other. So I am here with my girl, and we are going to make a huge splash here and my first step is to beat Matt Hardy tonight. Then this Sunday once again, I am on the internet with my talents but oh well. I will win the Internet Championship and there is nothing any of you can do about it.

Mike Bennett drops the mic and he kisses Maria.

Mike Bennett vs Matt Hardy
The finish comes when Matt Hardy goes for The Twist of Fate but Carlito’s music plays. Matt drops Mike and looks up at the screen waiting on Carlito. Mike Bennett grabs Matt Hardy and plants him with The Box Office Smash. Bennett covers Hardy for the win.

Michael Cole: A huge first win by Mike Bennett.

Mike Bennett leaves with Maria as Carlito finally does come out. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring holding his apple. He takes a bite out of it and he bends over and spits it in Matt Hardy’s face.

Josh Mathews: Did he really have to do that?

Carlito leaves the ring as Matt Hardy lays there in Carlito’s spit and apple.


We see a recap video showing Kurt Angle returning last week and Stone Cold making a Qualifying Match for the last spot in the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Extreme Rules.

Qualifying Match for World Heavyweight Championship Match at Extreme Rules
Kurt Angle vs Edge

The finish comes when Edge sets up for a Spear. He runs but Kurt Angle kicks Edge in the head. Angle grabs Edge and quickly plants him with The Angle Slam. Kurt Angle covers Edge for the win.

Josh Mathews: So at Extreme Rules, it will be Kurt Angle taking on Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, The Big Show, and The Undertaker in a Five Man Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kurt Angle celebrates in the ring when the lights go out. They come back on and Kurt Angle is knocked out. They go out again and when they come back on The Undertaker is on one knee doing his taunt.

Josh Mathews: Looks like The Undertaker wants to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Smackdown goes off with The Undertaker on one knee.



WWE Championship
Extreme Rules Match

CM Punk vs Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
Ladder Match

Randy Orton vs The Big Show vs Daniel Bryan vs The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle

Number 1 Contendership for the WWE Championship
Coliseum Games Match
Three Out Of Five Match
Special Guest Referee for All Matches- Mick Foley
First Fall- One vs One
Second Fall- Bodyslam Challenge
Third Fall- Submission Match
Forth Fall(if needed)- First Blood Match
Fifth Fall(if needed)- Gladiator Carriage Match

Mason Ryan vs JBL

WWE Tag Team Championship
Eight Tag Team Turmoil Match

Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne vs Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd vs Zack Ryder/R-Truth vs The Usos vs Santino Marella/Brodus Clay vs Sin Cara/Trent Barretta vs Alberto Del Rio/The Miz vs Deuce N’ Domino

United States Championship
Steel Cage Match

Dolph Ziggler(C) vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

Brahma Bullrope Match
The Rock vs Kane

Intercontinental Championship
Table’s Match

Carlito© vs Matt Hardy

WWE Diva’s Championship
I-Quit Match

Tamnia Snuka© vs Kaitlyn


Internet Championship
15 Minute Hardcore Match

Brock Lesnar vs Bully Ray vs Curt Hawkins vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Mike Bennett vs Cody Rhodes

You guys have five days to roleplay for Extreme Rules. The deadline is Saturday Night at 9pm ct.

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